Realising every child's potential

Grades 3/4 – Middle School

Curriculum in the Middle School

Grades 3 and 4 are wonderful years for further developing independent learning and introducing new concepts in literacy and numeracy.  Numeracy and Literacy lessons aim to engage and extend them as young learners.  In the Middle School, teachers deliver a curriculum which caters for each child’s specific learning needs.  Inquiry Units set the platform for learning and always include creative, hands-on “Rich Assessment Tasks”.  Some of the units are described below.

“The Game of Life” unit involves students living and working to balance their health, happiness and money.  In the game, students earn money through their “occupation” and use that money to buy clothing, housing and food. Through this unit, they learn how members of a community work together to support one another. This is often a highlight of the year for many students as it is fun, exciting and very practical.

Our “Ecosystems” unit involves an educational excursion where we learn about biodiversity in our natural environment.  Once a solidified understanding of ecosystems and biodiversity is established, students create 3D models of their favourite ecosystem.  These are then showcased at our “Eco Expo”.

During our “Sustainable Homes” unit, we learn about ways we can make our homes more environmentally friendly.  We visit the CERES Eco House and learn about the different initiatives people are taking to “go green” around their house.  After learning about these topics, the Middle School teachers work with the children to transform their classrooms into their own sustainable house. Each student works in a group to transform a room into an eco-conscious space.  In order to further reiterate the importance of sustainability, the houses are made entirely out of recycled materials.

We also learn about the Indigenous Community before 1788; Australian Ocean and Inland Explorers; and the Earth, the Sun and the Moon.

All units are designed to ignite passion and to increase each student’s knowledge, creativity and curiosity.

Camp in the Middle School

During your children’s two years in the Middle School, they will experience two camps.  Both camps are run by the Y.M.C.A. and occur later in the year.  The first camp is located at Lake Dewar Lodge in Bacchus Marsh, followed by Camp Manyung in Mt Eliza.  Both camps are adventure camps which push children to step outside their comfort zones and undertake activities which are new and exciting in a safe and controlled environment.

Sustainability in the Middle School

The children in Years 3 and 4 have always helped RGLPS run smoothly by assisting in the maintenance of a healthy school environment.  In particular, the Middle School children:

  • supervise school-yard rubbish bins each day;
  • organise paper and cardboard collection for pick-up once a fortnight;
  • organise recyclable plastic and metal collection for Banyule Council;
  • run the weekly ‘Tidy Classroom’ and ‘Class Environment’ awards;
  • oversee school composting.