There are no upcoming events.
There are no upcoming events.


We are already back into the full swing of things this term. Our 3-4 campers are currently on their way back from camp. We will all sleep well but an amazing time was had by all and we are already looking for how we improve our camping program further in 2023.

Transitioning to 2023

Don’t forget, if you would like to share some information regarding classroom placement for your child in 2023, the following procedure will assist us to support this process.

  •   – Upon our return to school children will be asked by their teachers to nominate children they would like to be with in 2023. Conversations will be had regarding what makes a good learning friend and the students will be able to nominate those friends who support their learning and reduce distractions. During the process the teachers will ensure that every child is with at least one of these.
  •   – Parent considerations are also collected and considered during this process. Often parents have specific insights into student need and this additional knowledge plays a significant part in how we structure our classes. These insights often include but are not limited to health, emotional or learning matters, peer or sibling relationships or changes in the home situation. Selecting a particular teacher does not fit within the realm of special circumstances. If parents want to provide extra personal information to be considered in the process please email the school office. Letters should be addressed to “The Principal” and reach the office no later than November 1st.
  •   – Classroom teachers will predict where students would be best suited based on learning, behavioural and social needs and any relevant information they have gathered throughout the year. All of this information will then be used to develop the 2023 classes with the use of Class Creator, a program that assists with the formulations of balanced grades.
  •   – Specialists will check the lists for any anomalies and then the leadership team will confirm grade placements.
  •   – Towards the end of term, children and their new teacher will have an opportunity to spend the whole day in their 2023 classroom and step up into the next grade level. The children and new teacher will complete an activity during this day notifying parents of their new grade.

COVID Updates

As you already know the Victorian Government has announced the end of the Pandemic Declaration and associated Pandemic Orders.

The following settings, based on advice from the Department of Health, will apply from 11.59pm Wednesday 12 October 2022.

It is strongly recommended that students:

  •    –  who test positive to COVID-19 stay home and isolate for 5 days
  •    –  should not attend school after 5 days if still symptomatic
  •    –  who are symptomatic but have not tested positive should not attend school
  •    – advise the school of the COVID-19 positive test result

Where students become symptomatic at school they should:

  •     – be collected by their parents/carers
  •     – undergo testing for COVID-19

As always, we thank our entire community for their continued support and understanding.

Take care,

Kirrily Lamers




Parking Changes

As communicated in last week’s newsletter, the parking restrictions have changed around the school and surrounding streets. The Banyule parking officers have been on site almost every day and have been issuing tickets. There are still many parents who are making U-turns in Interlaken parade. This is not a safe place to make a U-turn and it disrupts the traffic flow through the area.

Please try to use the ‘Kiss and Go’ zone effectively to help all of our school members drop off and pick up our students safely.

Love Science?

Do you have a child who is interested in Science? CSIRO produce a great publication called Double Helix Magazine. Well worth checking out if you like interesting articles, experiment ideas and amazing facts. They also offer a free newsletter called Double Helix Extra. Double Helix Extra is a FREE email newsletter for students, teachers and anyone with an interest in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Emails are released each fortnight and include a quiz, brainteaser, news and a hands-on activity.

To subscribe head here :

National Day for Deaf People

We are celebrating NWDP next week (the actual week is in the holidays). Monday will be a Free Dress Day to raise money for Sign How. There will be events held through the week. 

Luke Franklin

Assistant Principals


ICAS Cerificates

2022 ICAS certificates for Digitech, Science and English were presented to students achieving higher place certificates last assembly on Monday. Students awarded an ICAS participation certificate were presented with these by their classroom teacher.


ICAS higher placed certificates have been awarded as follows:

Parents can obtain more detailed ICAS results by logging in to the ICAS results portal at

See top left corner under ‘Portal’. Scroll down the page to ‘Student Results’ and use the TAP-ID and PIN on the bottom of the rear of your child’s certificate to login. Use the side bar menu to access the various ICAS results for your child and see how they answered each question.


Certificates for the ICAS Spelling Bee will be presented at assembly next Monday 17th October. Certificates for ICAS Writing and ICAS Mathematics are yet to arrive at the school and will be presented at a future assembly.

High Ability Learner Program (HALP)

All RGLPS Year 5/6 students who completed a High Ability Learner Program during Term 1, 2 or 3 will be presented with their participation certificates at assembly next Monday.


Congratulations to:

Term 1 2022

High Ability Learner Program (English) – Veronica Keogh, Laila Kent, Jack Buckely, Iona Smart

High Ability Learner Program (Mathematics) – Samuel Wilson, Marshall Henry, Lincoln Thomas


Term 2 2022

High Ability Learner Program (English) – Oliver Cornell, Maxine Stevens, Lucas Bunt, Lila Muller, Isabella Moy, Ella Mein, Eliza Innes, Chloe Pantalleresco, Ainsley Holmes

High Ability Learner Program (Mathematics) – Ellie Vukic, Sullivan Cassidy, Quentin Ryan, Lawson Parkman, Kyle Shum, Jed lLethlean, Avishi Rawat


Term 3 2022

High Ability Learner Program (English) – Antoni Bedon

High Ability Learner Program (Mathematics) – Sohum Baral

Term Newsletters - Term 4

A reminder that 2022 Term 4 Team Newsletters are now available for all year levels and specialist programs. These can be accessed via Compass under the Community Icon -> School Documentation -> Year Level Newsletters -> 2022 –> Term 4 2022 or through the Compass announcement.


Have a great week everyone!

Kerron Worsdell

Learning Specialist


Maths Riddle

Well done to those who attempted the ‘Pairing Numbers’ challenge from last week’s newsletter. The answer to the challenge is: 500 different pairs.

Here is this week’s Maths Riddle. I’ll share the answer in the newsletter next week.

Four Colour Cube Challenge
Mr Franklin has eight connector cubes. He has two red ones, two yellow, two blue and two green.

Hint: Use materials or visualise the cube. Drawing a model can help you to solve the problem.


Extra Challenge: How might a cube look if you wanted to repeat this challenge with a larger cube of 27 cubes (like a Rubik’s Cube)? What is the smallest amount of different colours needed for the problem to work?


If you’d like to share your response or have your working out featured in our newsletter, please send your solutions to


District Softball Round Robin

On Monday 10th of October, RGLPS hosted the first ever Softball Round Robin. In the past, Softball was played as an Inter School Sport but it was dropped in favour of Rounders as Softball Australia had changed many of the rules of the sport for the 2022 season. However, Heidelberg, Viewbank and RGLPS still wanted to play for the right to send a school through to the Division Finals from Heidelberg District and the Round Robin was organised. Our Girls Team played exceptionally well, winning 14-12 against Heidelberg and not needing to bat in the 3rd Inning and 26-7 against Viewbank with Viewbank not batting in the 3rd Inning because they could not pass our score even if they hit the maximum 12 runs in an inning. The Boys Team played a tough and hard fought match against Viewbank and were pipped 19-22 in the 3rd Inning, but recovered well to defeat Heidelberg in the final game (the score was not passed on to me). Congratulations to the Girls who finished 1st and will move on to the Division Finals next Tuesday at RGLPS where they will play St Mary’s (Greensborough) at 12:30pm for a place in the Region Finals and also to the Boys who finished in 2nd place! Thanks to Kirrily and Luke for allowing RGLPS to host the final for our District.

Northern Metropolitan Region Athletics

On Wednesday 12th of October, 11 of our students attended the NMR Athletics Finals for a shot at making the State Final. All of our students performed at their very best, with James V and Sam P coming 1st and booking their ticket to Lakeside Stadium next month. Jack P came 3rd in the Long Jump and all of our other students placed in the Top 10 which is such an incredible result! Thanks very much to the parents who drive our students there and good luck to Sam and James at the State Final!



Darren Peters

PE and Sports Coordinator


Space Wattle Planting

This week our Space Wattle team planted the 12 seeds into a mini-greenhouse to begin germination.  Six of the Australian Golden Wattle Seeds spent six months in micro-gravity on the Internation Space Station while the other six (from the same seed lot) remained on Earth.  


Once the seeds start to germinate, the team will be measuring and inputting data in the Space Seeds app.  This data will be collated along with another 200 schools and community groups conducting this citizen science project. 


Once the seedlings are mature enough, they will be transferred to the mulched area of the school footpath to Interlaken Parade in the ‘RGLPS Space Wattle Grove’ and continue to be monitored.  


Over months and years, we are looking to answer the investigation question of ‘Does micro-gravity cause any different in growth to wattle plants?’.



Thank you to our community who have already started to fundraise.

Students have received their sponsorship booklet and can now create their online profile at  Big prizes are up for grabs! Raise at least $10 and your child can choose from a selection of awesome prizes.



Dear Parents

Welcome back to canteen for Term 4, 2022.

Where has the year gone?

We are now using the ‘Summer Menu.’ It is on Flexischools and paper copies owe available at the front entrance to the school. Please note…we are not doing Fruit & Jelly Cups until the weather picks up.


I am sorry for the available food changing some times but we, like a lot of businesses at the moment, cannot get the stock required. I do congratulate your children for being very understanding when we ring them to change their orders.


In view of the unseasonal weather I have decided to keep the winter menu going for the next couple of weeks.

Morning recess:

Steamed Dim Sims:   $1.10each

Hot Chocolate:  $1.50

Warm Muffins: $1.50 each

Afternoon Recess:

Hot Chocolate:  $1.50 each

Warm Muffins:  $1.50 each

Unfortunately Hash Browns are not available at the moment.

Have a nice weekend.


Margaret Wallace


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