Realising every child's potential

Grades 5/6 – Senior School

Curriculum in the Senior School

Grades 5 and 6 are the years in which students become independent learners.  Students work closely with their teachers to set individualised learning goals and take charge of their learning; Numeracy and Literacy lessons aim to engage and extend them as learners.

Inquiry Units set the platform for learning and always include creative, hands-on ‘Rich Assessment Tasks’.  Some of the units are described below.

  • The unit, ‘Microeconomics: Bazaar, Bazaar’, provides an opportunity for students to investigate their understandings of ‘enterprise and innovation’.  The unit provides students with the opportunity to view themselves as world citizens, investigating the value of money and the positive difference they can make to their peers and others less fortunate than themselves.  The unit culminates with a Bazaar Day where students use the understandings and skills they have gained to market goods or services to the RGLPS Community.  All money raised from this day will be lent to a poorer community or individual with an entrepreneurial idea that will be life changing.

  • The unit, ‘Gold’, follows our camp to Maldon, where the students explore by bike the once gold-rich area.  The students learn about the impact the Gold Rush had on Australia’s economy, immigration and democracy.  The unit culminates with the students delving back in time and exploring what life was like in Australia in the 1850s.  ‘A Night at the Goldfields’ is the opportunity for students to showcase their learning by educating and entertaining friends and family as characters from the past.


Grades 5 and 6 are the years of primary school set aside to ensure that our students are ready for the change and challenges of secondary school.  To support our students, we keep close links with our local secondary colleges.  We enjoy visiting local colleges, as well as having some of our other local colleges visit us at school.  The visits provide an opportunity for our students to ask questions and learn a little more about Year 7.

Leadership in the Senior School

RGLPS encourages student leadership and provides opportunities to take on roles such as: School Captains, Junior School Council Leaders and Representatives, Deaf Facility Captains, House Captains and Environment Leaders.  These keenly-contested opportunities for leadership allow our students to practise the skills of leadership by being role models; representing the greater student voice; running assemblies; meeting visitors; and ensuring our school grounds are respected.


The students attend two different camps over their two years in the Senior School.  Camp Coonawarra is an outdoor educational camp and  gives students a multitude of challenging opportunities to experience whilst working cooperatively with their peers.  The second camp is to the Victoria Police-run camp in Maldon.  Students build on their knowledge of ‘Gold’ by exploring the local region on bicycles under the escort of Victoria Police.

Interschool Sport

Students in the Senior School have the opportunity to participate in Interschool Sport.  Sports are divided into summer and winter seasons. Students have the opportunity to play cricket, softball, bat tennis and rounders and football, soccer and netball respectively.