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Congratulations to both our Tee-Ball teams who participated in the regional finals on Wednesday. It was such an achievement just to be playing in the competition after grand final wins in our area and then in district. It is with great pride that I congratulate the female team as they move on through all the way to the State level. Definitely great to have our students back enjoying themselves and by all accounts, win lose or draw it was a memorable day.

2022 parent/Caregiver/Guardian Opinion Survey





Our school is conducting a survey to find out what parents/caregivers/guardians think of our school. The Parent/Caregiver/Guardian Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education and Training that is designed to assist schools in gaining an understanding of families’ perceptions of school climate, student behavior, and student engagement. We encourage all families to participate in this survey. Our school will use the survey results to help inform and direct future school planning and improvement strategies.

While previously a random sample of approximately 30 per cent of parents/caregivers/guardians have been selected to participate, this year, all families are invited to participate in the survey.


The Parent/Caregiver/Guardian Opinion Survey will be conducted from Monday 15th August to Friday 16th September.


The survey will be conducted online, only takes 20 minutes to complete, and can be accessed at any convenient time within the fieldwork period on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. The online survey will be available in a range of languages other than English. These include: Arabic, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Chin (Hakha), Hindi, Japanese, Somali, Turkish, Punjabi and Greek.

The survey results will be communicated to parents/caregivers/guardians through annual reporting and through the school council. Last year we used the survey results to plan for more supports in our Wellbeing Department including onsite access to a provisional psychologist and embarking on a whole school journey to implement School Wide Positive Behaviour Supports.

Please speak to your child’s teacher if you would like more information.

'Book Week' Assembly - Monday 22nd August at 9am

Only one school week to go! The dress up day and book week assembly have been the talk of the school over the last few weeks. Don’t forget that all students are invited to dress as their favourite literary character at our special assembly on Monday 22nd August @9am. We would love to see lots of parents/carers at the assembly, so please take note of the date if you would like to attend.

School Uniform

A reminder that RGLPS does have a uniform policy and we have opted for a compulsory uniform. I can only imagine that the persistent rain has been impacting the availability to have dry stock every day. It would however, be very nice to see the majority of our students in school uniform every day. 

Take care,


Kirrily Lamers




BYOD Consultation Survey

Thank you to all who attended our consultation evening on Monday.


Rosanna Golf Links Primary School is continuing our consultation with our school community regarding a BYOD program. We are wanting to gather more information and opinions regarding the introduction of this program for our Year Three students in 2023. This Program would also be open to all students Years 3 – 6 in 2023. We would like to hear from as many families as possible. The more information we have will help us to make adjustments or decisions about the program and it’s possible implementation.



If choosing to opt into the RGLPS specified device, the upfront cost would be approximately $800 (with the school subsidizing 20% of the total cost). This would include a Laptop, bag, 4-year warranty and insurance. For a Year 3 student, this would equate to $200 a year for the remainder of their time at primary school.


A link to the survey was sent through Compass today.


Should you have any questions regarding this program please email Luke Franklin:

Shade Sail Complete

As some of you may remember, our school’s facilities team was charged with implementing our facility master plan. This plan was developed through consultation with our students, parents and staff. One of the key objectives was to create more passive play and work areas covered by shade. The wait for contractors and builders held this project up significantly. However, I am pleased to announce that one of these projects is now complete! We are also scheduled to complete a shade structure over the Year 4 deck during the September holidays.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Please be mindful that our pickup and drop off area can get very, very busy. It is important that you use this area in the way it was designed. Please drive slowly and carefully, move forward if there is space and move off immediately after dropping off your child. Also, please don’t make U-turns in the area. It is too narrow and holds up the flow of traffic. If all community members keep this in mind, it will help the overall situation with traffic.

Luke Franklin

Assistant Principals


Every child deserves and healthy smile

Smile Squad hits the road in Banyule – Rosanna Golf Links Primary School

All children deserve a healthy smile and the Smile Squad are coming to Banyule – Rosanna Golf Links Primary School to help make sure this happens.

Smile Squad is the exciting new State Government program that will provide free, high quality dental care to all Victorian public primary and secondary school students.

Smile Squad is set to improve the oral health of more than 650,000 children, saving families both time and money, and all without having to leave the school grounds.

Smile Squad dental vans will provide free examinations and treatment including teeth cleaning, fluoride applications, fillings and any other non-cosmetic treatments to make sure our young people have healthy teeth.

Smile Squad is staffed by experienced oral health therapists, dental therapists, dental assistants and dentists. They all have extensive experience treating children and a passion for improving their oral health – for life.

Learn more about the Smile Squad by visiting or contact the team at


Hello everyone! There is a lot happening at RGLPS over the next few weeks as we try to provide a range of learning and enrichment opportunities for students. Here is a snapshot of some of the events and programs currently taking place:

'2022 RGLPS Arts and Writing Festival' - Monday 5th September

The excitement continues to build across the school for our ‘2022 RGLPS Arts and Writing Festival’. The Festival will be launched on Monday 5th September @6pm in the Hall and every RGLPS student will have writing and artwork on display.


Parents, family and friends are all invited to attend the Opening Ceremony or to drop into the exhibition for a closer look throughout the Festival week. We encourage you to put this event in your family calendar now!

'Author Talks' Incursions

As part of the ‘Arts and Writing Festival’, RGLPS are hosting a selection of professional author presentations and workshops for all students. The charge per student is $10. Each author will share their writing techniques and sessions are designed to celebrate the craft of writing. Please note that these ‘talks’ are an addition to the curriculum and are completely optional events.

Prep – Year 2
Prep – Year 2 students will enjoy two 50 min interactive presentations with authors Sue de Gennaro and Maria La Selva.

  • Maria La Selva presentations for Prep – Year 2:                                   Monday September 6th
  • Sue de Gennaro presentations for Prep – Year 2:                                Wednesday September 7th

Year 3/4
Each Year 3/4 class will enjoy a 60-minute Writing Workshop with author Andrew McDonald.

  • Andrew McDonald writing workshops (Year 3):                                   Tuesday September 6th
  • Andrew McDonald writing workshops (Year 4):                                   Monday September 5th

Year 5/6
Author Davina Bell will hold a 60-minute Writing Workshop for each Year 5/6 class.

  • Davina Bell Writing Workshops (Year 5):                                                 Monday September 5th
  • Davina Bell Writing Workshops (Year 6):                                                Thursday September 8th

Further information on each author is available on the Compass event. Consent and payment is needed by August 31st for your child to participate.

2002 ICAS

ICAS tests are now underway with the ICAS Digitech and ICAS Writing having taken place this week.


Remaining ICAS dates for registered students:

ICAS English – Tuesday 16th August @9:50am

ICAS Science – Tuesday 23rd August @9:50am

ICAS Spelling Bee – Friday 26th August @9am

ICAS Mathematics – Tuesday 30th August @9:50am

Tournament of Minds 2022 (TOM)

The RGLPS Tournament of Mind team are in their final week of preparations and rehearsals in the lead up to the Northern Metro Regional Finals. The final takes place at La Trobe University, Bundoora on the weekend of 20 – 21st August. The TOM team comprises of the following year 5/6 students: Ainsley H, Eva L, Laila K, Jade D, Ella M, Allie G and Lawson P. The team are busy working towards their selected Long-Term Challenge – ‘Circles of Time.’


Best of luck to the team over the next week as they finish rehearsals, create props and costumes and make other preparations for the big day!

Writing and Attitude!

I read a useful piece of research this week that stressed the relationship between children’s attitudes to writing, their sense of self-efficacy (self-belief) and writing achievement.


The study identified that if children experience positive emotions during writing, they are more likely to show persistence, be engaged and take writing risks. These writing dispositions all lead to higher writing achievement.


Key points from the article included:

*The importance of motivation for writing. This is positively influenced by having topic choice, sharing writing with others and receiving praise/feedback. When topics are always prescribed by adults with little choice and there is no meaningful audience or purpose, motivation for writing drops. We also need to be aware that children have personal writing preferences around genre, topic and the location in which to do their writing. Expressing and having these preferences catered for motivates children to write and lifts achievement.

*Self-efficacy (or self-belief in one’s competence), is correlated with higher levels of writing achievement. The study made the point that many children believe they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ writers due their ability to use correct spelling and punctuation. Fewer students perceive that being good at writing is about an ability to elaborate and use details in their writing or to write coherently. As teachers and adults, this means we need to place greater emphasis on the ideas and writing content, as opposed to the ‘secretarial’ aspects of writing.

*Many children experience negative feelings about writing due to its difficulty and complexity. Negative feelings particularly focus on spelling, use of punctuation, ability write lengthy sentences, and to organise thoughts and ideas. Adults can help by being encouraging and focusing on ideas and content over the ‘correctness’ of the spelling and punctuation. Excessive emphasis on ‘correctness’ prevents many children from taking risks with new words and ideas.

* Teachers and adults have a major influence on children’s attitudes to writing. Unsurprisingly, students respond best to teachers who are enthusiastic. Support that is encouraging, provides direct assistance and specific tips for improving writing is also positively received. Helpful ways to do this include providing specific feedback around word choice, asking children to read work aloud to help them hear where changes are needed or helping them organise their ideas prior to writing. Parents can also reinforce this in the home to help build a positive attitude to writing.

* Finally, the study emphasised the importance of building on individual writing strengths and interests to build motivation and increase self-efficacy. It is important to only address one area for improvement at a time to stop children becoming discouraged.


Hopefully, there is a key takeaway for every parent to help their child develop (or maintain) a positive attitude to writing.


Source: Hall and Axelrod, (2014), “‘I am kind of a good writer and kind of not’: Examining Students’ Writing Attitudes” (Clemson University, USA)


Have a great week everyone!

Kerron Worsdell

Learning Specialist


Maths Riddle


Well done to those who attempted last week’s ‘Colour Maze’ challenge. The answer to the challenge is:

Here’s this week’s Maths Riddle. I’ll share the answer in the newsletter next week.

Open Box Challenge

A piece of cardboard is cut out and labelled as shown below. It is folded along the dashed lines and placed on a table so that the top of the box is open. Which letter is on the base that sits on the table?

Hint: If you are finding it difficult to visualise, try making your own paper cut out to solve the problem.


Extra Challenge: Draw other possible nets that could be folded to make the same box.


If you’d like to share your response or have your working out featured in our newsletter, please send your solutions to


On Monday August 8th, Sophie Li visited the grade five Deaf Facility students.  Sophie’s parents are famous ballet dancers and have both written books about their lives (Mao’s Last Dancer & Mary’s Last Dance).  Sophie was born profoundly deaf and they didn’t know about her deafness until she was 18 months old.  She learnt to speak using the oral method, which is what we have all learnt from.  This means she wore hearing aids and cochlear implants to hear speech.


It was an important visit for us because it means a lot to have a deaf role model to look up to and ask questions to.  We asked her about high school and the challenges of being deaf and what it is like to be a deaf adult.  She showed us her website, Sign How and showed us signs in all different languages and various apps that connect our implants and hearing aids to sound.


This is why it is so important to have deaf role models, to create a community and get to know each other well so we can all learn from each other and support one another for years to come. 


For more information about Sophie Li, watch the Australia Story about her life:

For more information about different sign languages all around the world, visit her website:


By 5JV Deaf Facility Students – Ruby, Tegan, Chloe, Josh, James, Xavier, Kyle, and Batun


Region T-Ball

Division T-Ball

In a proud moment for our school, both our Boys and Girls Teeball teams competed at the Northern Metro Region Teeball Championships for a place in the State Final.


Our girls played Marymede College in their first match and both teams got off to a nervous start, with our girls conceding 5 runs before clicking in to gear to score 7 of our own to lead the first innings 7-5. There was no stopping them after that with our girls piling on the runs to win 18-7. Next up was Willmott Park who had received a Wild Card entry to play. We again played strongly to run out winners 17-6 in three innings. Luckily we had a bye after this and were able to get a read on the next two teams were to play, however Rose BL appeared to be more focussed on her Dim-Sim. In the third game we played against a strong Preston team who wre very attacking, with the game in the balance at 10-8 after the second inning, but fortunately our girls lifted when Indianna B hit a huge home run and we ran out winners 17-9. It then came down to the final game against Gladstone Views to decide who would play in the State Final, as they too were undefeated. Everyone was expecting an arm-wrestle, however it was anything but that. In what was the most complete game I’ve had the pleasure of coaching in all of my years, our girls won 28-3 with only one out for the entire match! And with that, our girls were through to the State Final and celebrated accordingly with their hard earned pennant J


Our boys played against Marymede College in their first game and they started very well, coming from 6-7 behind in the first inning to then lead 9-7 by the third inning. However from there, Marymede managed to find their best form and ran out winners 21-10 in five innings. Next up was Willmott Park and out boys did not disappoint. In a high scoring match, they ran out strong winners 22-15 with lots of great hitting by all players. In the final game, they played Montmorency South. For the first two innings, neither team could get on top with the scores 8-11 at the start of the third inning. Unfortunately for us, they played a superb third inning getting us out for 0 whilst scoring 7 themselves to put the result to rest, eventually winning 25-13. Whilst I couldn’t be there to see their games myself as they were playing at the same moment as the girls, all the parents said they were so proud of their efforts and their fighting spirit. They did our school proud by placing 3rd overall and left in the knowledge that they did their very best.


Well done to both of our teams, I’m sure it was a day they’ll never forget!


Kind Regards,


Darren Peters

PE and Sports Coordinator

On the 1st of August, RGLPS hosted the Division Teeball Championship for both the Boys and Girls competitions.


Our girls played first against a superb St Anthony’s Alphington side who were very well trained once again (we often meet them at this level). It was once again a very tight arm wrestle with the scores 6-6, 8-8 after two innings. In the third inning our defence stood up strong and we managed to get them all out for zero, before we scoring 6 runs to take a 14-8 lead. Superb fielding from Gracie and Alia saw them out again for zero in the fourth inning leaving us with a target of 2 runs to put the result beyond doubt. With two girls on base, Audrey T smashed a home run into the teacher’s car park to clinch the game and send the girls into the Region Finals! Well done on a strong performance against a very tough opponent.


Our boys played Ivanhoe Primary School and I don’t think anyone could have predicted what was about to happen. Winning the toss and batting first, Joshua W and Toby W sent both of their hits deep into the outfield to score home runs; and it didn’t stop from then on. We won the first innings 7-0, extended the lead to 14-0 in the second, lead 21-3 in the third and finished the match with a 24-10 win. It was the best match they had played all season, with Luke E hitting his first home run, Eamonn N scoring another and both Ben S and Toby W scoring two of their own. It was an all-around superb team effort to clinch the win and send themselves through to the Region Finals – congratulations boys!


Kind Regards,


Darren Peters

PE and Sports Coordinator



I am very pleased to announce that Sam Phillips  (4SJ) has been selected for the Victorian Team to compete at the National Championships for Cross Country in Adelaide from the 26-29 of August. As this is an expensive undertaking for Sam’s family to travel interstate, we would like to hold a ‘Green and Gold’ out of uniform day to assist Sam with the cost involved. As Sam is going to Nationals, we thought it would be fun for students to wear Australia’s national colours!

Date: 16/8/22.

Dress: Green and/or Gold clothing.

Cost: Gold Coin Donation.

Thank you in advance for your support so that Sam can represent our school at the highest level.

Yours Sincerely,

Darren Peters

PE and Sports Coordinator


National Science Week is coming up soon.  In addition to their weekly Science lesson, RGLPS students are invited to come to the Science Room on Tuesday 16th and/or Thursday 18th  at 2pm for additional opportunities to participate in Science with this year’s theme of ‘glass’. 

At home, you might like to follow this link, pop in your postcode and find lots of free and amazing opportunities around Banyule   They do book out so be sure to grab a spot.

You might also like to check out the fantastic opportunities offered by Melbourne Museum:



Dear Parents

If you can help out any day – 11.30am -12.30pm Monday and Wednesdays, and especially, Fridays 9am – 10am or 11.30am -12.30am to help get lunches out on time in view of the new timetable this year.  Help would be much appreciated by Peta and myself.


Margaret Groves

Canteen Manager


Disclaimer: Rosanna Golf Links Primary School (RGLPS) does not endorse any product or service advertised in this newsletter. RGLPS takes no responsibility for the content of advertisements or the quality and reliability of products or services offered in the advertisements

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