Realising every child's potential



At RGLPS we believe that homework complements work covered in class.  It may develop skills in speaking, listening and research.


  • To support and extend classroom learning.
  • To develop positive study habits.
  • To develop a responsibility for self-learning.


  • The school’s Homework Policy will be distributed to parents at the commencement of each school year.
  • Classroom teachers will set homework appropriate to each child’s skill level and age.
  • Homework activities should be interesting, challenging and when appropriate, open-ended.
  • Each set task must be purposeful, meaningful and relevant to the current classroom curriculum.
  • All homework activities will be assessed with feedback and support provided by teachers.
  • Homework should be balanced with a range of recreational, family and cultural activities.

Please refer to our School Policies page for the complete Homework Policy.