Realising every child's potential


Interlaken Parade Drop-off Zone

The area along the Interlaken Parade entrance of the school is a 2-minute drop-off zone between the hours of 8.40 a.m. and 9.10 a.m.

Please take care when dropping off or picking up your children in Interlaken Parade.  It is ILLEGAL – and dangerous – to stop your car in the middle of the road and call your children to walk out between the parked cars.  The children have been asked to wait in the alcove against the bluestone bricks, away from the footpath and road.

Please help to keep our children safe.

Surrounding Streets

We suggest you use legal street parking in the streets near the school.  Please respect and be mindful of our neighbours and do not park on their lawns, nature strips or block their driveways.

Staff Car Park

Parents and/or carers are not to access the staff car park during school hours without prior authorisation.  You are not permitted to park, stand, or wait in the staff car park.