Realising every child's potential

Reporting to Parents

Teachers and specialist staff compile reports twice a year.  In addition, throughout the year, students are set various tasks in each subject to be completed without help.  A compilation of these tasks is presented as a portfolio.  The reports and the students’ portfolios are sent home at the end of each semester.

These records of your children’s work are also used during the 3-way conference conducted early in semester 2.  The major purpose of the conference is for your children to reflect on their learning successes and areas where they would like to improve.  It is hoped that discussion from the conference will lead to talking about their learning goals for the remainder of the year and what needs to happen both at school and at home to support the achievement of these goals.

NAPLAN results and results of other external competitions (e.g., Maths Olympiads, ICAS) are sent home separately.