There are no upcoming events at this time.


There are no upcoming events at this time.

There are no upcoming events at this time.



I’d like to welcome back all of our students to Term Four. I hope you had a wonderful break, spent time with family and friends and are feeling ready and refreshed for a busy term ahead.  I certainly had time to relax, spend time with my family and also play in a Roller Hockey competition in sunny Brisbane.

Term Four will see our Grade Five students stepping up into leadership roles, our Grade Sixes visiting their new high schools while at the other end of the school, our 2020 Preps will begin their transition.


Term Four is notoriously busy so please keep up to date by:

  •                            * reading the newsletter
  •                            *checking the event calendar
  •                            *ensuring events are read and paid for on Compass before the due date
  •                            *checking the school notice boards
  •                            *checking out our Facebook Page
  •                            *ensuring your information; including your email is kept up to date at the office
  •                             *remembering that teachers and leadership are always happy to chat, please phone the office to make an                                    appointment.

No Hat No Play!

Don’t forget that children need to wear a school hat in Terms 1 and 4 as part of our Sun Smart Policy. Hats can be purchased at the office. To avoid the risk of hats going missing it is a good idea to write your child’s name inside the hat.

Respect for School Staff

All staff at Rosanna Golf Links Primary School have a right to a safe and supportive work environment. Rosanna Gold Links Primary School expects that all parents/carers and visitors to our school behave in an appropriate and respectful manner to school staff at all times. Recently our staff have been subjected to verbal abuse both face to face, over the phone and via email and social media.  This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated within our school. The Department of Education is promoting Respectful Relationships as an ideal and as an area of teaching and learning within schools. It is very difficult to teach students to respect themselves, their friends, their teachers and their families if this ideal is not modelled by all members of the school community. Our staff and volunteers go beyond the basic Department of Education employment expectations, spending many valuable personal hours on improving the learning environment for your children at RGLPS.  Our staff take their work very seriously and feel privileged to be able to play an important role in each child’s education.

Melbourne Cup Public Holiday - Tuesday 5th November

Tuesday the 5th of November is Melbourne Cup Day, this is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY. The school will be closed on this day. The Monday prior to this (4th November), is generally a very quiet day at school with many of our families opting to use this as a long weekend. As a staff we use this time to run an alternate program and ensure a third of our staff are trained in First Aid.

Grade Placement for 2020

At this stage, we have not assigned teachers to grade levels for next year. There are no guarantees that teachers currently teaching at certain grade levels will be teaching there next year, as the leadership team need to take into consideration a range of factors including the different experience of our teaching staff and teacher preferences before this allocation is completed.

The school always sets out to create classes that have:


  •                       *A balance of academic levels

                      (children at, above and below the level)

  •                      * A balanced social and behavioural mix

                      (children who will get on well together with as little interruption as possible)

  •                       *As you can imagine the process of grade placement is extremely tricky and time consuming. What is in the                                best interests of all our children, the school and families is paramount.


  •                      * Children have been asked by their teachers to nominate children they would like to be with in 2020. During the                            process the teachers will ensure that every child is with at least one of these.
  •                       *Classroom teachers will rank children according to ability and highlight behavioural / social concerns along                               with any relevant information they have gathered throughout the year. All of this information will then be used                           to develop the 2020 classes with the use of Class Creator, a program that assists with the formulations of                                 balanced grades.
  •                        *Specialists will check the lists for any anomalies and then the leadership team will then confirm grade                                         placements.
  •                        *In the second last week of term, children and their new teacher will have two opportunities to visit their 2020                            classroom. The children and new teacher will complete an activity in this session notifying parents of their 
  •                         new grade.

                                                 We do appreciate your trust in our professionalism in these regards.

Denisse Lobos
 Acting Principal



Thank you to our former site manager, Jason Stan, for the amazing photos and the video that can be accessed via the following link: 


Inter School Sport

Inter School Sport:

The Term 3 Inter School Sport season has been one of the most successful in school history with 5 out of the 6 teams qualifying for finals. A credit to the hard work and dedication of the students and coaches!

The final ladder positions were:

  • Soccer Boys – 6th
  • Soccer Girls – 4th
  • Softball Boys – 1st
  • Softball Girls – 1st
  • Bat Tennis Boys – 1st
  • Bat Tennis Girls – 1st

The finals will be played on Friday 11th October.

Soccer @ Macleod Park

Girls Semi Finals (2×17)

9.45am – St Martin’s vs RGL

Grand Final – 11.15am

Softball @ Rosanna Golf Links PS

Girls Semi Finals

9.45am – RGL vs Viewbank

Grand Final – 11.45am

Bat Tennis @ St Martin’s

Girls Semi Finals

9.45am – RGL vs St Martin’s


Boys Semi Finals

10.45am – RGL vs Viewbank

Grand Final – 12.45pm

Boys Semi Finals

10.45am – RGL vs Banyule

Grand Finals start at 12.00pm   

Michael Brunelli

PE & Sport Coordinator

Rosanna Golf Links Primary School

(03) 9455 4178

Hoop Time - Regional Finals

On Tuesday 8th October, our girls 3/4 All Star Hoop Time team competed in Regional Finals at Mill Park Basketball Stadium. We had already lost our superstar coach in Mr. Brunelli which meant Mr. Godfrey got the call up to coach for the day. We came up against some very tough opponents and found some teams were just too strong for us. The girls never gave up and fought out all of their games to the end. The experience was invaluable and I was very proud to see the way the girls improved throughout the tournament. We were able to push some teams to their limits and be very competitive. Unfortunately we did not advance any further, but it was a great effort from all involved.

Congratulations to the team on the day, Emily S, Poppy, Alba, Ainsley, Emma, Amelia and Emily B who did a great job as the emergency stepping in. Thank you also to Grace R and Maddi B for all of your efforts as part of the All Star team this year. I look forward to seeing you all back at Hoop Time tryouts in 2020!

Mr Ben Godfrey


On Thursday 19th September RGLPS celebrated the annual Hot Dog Footy Day. The school was awash with colour as the students showed their support for their favourite sporting teams!

A competitive goal kicking competition took place at recess with prep-grade 2 students competing to kick the most amazing goals. 25 grade 3-6 students tried their luck against a strong breeze and acute angles to kick some fantastic goals!

The day concluded with the third annual ‘teachers vs students’ touch football match. In 2017 and 2018 the teachers were victorious, but with many of teachers from the star-studded teams of the past not available for selection there were nerves brewing in the staffroom. The students were full of confidence, coming off an RGLPS football District premiership for the first time in over 20 years. They were out to get the first student win with more than 30 grade 6 students putting up their hand to compete.

The game started with the students on fire, they kicked the first goal of the game and had the crowd behind them. The teachers lacked intensity and effort, they thought it was just all going to happen for them… it didn’t. The students continued to up the pressure for the next five minutes before a rumoured-to-be-injured Mr Peters entered the game and put on a performance unmatched by that of any other teacher. He was everywhere you looked, students couldn’t get the ball without worrying about Mr Peters tailing them. With the intensity lifting the teachers started to band together, Ms Lobos was intercepting everything on the half-back line. Mr Anderson was kicking goals never before seen on the football field. Ms Brewerton and Ms Lin were instrumental in stopping any attack from the students. Mrs Stavridis displayed a ferocity in her attack at the ball that would get her a game in the AFLW. Ms Wilson patrolled the forward line like a lifeguard patrols a pool, she was there for the ball every time the teachers needed her. Ms Mahon was the all-rounder showing off her newfound footy skills after the year of teaching prep PE. As usual, Mr Brunelli took all the credit without doing too much and was the self-proclaimed best-on-ground.

The students fought well, they showed all the RGL values and the teachers couldn’t be prouder of them… but it was always going to be three in a row for the teachers. Maybe next year kids?



2019 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Results

A big congratulations to all students who participated in the online ICAS this year.

The results for Digital Technologies, Science and the Spelling Bee ICAS have now been released. At present, we are still waiting for the results of the Writing, English and Mathematics ICAS to be made available through the school portal. Results for these remaining ICAS will be released in a future newsletter.

Students who achieved a High Distinction, Distinction, Credit or Merit certificate for ICAS Digital Technologies, Science or the Spelling Bee will be presented with their certificate at School Assembly next Monday 14th October. Participation certificates will be distributed by classroom teachers.

Here is an overview of R.G.L.P.S student performance and achievement for 2019:


Digital Technologies

18 students participated in the Digitech ICAS in 2019. R.G.L.P.S. students achieved the following results:

Certificate Awarded



High Distinction

Patrick Mehan



Finn Ellul, Lachlan Draper, Erin Starmans,



Lucas Starmans, Zoe Merory, Sophie Becker, Jeonga Choi, Miata Chea, Leben Rowe






Declan Cooke, Katherine Dyall, Lian Shaweesh, Jeongyeon Choi, Freya Wilson, James Moy, Cordelia Harrisson, Miranda Knell,



Rosanna Golf Links Primary School achieved the following results in each year level:


















34 students participated in the Science ICAS in 2019. R.G.L.P.S. students achieved the following results:

Certificate Awarded



High Distinction




Jack Gleeson, Patrick Mehan, Finn Ellul, Livia Salim, Bianca Khoo



Sophie Becker, Jeonga Choi, Lutz Stevens, Erin Starmans, Molly Mehan, Eamonn Narkiewicz, Maxine Stevens, Emily Sara Eldo, Amelie Wright



Zoe Merory, Lachlan Draper, Adele Ryan, Alexander Knell, Allie Gleeson



Lucas Starmans, Katherine Dyall, Lian Shaweesh, Jeongyeon Choi, Freya Wilson, Pranav Ramakrishnan, Amelia Harrison, Miranda Knell, Sathika Ethiligoda Gamage, Leben Rowe, Isabel Joyner, Miata Chea, May Xu, Milla Niall, Aseel Shaweesh



Rosanna Golf Links Primary School achieved the following results in each year level:




















Spelling Bee

30 students participated in the Spelling Bee ICAS in 2019. R.G.L.P.S. students achieved the following results:

Certificate Awarded



High Distinction

Bianca Khoo



Pranav Ramakrishnan, Emily Sara Eldo



Kieran Holmes, Sophie Becker, Jeonga Choi, Jack Gleeson, Amylia Thornbury, Grace Romanovski, Jade Dawson, Miata Chea, Madeleine O’Rourke



Benjamin Sherwill, Patrick Mehan, Lachlan Draper,     Amelie Wright



Aseel Shaweesh, Willie Pham, Suraj Gupta, Milla Niall, Josephine Lohoar, James Moy, Isabel Joyner, Lian Shaweesh, Jeongyeon Choi, Emma White, Grace Darcy, Olivia Darcy, Zoe Merory, Emily Adams



Rosanna Golf Links Primary School achieved the following results in each year level:




















Kerron Worsdell

Teaching and Learning Coach/Enrichment Coordinator


October is Dyslexia Awareness Month

From the 1st of October to the 15th of November (due to school holidays), you may notice Australian landmarks lit up with red lights. This is the ‘Light it Red for Dyslexia’ campaign, by the Code Read Dyslexia Network.

The Code Read core values are to create a better future where people impacted by dyslexia are:

  • Acknowledged through early identification, understanding and inclusion
  • Supported with evidence based teaching and access to assistive technology and accommodations
  • Empowered with equal access to opportunity (


Statistically between 1:10 – 1:5 have some form of Dyslexia. That means in a class of 25 there would be at least 2-5 students. Early identification and team work are the key to help any Dyslexic child.


Freya Wilson in 5/6F has designed and produced a ‘Dyslexic Awareness’ ribbon to help promote Dyslexia awareness this month, and to raise money for our school to purchase C-Pens. If you would like to support her cause, there are ribbons for sale at Reception. If you would like to support the Code Read Dyslexia Network donations can be made through ‘Rosanna Golf Links Primary School’. All money donated on this website goes towards Code Read Dyslexia Network and is a tax deduction.


If you suspect something is affecting your child’s learning you can:


  1. Talk to your child’s classroom teacher and the teacher in charge of learning support at school. Your child’s learning is a team effort.
  2. Contact SPELD and get testing done.
  3. Get onto Learning difficulties Australia to find a tutor near you.
  4. Ask your child how they best learn and make a plan with your child’s classroom teacher/tutor/psychologist on how to teach/help your child learn. 
  5. Celebrate your child’s successes whatever they are, and encourage them to use the unique way in which their brain as a Dyslexic works. 
  6. Use the following useful sites:


Code Read Network Dyslexia 


Australian Dyslexia Association

Learning Difficulties Australia

Liz Dunoon


Fitzroy Readers


Run4Fun Colour Explosion!

We’re turning our event from bland to GRAND this year by adding an explosion of colour. The more money we raise the more we can provide for the students through vital school projects, in particular the resurfacing of our new triangle.

The School Run4Fun Colour Explosion will be held on Friday, October 25th. We do ask that you bring a spare change of clothes to school, most importantly a plain white shirt as the students will be covered in powder from head to toe. The day’s focus is on fun and fitness with the added benefit of raising funds for our school.

Colour Powder

The colour powder used in our event has been sourced direct from India, the home of Holi Powder. It is made of high quality corn starch and permitted food colours. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, skin safe and environmentally friendly. Toxicological Risk Assessment and ingredient listings can be obtained from the School Office upon request. Students with asthma are advised to be careful in their decision to participate.

How Does My Child Fundraise?

Students have now received a Sponsorship Form with instructions on how to raise money and order prizes. Students obtain donations in cash using the Sponsorship Form together with online fundraising.

Students who raise as little as $10 or more will receive an incentive prize for their efforts. But why not aim higher? You have the option to choose up to five (5) prizes and this will set your fundraising goal. Family and friends are your greatest supporters, so ask them first for your support. You will reach your fundraising goal in no time.

Student Profile Page

Create a Student Profile Page at which is unique to you. There are also some great features like recording your sponsorships and selecting your prize goal.

You can also register for online fundraising. It’s the easiest way to help your child raise money and to reach your fundraising goal sooner.

WIN A SHARE OF $200,000 WORTH OF FREE SPONSORSHIP DONATIONS. Create a Student Profile Page at and enter your unique code found on page five (5) of your Sponsorship Form to see if you’re an instant winner. Give your fundraising goal a kick start!

How to Order Prizes?

To reward your child for their efforts, they will receive incentive prizes based on the total amount of sponsorship dollars raised in cash, online, and if applicable, any FREE SPONSORSHIP DONATIONS won using the unique code on page five (5) of the Sponsorship Form. You have two options to place your prize order:

  1. Login or create a Student Profile Page at Once the fundraiser has finished, click the ‘ORDER MY PRIZE’ button and then confirm your total amount raised and order your prize/s, OR
  2. Complete the back page of the Sponsorship Form and return to the school.  

Please note, all donations need to be finalised on or before Friday, October 25th. Student prizes will be delivered shortly after.

Thank you in advance for your participation, and get ready for a BLAST OF COLOUR! Happy fundraising!   




Dear OSHC parents

Account can be payable by cash, cheque, EFT facility and direct deposit is available.

Payments can be made in OSHC during OSHC hours or at the School Office, during school hours (if you make a payment at the office (please have your invoice with you).


The Direct Deposit details are:

BSB: 063 233

Account number: 1005 3825

Please note that you must include that this is an OSHC payment and your family name when processing a payment this way. This is to ensure the payment is forwarded to the program from the office.

If you have any question please feel free to contact OSHC via email, mobile or in person


From the OSHC team



Dear Parents,

You as volunteers help to keep the canteen running. It is also a good chance to see your child at school and meet other parents. Your kids are usually, happy to have you there!

We need help on:

       Monday: 10.30-12.30 or 12.00-2.05

       Wednesday: 12.00-2.05

        Friday: 10.30-2.05 or 10.30-12.30 or 12.00-2.05

If you are able to help out once a term or once a month ot any time at all, please contact me on 03 04045763.

Mobile: 0438585323 or through the office at school.

All help is appreciated. 


Please note: from this Friday we will be using the Summer Menu for Canteen Orders.


Thank you to all our canteen volunteers.

If you require a change to the roster please contact Margaret in the canteen. 

Thank you.

  Margaret Groves



Disclaimer: Rosanna Golf Links Primary School (RGLPS) does not endorse any product or service advertised in this newsletter. RGLPS takes no responsibility for the content of advertisements or the quality and reliability of products or services offered in the advertisements

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