TERM 2 2020

There are no upcoming events at this time.

There are no upcoming events at this time.



I do hope everyone is travelling well. This week it was great to get the students to reconnect with the school and access the virtual classroom. I was so excited to meet some more students through this virtual platform and I must add that it was a truly unique experience. It was the first time that I have met students and their pets at the same time. Though the circumstances are extremely challenging right now, it is amazing to see the resilience of our students as they do their best to connect with their friends albeit through a remote platform.

Keeping Our Students Active at Home

Daily physical activity boosts physical and mental health and improves wellbeing. It also helps with concentration, retaining information and solving problems. That is why the Department is supporting Victorian schools to provide daily physical activity for their students during remote learning.

A range of engaging, interesting and educative physical activity resources have been collated for teachers, parents and students. These resources aim to support students to stay active, connected to sport and involved in physical education whilst they are at home. Please access the resource with the following link.

Instrumental Music Program

As you know the music program has continued to run albeit on a remote learning platform during this term. We do understand that this is a very different way to access private tuition and we would like to get your feedback on how this is working and what we could do to enhance the program during remote learning. Please access this link to complete a short survey and we will publish results and subsequent actions in the newsletter next week. . We value your feedback as you are experiencing firsthand how our current practices are working for you.

Please note that we will be providing a credit for the final week of term 1 for instrumental music lessons. We will also be providing a credit to those students who missed a lesson in the second last week of term 1 because their teacher was absent. If you are experiencing financial hardship due to the current circumstances please contact the school. We are here to support during this time.

Outside School Hours Care During COVID

We completely understand that the strict restrictions placed on student onsite attendance due to COVID-19 are creating extremely challenging situations for families and we are looking for ways to support with this that don’t breach Victoria’s regulations. This is an opportune time to remind families that during term 2 Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) is being subsidised by the Victorian Government and is subsequently free for this period. Student attendance at OSHC is not subject to the same restrictions as schools meaning students learning from home can also attend OSHC programs. OSHS is provided by Theircare prior to the school day and from 3:30. Please contact Theircare if you would like to access this option for your child/ren.

Learning From Home

Learning From Home

When you start to think about helping your child to learn from home, remember that no one expects you to be a subject matter expert or teacher. The most important thing you can do is to continue to provide comfort, support and encouragement to your child.

You can help your child to learn from home by working with us and supporting your child as they undertake the activities provided.

 Your child’s responsibilities during remote learning

You should change these responsibilities according to the age, stage and individual needs of your child.

Your child’s responsibilities include:

  •    – regularly monitor digital platforms for announcements and feedback from their teachers
  •    – do their best work by completing tasks with integrity and academic honesty
  •    – do their best to meet timelines and due dates
  •    – communicate openly with their teachers and tell them if they have any concerns or issues
  •    – collaborate and support their classmates
  •    – continue to abide by their RGLPS behaviour guidelines.

Remember that remote learning is flexible. We want students to be able to access content at their own pace and we understand that parents are also working from home so cannot provide support to our students throughout the school day. There is no obligation to commence the tasks at 9:00 or to complete them each day. We want the learning to work for you and your child/ren. The purpose of the Seesaw platform is to allow children to work in flexible intervals. Do remember that during this time students are required to complete a maximum of 3 hours and 15 minutes of learning if they are a Foundation to Year 2 student and 3 hours and 45 minutes if they are a Year 3 to Year 6 student. If you are having difficulties please contact us so we can work together during this difficult time.

Kirrily Lamers




If you hold a Health Care Card or a Veterans Affairs Gold Card or are a temporary foster parent and have not previously applied for CSEF funding, please call past the office to collect an application form. The Heath Care Card must be in the name of the parent, not in the name of the student and the eligibility date on the card must be 2020.

If you have a child who has started Prep this year, a new application form must be completed even if you have previously received CSEF funding.

If eligible, you will be entitled to $125 per student to pay for camps, sports and excursions. The grant cannot be used for school fees, however School Council offer a 50% reduction in school fees if you are eligible for the CSEF funding.

Please contact Susan or Kaylene in the office if you have any queries.


Emails were sent out to all grade 6 families on Tuesday 14th April. These emails contained:


  •  – Year 6 to Year 7 Transition Information pack
  •  – Application for Year 7 Placement form

Please let the school office know if you did not receive this information.

Application forms are due back before Friday 15th May.  Thank you to the families who have already returned their form. 


If you have a student starting prep in 2021, we would love to see your application form. 

Forms can be downloaded from the school website: www. and emailed to the school email address:



Virtual Wellbeing Check Ins on WebEx

Week 4 saw the school transition to real time ‘Virtual Wellbeing Check Ins’ using WebEx Meetings. Despite the occasional technical glitch, it has been fantastic to have nearly all students in the school participating in their scheduled class meetings. Several teachers elected to hold their first ‘Virtual Wellbeing Check Ins’ in small groups and will operate whole class ‘Check Ins’ from next week. These meetings serve an important wellbeing role in helping children stay connected to their teacher and classmates. We thank all parents for helping their child/ren access these meetings.


I was fortunate to participate in one of the ‘Check Ins’ and enjoyed seeing familiar faces and hearing about everyone’s news and experiences. The colourful signs students had created and held up to indicate they wished to speak was a clever and vibrant way to gain attention!


Parents – you may have noticed that your child’s meeting had an extra adult from the school in attendance. The reason for this is to both support the class teacher with the technical aspects of the WebEx meeting and to provide an extra level of safety for all involved.


A few tips from our first week of ‘Virtual Wellbeing Check Ins’:

  •  – Ensure your child accesses their class meeting from an open communal area of the home
  •  – Ensure your child is fully dressed for their ‘Virtual Wellbeing Check In’
  •  – Remind children to mute their microphones if they are not talking
  •  – Remind children to hold up their name sign if they have a question or wish to speak
  •  – Remind your child to show responsibility and respect for others by waiting their turn to talk, staying within the camera space and behaving appropriately.
  •  – Ensure everyone in the home is aware the ‘Virtual Wellbeing Check-In’ is taking place and that any background audio or video may be broadcast to other households.

Standards of online work

As a school we are very pleased with how children have been engaging with the learning activities prepared and assigned by their teachers in Seesaw. Much of the work is of a high quality and it is gratifying to see quality learning taking place remotely. On occasion, we are finding that children will submit a task that is below their expected level. If this occurs, the teacher may send this back for further work and attention. Teachers may also contact students or parents if submission of low quality work becomes a pattern.

Printable Remote Learning Tasks

In the last week, we have acted on parent feedback requesting access to printable PDFs to support Seesaw Activities. Teachers are preparing and uploading these (where possible) to support parents in supervising remote learning. Please be aware that there are some tasks that cannot be translated to a ‘worksheet.’

Maths Olympiad 2020

The Maths Olympiad Team participated in their first Olympiad online this week and submitted their responses to me via Seesaw.

The next Olympiad is on Wednesday 17th June and I will assign a set of challenges for the team to practise each week in the lead up. The next Olympiad will need to be completed on the Wednesday 17th June. As per this week, I will mark responses and provide answers to team members the following day once all children participating have submitted their answers.


Have a great week everyone!


Kerron Worsdell

Teaching and Learning Coach


Hello Parents,


Our supplier of sporting equipment, RH Sports, has set up a Victoria wide competition to help our children get outside and stay fit doing some small activities. I have signed up RGLPS, so now we are in the running to hopefully win some free sporting gear for the school!


The link is


As you scroll down the page, you will see a ‘Leaderboard’ icon, four gifs of how to do the activities and lastly, the entry form where you can enter your school name and fitness data. The students in Grade 1, 2, 3 ,4 ,5 & 6 will receive this as an activity on Monday through Seesaw with a video showing them how to use the website but if you want to start today or over the weekend, you can. Students never enter their name or details into the form; they will only ever select Rosanna Golf Links Primary School and enter the numeral data for the activities they completed.


This is not a compulsory activity, it is just a bit of fun that kids can do as much as they like until the end of the month. I have created a list of moments where you might like to consider asking your child to go outside and score some points for RGLPS:


1 – “I’m bored”

2 – “What’s for dinner?”

3 – “My (brother/sister) is annoying me”

4 – “Muuuuuuuuuuuuum!”

5 – “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!”

6 – Any loud inside playing, which is then followed by a “BANG” or “SHATTER”, which is then followed by silence…

7 – “The sun is shining! What a day to be outside!”

8 – Any time you say “RIGHT!” or “OK!” in its capitalised form.

9 – When you “have had enough!”

10 – You would just like a moment with your coffee…


Good luck!


Darren Peters

PE and Sports Coordintor


Congratulations Freya on receiving your Code Read Dyslexia 21km virtual fun run medal.


Dear Parents and Carers

Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mum’s & and Grand -Mother’s for Sunday.

Hope you can have a nice relaxing day .

All the Best



Unfortunately we will not be able to run the canteen during this unusual period.  If your child is attending school please ensure you have sent them with food for recess and lunch.


Entertainment Books are available for sale, online only this year at .  Please nominate Rosanna Golf Links Primary School in the Fundraiser section; 20% of each sale goes towards providing improved facilities at RGLPS.



Due to the current circumstances, Lunch Time Clubs will be postponed until further notice. 


Disclaimer: Rosanna Golf Links Primary School (RGLPS) does not endorse any product or service advertised in this newsletter. RGLPS takes no responsibility for the content of advertisements or the quality and reliability of products or services offered in the advertisements

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