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What a week it has been with the Year 3-6 athletics carnival! I want to extend a huge thank you to Amber for her outstanding organisation and dedication. Her efforts ensured that all our students had the opportunity to participate and embody our school values of persistence and kindness.

We are also looking forward to International Mathematics Day on Thursday next week. More information will be in the body of the newsletter. It is one of my favourite school days as our students get to demonstrate how they can use math proficiencies to explore and solve problems.

Annual General Meeting

On March the 21st at 6:30pm in the staffroom, we will be holding our Annual General Meeting (AGM). This meeting is held every year and is an open meeting for our community. During this meeting we present our Annual Report to the School Community. The 2023 report is presented at that time and will then be uploaded to our Website so that our entire community can access it.

Version 2.0 Victorian Mathematics Curriculum

Whilst International Mathematics Day is nearly here I thought that it would be a terrific opportunity to let you know that version 2.0 of the Victorian Mathematics Curriculum has been released and though we have until 2025 to implement this new content, after careful consideration, we have opted to implement this year.

The new content is accelerated in many areas, and by implementing it, we aim to fast-track our students’ learning and ensure they are well-prepared for the challenges ahead. We believe this decision will benefit our students and help them excel in their Math education.

Additionally, please note that the reporting for Math has been altered to accommodate the new content and we will explain the changes closer to the semester 1 reporting period. We will provide more information and resources to support your child’s learning with this new content. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dogs at School

RGLPS is a really inclusive school and we love the friendly family feel that our fur babies bring to the environment during drop off and pick up. Dogs, just like little people do tend to have a mind of their own and in order to ensure that our beloved pets can attend there are a few important ground rules that we need to follow.

  •     –  Make sure your dog is on a lead when walking in the school.
  •     – Shorten your lead length to ensure the dog is immediately beside you and is unable to jump or lunge at people.
  •     – Pick up after your dog should they use the facilities.
  •     – Finally, make sure you consider that there are a number of people in the school with a fear of dogs who may need                 some space when you walk past.

As always, thanks for your cooperation.

Labour Day Monday

Monday the 11th of March is the Labour Day public holiday. Students are not in attendance on this day. Do have a wonderful long weekend. If you are staying in Melbourne, enjoy the sunshine and remember to stay hydrated.

Take care,

Kirrily Lamers






Mobile Phones and Smart Watches

A reminder that the Department of Education has in place a mobile phone ban that requires students who bring mobiles phones to school to have them switched off and securely put away during school hours.

The department is requiring all schools to ensure this ban is in place and enforced from the start of the 2024 school year.

The ban applies equally to all government schools right across the state.

This helps ensure that school is a learning environment free from unnecessary distractions and disruptions.

By ensuring mobile phones are kept away at recess and lunch times, students can interact with each other face-to-face, without the distractions and social pressures that mobile phones can cause.

I ask for the support of all our families, staff and students in continuing to support the implementation of this policy in our school.


Further information

Exceptions: For a small number of students with particular health needs, an exception to the policy may be granted. Please contact our leadership team if you would like to discuss this.

Emergencies: In the event of an emergency or if you need to immediately contact your child, I ask that families contact the school office who will pass on a message as required.

School mobile phone policy: A copy of our school’s local mobile phone policy, which implements the government’s mobile policy in line with our local context, is available here:

Parent support: The Mobile phones in schools webpage provides links to resources for families to help them balance their children’s time using mobile phones.


If you have further questions, please contact the administration office.

Recreational Fishing

The Victorian Government is proactive in encouraging all Victorians to fish, specifically focusing on the involvement of women, children, and people from diverse backgrounds. We educate fishers and the community about responsible fishing practices and promote stewardship of our precious aquatic and animal resources via our Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre, Education and Engagement Unit and funding of Fishcare Victoria Inc.


Recreational fishing offers terrific opportunities for people of all ages, skills, abilities, and backgrounds to enjoy a fun and healthy activity and build social connections. Our aboriginal heritage is also deeply linked to fishing, with thousands of years of indigenous fishing history in Victoria.


The VFA run a range of free community fishing festivals across the State, stock 10 million fish into Victoria’s waterways each year, including a range of threatened species, install fishing and boating infrastructure to improve access, install recreational fishing reefs and improve habitat and undertake important research into Victoria’s many different species of seafood.


For more information about the VFA, recreational fishing opportunities in Victoria and/or a potential future career in natural resource management for your students, please visit

Little Anglers Hub

The VFA has created the kid-friendly Little Anglers Hub website (, written specifically for children with useful information, instructional videos about how to safely set up and use the kits, being safe around the water, as well as advice on where to go fishing in Victoria.


There is an electronic copy of the Kids Guide to fishing that was included in the kits available on this site, both in English and five other languages.

Key Safety Messages

Going fishing is awesome and so much fun! When it comes to fishing, it’s important to stay safe, especially around water!


Students can keep their fishing safe by:

  •     – going with a friend;
  •     – being careful with hooks and lures;
  •     – looking behind before casting;
  •     – handling fish carefully;
  •     – being conscious of the dangers associated with water;
  •     – protecting yourself against the elements (sunscreen, drinking water);
  •     – letting someone know before you go; and
  •     – washing your hands after handling lead sinkers, especially before eating or drinking.

The link below is to a short safety video that is posted on the Little Anglers hub website, reinforcing the above safety messages to students.



Please note that fishing equipment is not for human consumption. If swallowed, hooks can cause serious harm and lead sinkers can be toxic. Young children and those with some disabilities including pica disorder are especially vulnerable and should be supervised whilst fishing. If a child does swallow a hook or lead sinker, seek medical assistance immediately – don’t wait for it to pass.


If you would like any additional information about this exciting commitment, please visit the Victorian Fishing Authority’s Little Angler Kits FAQs for parents, located on the VFA’s website (

Luke Franklin, Denisse Lobos & Cathie Sutton

Assistant  Princpial


Next Thursday, 14th of March, is the International Day of Mathematics (IDM). The IDM is a worldwide celebration. Each year, many countries across the world celebrate maths in the general public, schools, museums, libraries and beyond. 

The theme for 2024 is ‘Playing With Maths’. We will be celebrating mathematical games, puzzles and other entertaining activities, whilst also “playing” with mathematics itself, exploring, experimenting and discovering.

On Thursday, classes across the school will be running some mathematics sessions fitting with the theme. This will include a class-based activity, an activity where classes will buddy up to enjoy maths together, and open classrooms in the afternoon.

We are excited to invite families to come into our classrooms between 2:40 and 3:20pm to join the students in playing with maths. We hope to see you then!

Sarah McLellan

Learning Specialist




Canteen Special

Tropical Chicken Burger      $7.50

      – Crumbed chicken burger served in a bun with coleslaw and pineapple.



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