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The school’s canteen reflects the value the school puts on healthy eating practices.  In addition to providing nutritious food, the canteen has an important role in promoting health.At the start of the day, students place their lunch order into the tub supplied in the classroom.

Canteen operating hours
A lunch service is available 3 days per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).  Snacks are available for purchase at recess and the first half of the lunch break.

How to complete a lunch order

  • The preferred option for ordering a lunch order from the canteen is online.
  • Online ordering via can be done the night before or anytime up until 10.30am on Canteen Days.  Click on the link above and follow the website instructions to register and order.
  • As a back up option where you are unable to place an online order we will accept lunch orders on a brown paper bag.  (Bundles of brown bags may be purchased from the canteen.)
  • Label bag with:
    • student’s full name;
    • class;
    • items required, with a cost at each line;
    • total cost of order;
    • the money provided and change required (if any).

For reasons of hygiene, please place the money in a plastic snap lock bag or envelope and place this in the brown paper bag.

Volunteers are required to assist the School Canteen Manager.  If you are available on any of the canteen trading days, please contact the office so that your name can be placed on the roster.

Download the current  menu :