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End of Term 4 - Early Dismissal - 1:30pm

Students will be dismissed from school at 1:30pm on the last day of term 4, Friday 20th  December.

On this day we will run a special program where children will only have one break at 11.00 am. It would be best if they were provided with a substantial snack for this break, as lunch will not be eaten at school. Children will be dismissed at 1.30 pm. A final school assembly will commence at approximately 12.30pm on our basketball courts (hopefully with weather permitting).

On Monday 16th of December, in the last week of school we will be having a whole school Tabloid Sports Day. This is an exciting event for all our children and it’s a great day to be involved at RGLPS. If you are free on this day and would like to be involved in an activity, we would love to have you. Please email Luke Franklin, if you would like to be involved. Please ensure that you have paid and consented for this event. Don’t forget to order our special canteen lunch.

Moving Rooms

This year we have a few teacher moving to new classrooms. If you are able to help in any way, we would love to hear from you. Please email Luke Franklin This is a massive job for teachers and any assistance would be appreciated.

Custody/Court Orders

It is important that families ensure that the school has the most updated Custody/Court Orders. If orders have expired and no longer current, then they are deleted from our system. It is each family’s responsibility to ensure that the school is kept informed. Please, if you have any questions or concerns, you can make an appointment with myself or Luke Franklin.

Library Books

Don’t forget to return all library books and other reading material as soon as possible. Might be a good chance for children to clean up their rooms and look for missing books under their beds.

December Reports

Student Reports will be uploaded onto COMPASS on Wednesday 18th December.  

Student Leadership Positions

It has been extremely positive to establish roles, responsibilities and leadership positions now in readiness for 2020. Each year we continue to improve our process for selection ensuring to include the voices of our students. Obviously every year we have many children who are disappointed and this is all very natural. Some children strive year after year for these positions, but sadly don’t end up being voted in. Even as adults we know this is hard and it’s important that as teachers, parents and carers we encourage the very important skill of resilience and persistence.

Over the course of our leadership process, I was privileged to hear our students address an audience. I was in awe of their presentation, confidence and articulation. We have the most unbelievable young leaders and to see how proud our staff were of these children was awe inspiring. Each student I listened to, was so deserving of any role given to them.

The process of selecting the student leaders and the important roles that they play throughout the year at Rosanna Golf Links are regarded as a very important part of our school culture. Congratulations must go not only to the students who were elected, but also to all students who nominated for these positions. Our Student Leaders for 2020 will be announced at our assembly on Monday. They will receive their Badges in the New Year.


We are currently in the process of recruiting for four positions. I hope to announce our new staff in next week’s newsletter.


From Mr Brunelli:


“To the students, parents and wider school community. It is with a heavy heart that I would like to announce that I will be taking some time away from RGLPS in 2020.


To all the parents I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you! The support I have been given over the last five years has been tremendous. You have enabled me to create a successful sporting culture at the school that will continue for years to come. The accolades the RGLPS students have received would not have been possible without your efforts and commitment to the Sport and HPE program.”


I would like to wish Michael all the success in the world and hope to see you back at Golf Links soon.

Planning Week

The week beginning Monday 9th December is planning week where each team will have a day to plan for Term One, 2020.

Monday: Preps and Year 1/2

Tuesday: 3/4s

Wednesday: Specialist

Thursday: 5/6s

Friday: Pupil Free Day – Focus: School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

Whole School Numeracy Day

Tomorrow is our whole school Maths Day titled, ‘Charlie and the Number Factory.’ During the day student will participate in a variety of maths activities within their cohort. During the last session of the day, some 5/6 students will lead a maths activity with a group of students from different year levels. I hear Smarties are a part of each activity! We look forward to this day and getting kids excited about maths.


RGLPS School Values Homework Task

As part of our implementation of the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support framework, teachers, students and parents on our Education Sub-committee have been involved in reviewing our current school values. We would like to hear from all parents about the values that are important to you. Over the next few days you will receive a homework task that will require you to have a conversation with your family about the listed values and which you as a family believe are the most important to you. These values will directly link to the way in which we wish for all members of our community to behave, how we work together, how we interact with one another and how we treat each other. We ask that you please return the homework task to your child’s teacher as soon as you complete it as our teachers will collate this information in preparation for our curriculum day. Thanking you in advance.




Thank you for supporting the Christmas Raffle.  If you have any tickets to enter please bring them to the office as soon as possible.  The raffle will be drawn at the Carols evening on Monday 9th .



2019 ICAS Medal Winner!

Congratulations to Patrick Mehan (5/6F) on being awarded an ICAS Medal in Digital Technologies in 2019. Patrick received the equal highest score on the Digital Technologies ICAS this year and shared his award with five other students around Australia.

Patrick was presented with his medal at a special ceremony at the Melbourne Convention Centre on Saturday 23rd November 2019. All of us at RGLPS are very proud of Patrick and his outstanding success. We offer warm congratulations to him and his family on this achievement.


Assessment and Reporting News

Semester Two reports will be released to parents via Compass on December 18, 2019.


The school is making significant improvements to the delivery and process around Progress Reports for the 2020 school year. Our Essential Learning ‘I can’ statements have been reviewed and adjusted for 2020 to improve the process for both parents and teachers. The changes will make accessing and understanding Progress Reports more user friendly for parents to access and understand. Our new 2020 Essential Learning statements are broader in nature enabling repeated teaching and updating by teachers. In our Progress Report review this year, teachers found some of the Essential Learnings were highly specific, limiting their opportunity to provide ongoing updates as the concept might only be taught for a short period each year. There were also too many statements for teachers in some areas, increasing workload pressure on teachers. We hope that our adjustments for 2020 will resolve some of these issues and make Progress Reports more useful and user friendly for both parents and teachers.  


The adjusted 2020 Essential Learnings have been published via Compass under the Community Icon. See School Documentation -> Essential Learnings and Progress Reports -> 2020 Essential Learnings and Progress Reports.


Kerron Worsdell

Teaching and Learning Coach





If you didn’t consent for your details to be transferred over to Their Care, you will need to now go online and create a new family profile for 2020.

Please follow the link at

Once you have created your profile, next year’s booking will open for you to select.

Please do this as soon as possible.


Pease note that there will be a Pupil Free day on Friday the 13th December. If you are need care on this day please let us know by this Friday.


The end of the year is quickly approaching please ensure your accounts are up to date and paid in full by the end of the year.

Account can be payable by cash, cheque, EFT facility and direct deposit is available.

Payments can be made in OSHC during OSHC hours or at the School Office, during school hours (if you make a payment at the office (please have your invoice with you).


The Direct Deposit details are:

BSB: 063 233

Account number: 1005 3825

Please note that you must include that this is an OSHC payment and your family name when processing a payment this way. This is to ensure the payment is forwarded to the program from the office.

If you have any question please feel free to contact OSHC via email, mobile or in person




Please order through Flexischools.


We currently have 25 out standing money owed notices.  Please check your child’s bag as I have sent home many reminders.  If you have had a notice and cannot remember the amount please contact me in the canteen on Friday.  You can also pay via EFTPOS at the office.

Thank you in advance.

Margaret Groves

Canteen Manager


Thank you to all our canteen volunteers.

If you require a change to the roster please contact Margaret in the canteen. 

Thank you.

  Margaret Groves



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