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Instrumental Music Fees


Participating in the Instrumental Program costs $345 per term. This fee covers:

  • Junior, Intermediate and Senior Concert Band students receiving a minimum of 33 small-group lessons over the course of the year
  • Training Band students receiving a minimum of 30 small-group lessons over the course of the year
  • All-day band workshops (these workshops replace weekly lessons)
  • Typically, a full band rehearsal once a week

* Please note, there will be no makeup lessons for non-compulsory activities e.g. family holidays and GATEWAYS. Long-term illness will be considered on an individual, case by case situation.

Training Band students are charged at a reduced rate of $230 for Term One, with Training Band commencing mid Term One.

Activity Charge

The experience of Eisteddfods, competitions and workshops does incur a ‘one off charge’ at the beginning of the each year. This fee covers associated costs of buses, competition registration, guest conductors, tutors and staff.

The Activity Charge for each band is as follows:

  • Training Band $85
  • Junior Concert Band $100
  • Intermediate Band $110
  • Senior Concert Band $120
  • Jazz Band $130 plus $75 term fee

Instrument Hire

The hire fee for the school’s euphoniums is $390 per annum.


You will be invoiced for Instrumental fees at the beginning of each term. We would appreciate payment being made at the time of invoicing.

** Please note our Parent Payment Policy, which states that “The Essential Education Items should be paid as priority, over all Optional Education Items e.g. Instrumental Music, Gateways, etc.”