JULY 2019
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Uniforms and Private Property

There has been an increasing number of students attending school in non-school uniform items. The school uniform and the school uniform policy are developed and reviewed by the School Council. It is designed with the wellbeing of students and families in mind. We offer second hand uniform, with uniform items available for $2. If you are unaware of the school uniform policy it is available on the RGLPS website.

Please ensure all your child’s uniform items are marked with their name to assist in their return if they are misplaced.  

We have a growing number of lost uniforms and personal items that are being handed into the office and put into the lost property container. It is essential that your child takes responsibility for their personal property and they ensure that they collect their items from the yard after recess and lunch times. We do not recommend that your child brings items of value to school as they are easily misplaced and the school is not responsible for their return.

Student Reports, Assessment and Conferences

Another thank you to our parents for taking an active role in your children’s school life on Wednesday, when the students really enjoyed sharing their learning with you. We hope that you will continue to access Seesaw and Progress Reports to engage in conversations about what has taken place at school. We hope that it will give you some extra insights that sometimes the children don’t share. Linking learning between school and home and creating opportunities for conversation and communication will be beneficial to all student learning.

Enrolments and Planning for 2020

At this stage we have reached capacity in all our grades for 2020. It is imperative that we have the enrolments of any children where we are the closest school. Conversely, any parents who know their children will not be continuing at Golf Links in 2020, could you please let me know in writing as soon as possible. Even if you are not sure at this moment, a note about the possibility that this may occur is always helpful. As enrolment numbers affect our staffing decisions and the number of classes we have, it is important that we are able to predict as closely as possible what our expected enrolment will be in 2020.

Parent Opinion Survey

Thank you to those parents that have already completed their online surveys. We are still missing quite a few, so please complete these as soon as possible. Your value your opinion and input with a view to reflecting on our strengths and areas for development.


To say I’m blown away by our bands and their successes at the VSMF would be an understatement. To receive a Platinum award amongst such tough competition is outstanding. I am still in awe of our children and their teachers who are playing against schools and other children much older and much more experienced, and to then receive such an award is jaw dropping. Well done team!

Visitors to the School

Please note that it is essential for ALL visitors to the school, including parents, to sign into the visitors book in the office and to wear a visitors badge whilst on school grounds during the day. The only exception to this is morning drop off or afternoon pick up. If you need to collect your child during the day please present at the office and the staff will organise for you to attend the classroom to collect them.

This is essential for ALL students safety.

Recently we have had an increasing number of parents attending the school during hours, without attending the office to sign in.

It is also essential for your safety. If you are within the school grounds during an emergency situation, we will not be able to account for you if we are unaware that you are here.

School Dance – CAN YOU HELP?

Our JSC have voted and the theme for this year’s School Dance will be ‘A Night at the Oscars’. We look forward to seeing everyone dressed up in their red carpet frock or tux, or perhaps come dressed as your favourite movie star or movie character.

If any parents are keen to help with table decorations and other small tasks in preparation for the dance nights, please get in touch with Deb Howard.

Staffing Congratulations

We would like to wish Mrs Kosmas every blessing as she begins maternity leave this week.  We welcome back Mrs Verinder to RGLPS in 3/4 with Ms De Melis.

We would also like to wish Ms Taylor every happiness as she begins her family leave on the 9th August.  We welcome Natalie Woodgate to our team in 1/2T.

Please Join Us

We are excited to be keeping families informed via our Facebook group, this is a closed group and we enjoy the positive community that we are establishing on this platform. The information shared is timely and ongoing through our many moderators. You can also like our page and enjoy the photo updates of our new sporting facility at the front of the school can be found on this site.


We currently have 463 followers on our official school Facebook page. Please head over and ‘LIKE’ us at


We currently have 318 members in our official school Facebook group. Please head over and join this group at


Please note that like a friend’s profile, Facebook PAGES are designed to create an authentic and public presence on Facebook. On the other hand, Facebook GROUPS are the place for small group communication and for people to share their common interests. Our official GROUP is for that purpose, as mentioned in previous newsletters. You are invited and welcomed to this space to share, communicate and ask questions of others in the community. This site is moderated by selected staff across the school.

Photo/Video Consents

Our music team have noticed that some children without the proper consents participated in our Vic Schools Music Festival which was live streamed at the event. This video will be put onto our school website and our Facebook page to share and celebrate the amazing success of our primary school instrumental music program and our students and families who work hard to achieve results unlike any other government primary school. Many of our families are looking forward to watching and celebrating this success. Children without photo/video consent will need to be professionally pixelated from this video content. If you would like to update this consent, please phone or email the office as soon as possible. Again, I emphasise the importance of consenting, in particular if you are part of our band program. Many of the events which the bands enter are videoed and live streamed and children without consent will be unable to participate.

Kelly Morrow

student of the week

Students of Last Week 22nd July – 26th July 2019

Students of this Week  29th July – 2nd August 2019

Facility news

What’s Happening With Facilities?

as been a very busy period of time over the last few months with regard to facilities at RGLPS.

We continue to work hard to ensure that our school is well maintained and improving for the future.

The Triangle project is progressing very well, with a lucky break in the weather proving optimal for work. The base is now prepared, new fencing and cricket nets placed and jumping pits installed. Turf will begin to be laid early next week and the project should be completed by the 16th August.

We are very excited to see this area complete and then we will move onto the surrounding gardens to finish the area off.


A Working Bee has been set for Sunday 18th, August.

We have some priorities to complete on the day and would love to have as many hands-on-deck as possible.


Jobs include:

  • Top up soft fall in play areas
  • Lay the fundraising pavers
  • Clear the triangle bank
  • Work on the garden area around Triangle and Admin building including possible sleepers along the pathway.


We understand that your time is important and weekends can be difficult to manage. You are not required to attend for the entire time, any help is welcomed. If you are willing to help out, please contact Luke Franklin (


Tuesday 20th August

On Tuesday 20th August we will be celebrating Children’s Book Week with a special dress up day, a visit from author Tony Wilson, the annual House Literature Quiz and some special book reading activities. This year’s theme is “Reading is my Secret Power”.  Students are invited to dress up as their favourite book character or in a costume related to the theme.  Classes will be timetabled to see Tony Wilson during the morning. You may pre-order Tony’s Books using the order form distributed via Compass (please return orders to the school by Wednesday 7th August).  Tony will bring the signed copies of any books purchased with him on the day.

Rosanna Golf Links Primary School is super excited to announce that as part of our Arts Term, we will be hosting a performance for our students by The Ridiculous Rhyme Show. The show was written and developed by UK children’s television presenters Joe Chambers and Andrew Crawford. Joe and Andy play First Officer Ditty and Professor Poet on BBC children’s show ‘The Rhyme Rocket’. Now, with a team of six, they have visited over 600 schools, headlined Glastonbury music festival ‘Kidz Field’, and are excited to be coming all the way down under to visit schools in Australia.


The Ridiculous Rhyme Show was written for primary school audiences using interactive performance and comedy. It encourages children to enjoy literacy through creative word play, which can be carried back into the classroom following the visit. The presenters will also run a TV workshop for Years 5 & 6. This is an opportunity for students to get an insight into the media industry and the variety of career paths within it. A production studio will be created in our school gym and some students will be assigned job roles before filming a few scenes. The Ridiculous Rhyme Show will be performing at our school on Tuesday, August 13th.


You can find out more about The Ridiculous Rhyme Show here



ICAS UNSW Assessments

Registration for ICAS tests remains open for two more weeks until Wednesday 14th August 2019. Registration is $14.50 per test. All tests will be completed online this year, aside from the Year 3/4 Writing ICAS.

The registration process is as follows:

  1. Login at:
  2. Type in the school’s unique access code when prompted: befd071562
  3. Complete the registration details for your child (or multiple children) and select which ICAS tests you would like them to participate in. (see below for dates and eligible year levels)
  4. Complete the billing information and make an encrypted payment by credit card (VISA or Mastercard) for the tests selected.


ICAS Testing Dates in 2019:



Who is eligible?

Tues Sept 3rd, 2019

ICAS Digital Technologies

Years 3 – 6

Thurs Sept 5th, 2019

ICAS Science

Years 2 – 6

Tues Sept 10th, 2019

ICAS Writing *Paper based test for year 3/4 only

Years 3 – 6

Thurs Sept 12th, 2019

ICAS Spelling

Years 3 – 6

Tues Sept 17th, 2019

ICAS English

Years 2 – 6

Thurs Sept 19th, 2019

ICAS Mathematics

Years 2 – 6


Please contact Kerron (9457 4178) if you have questions about ICAS.

  • Kerron Worsdell (Teaching and Learning Coach)


Jump Rope for Heart

This year our school is participating in Jump Rope for Heart, a fantastic physical activity and fundraising program by the Heart Foundation. The program helps keep the RGLPS students active and healthy while learning new skills, and raising funds for vital heart research and education programs.

This year students can fundraise by making a gold coin donation at the ‘Jump-Off’ day on Wednesday 4th September. The day will involve students wearing house colours and engaging in a variety of skipping activities for an hour throughout the day.



A friendly reminding to all OSHC families to please check their OSHC account. Please ensure that your overdue account is paid ASAP, to avoid losing your bookings. All accounts should be finalized at the end of each and every term. 

If you have not received your notification, please let me know ASAP or if you have any concerns or questions please let me know.


Many thanks OSHC team




  • Hash Browns                           $1.00
  • Steamed Dim Sims                 $1.00 
  • Warm Banana Bread               $2.20
  • Blueberry or Apple Muffins    $1.20
  • Hot Chocolate or Milk            $1.60  


Due to a supply problem we are unable to offer the following product:

  •                 – Gluten Free Chicken Nugget


Alternate gluten free options are:

  •                   – Butter Chicken
  •                   – Vegetarian Fried Rice
  •                   – Nacho Dippers


If your child has a plastic Keep Cup they can bring it to get their Hot Chocolate. 


Thank you to all our canteen volunteers.


Friday 2nd August

10.30am – 2.05pm


Naomi Martin


Monday 5th August

12.00pm – 2.05pm

Nikki Sterel

Wednesday 7th August

10.30am – 2.05pm

12.00pm – 2.05pm


Carol Notowsky

Liz Burrage

Friday 9th  August

10.30am – 2.05pm


April Stock

                            If you require a change to the roster please contact Margaret in the canteen.

                            Thank you.

                            Margaret Groves



Disclaimer: Rosanna Golf Links Primary School (RGLPS) does not endorse any product or service advertised in this newsletter. RGLPS takes no responsibility for the content of advertisements or the quality and reliability of products or services offered in the advertisements

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