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It’s been an incredible week at Rosanna Golf Links Primary School! Our students have showcased their talent and determination in various events. Congratulations are in order for our swimming stars who excelled at the division competitions, with several students advancing to the regional finals. We’re also proud to have celebrated the International Day of Mathematics with enthusiasm, engaging the entire school in a day filled with exciting math tasks and challenges. Additionally, we’ve commenced NAPLAN testing for our Year 3 and 5 students, and we’re confident in their abilities to shine brightly. Well done to all our students for their hard work and achievements this week!

Annual General Meeting

Don’t forget that on March the 21st at 6:30pm we will be holding our Annual General Meeting. This meeting is held every year and is an open meeting for our community. During this meeting we present our Annual Report to the School Community. The 2023 report is presented at that time and will then be uploaded to our Website so that our entire community can access it.

Junior School Council and Sustainability Leaders

We welcome our 2024 Student Representative Council (SRC).

Congratulations and gratitude are sent to the following students.

Ava Jones

Lucas Nicolovski

Eva Munk

Charlie Pumpa

Kiera Ward-Browne

Evie Demeris

Sofia Meiliunas

Lorenzo Gigiloti

June Ransom

Layla Dzanovski

Sithmi Yaddehige

Max Dullens

Jayden Ly

Tilly Elderidge



Lilla Sheikh Saijadieh

Chester Kearny

Charles Munk

Rory Nolan

Ava Green

Charlie O’Connor

Jude Mitchell

Ivy Flanagan

Charlie Downes

Merrick Awan – Grimwood

Violet Gross

Ethan Hardie

Marlo Keenan

Gus Ransom

Liam O’Connor

Tarja Baumgartner

Archie Waterman

Pari Bedi

James Parrella

Ruby Ricardo

Ishara Jasic

Sienna Addis

Ella Mehan

Indigo Thomas

Mila Bell

Calliope Watson

Thanks are also extended to those who put their hand up to be Environment Leaders. 

Congratulations to the following students.

Keira Phillis

Tex Whisker

Dylan Chew

Lily Mulhall

Audrey Dowling

Matilda Yodgee

Henry Peasnell

Billie Hughes

Amelia Harris

Jenson Awan-Grimwood

Oliver Brewster

Evie Sheldon

Ayaansh Trivedi

Amna Sharif

Mia Sparrow

Arlo Browne

Jacob Arthur

Zahara Sibulo

Taz Fanson

Hazel Saunders-Brown

Amelia Trewern

Tom Fraser

Henry Gill

Zac Parrella

Heidi Kell

Caitia De Nicola

Charlotte Bux

Ethan Joyner

Mark Pelham

Lila Mertono

Mia Runco

Heidi Fray

Benjamin McGregor

Daniel Ding

Ryan Brennan

William Andrew

Cooper Malinas

Isla Manison

Mae Gross

Amy Parks

Ayaan Faizel

George Lahoar

It has been wonderful to see how many students take such an active interest in our school and the community we live in.

Cultural Diversity Week

Each year in March, Cultural Diversity Week brings together Victorians of all ages, cultural backgrounds and experiences to celebrate our state’s diverse multicultural communities.

This year, Cultural Diversity Week will run from Monday 18 March to Sunday 24 March.

The theme, ‘Our shared stories – celebrating together’, encourages everyone to recognise and celebrate the beautiful intersections that enrich our culturally diverse state.

As is our typical practice, RGLPS will engage in the celebration by teaching this content through our academic program.

Special Guest on Wednesday

Well my excitement is certainly building. Next Wednesday we have a few Carlton footballers visiting our Year 3 – 6 students. Make sure to wear your footy gear I will certainly be wearing mine.

Take care,

Kirrily Lamers



International Women's Day

Last week students celebrated International Women’s Day by doing classroom activities to learn about gender equality.

Thank you to all the teachers for organising engaging tasks for their students.

Each year in March, Cultural Diversity Week brings together Victorians of all ages, cultural backgrounds and experiences to celebrate our state’s diverse multicultural communities.


Victorians come from more than 300 different ancestries and collectively, we speak 290 languages. Cultural, linguistic and faith-based diversity is one of our greatest assets.


This year, Cultural Diversity Week will run from Monday 18 March to Sunday 24 March.


 The theme, ‘Our shared stories – celebrating together’, encourages everyone to recognise and celebrate the beautiful intersections that enrich our culturally diverse state.


This theme invites us to embark on a journey of collective reflection and vibrant celebration. It’s a chance to weave together the threads of our rich multicultural tapestry, honouring the stories of established and emerging communities alike.


As a school, we play a critical role in strengthening cultural inclusion in our community. We provide an environment where acceptance of diversity, knowledge of other cultures and understanding of global and local issues are developed and are part of everyday life.


By providing safe, inclusive and welcoming classrooms, we hope to help students feel a sense of belonging and connection to our school and the wider community.


Students will participate in a range of classroom activities throughout the week to celebrate Cultural Diversity Week.

Support Your Child's Education with 12 Months Free Internet at Home

The Australian Government has established the School Student Broadband Initiative to provide free home internet for one year for up to 30,000 eligible families with school-aged students.

The initiative aims to boost education opportunities. NBN Co is leading the rollout of this initiative across the country.

How the School Student Broadband Initiative can help your child

Children who can access online learning at home as part of their education are more likely to engage in classroom activities.

Access to fast internet at home can also support children to build their digital skills, learn how to safely use the internet and take part in a world that is more reliant on digital technology.


To be eligible, families must:

* have a child living at home enrolled in an Australian school in 2023

* not have an active National Broadband Network internet service at their home* (having a mobile internet service does not affect eligibility)

* live in a premises that can access the National Broadband Network through a standard connection. NBN Co will check this for you after you apply

* register interest with your school and complete a consent form to be assessed for eligibility.

*If an address has been disconnected within 14 days prior to an eligibility check – the address will be classified as ineligible. There may be cases where exceptions can be made, please contact the School Student Broadband Initiative team at to discuss further.

How the School Student Broadband Initiative works

If you are eligible, your home internet service will be provided at no cost for one year with a participating internet provider over the National Broadband Network. Each internet provider has its own step-by-step process to get you connected, which may involve you providing identification.

Once you sign up, the internet provider will help you set up your connection. The initiative does not include devices such as a computer or tablet. Other members of your household can use the internet service provided through this initiative.

The one-year period will start from the day your service is activated with your chosen provider. At the end of the one-year period, you will not be placed onto a paid service by your internet provider without your consent. The Australian Government is considering options beyond the one-year free period.

How to apply

* Ask your school for a copy of the School Student Broadband Initiative consent form.

* Complete the consent form and return to the school.

* NBN Co will use student address details on the consent form to confirm eligibility.

* If you are eligible, NBN Co will issue a voucher for your family to use to sign up with a participating internet provider. This will be provided to you by your school.

Please note: NBN Co will review the home address for eligibility. No personal information other than your main home address will be shared with NBN Co. Please see the consent form for details about how personal information will be used.

Find out more

For more information about the School Student Broadband Initiative, visit

Luke Franklin, Denisse Lobos & Cathie Sutton

Assistant  Princpial

Sarah McLellan

Learning Specialist


Time is Running Out to Join the School Band

If you haven’t already done so, please contact Michael and express your interest in your child joining the band program (available for grade 3s and 4s).


Final “Try the instrument sessions” will occur next week. Please email Michael if you would like your child to try an instrument or if you have any questions. RGLPS Concert band instruments may include Flute, Clarinet Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Percussion and Electric bass.


RGLPS has a long history of engaging students in music performance via our award-winning Concert band program.

This unique opportunity to play a musical instrument, learn to read music and follow a conductor in a large band, namely the Concert band is popular within schools and allows large numbers of students to participate, have fun and gain a variety of skills. Students experience the joy of performing music with additional benefits such as appreciation of teamwork, self-discipline, collaboration, a sense of belonging and community and making friends.


Our program consists of Senior, Intermediate, Junior and Training bands, each of which rehearse one morning per week before school at 7.30am. Beginning students join the Training band program which rehearses on Thursday mornings and small group instrument tutorials occur during the school day on various days.

9457 4178




Michael Rochford

Band Co-ordinator

Music Dept

Rosanna Golf Links Primary School

9457 4178


Next Friday is National Ride2School Day (Friday 22 March).


National Ride2School Day is Australia’s biggest celebration of active travel and is a great way to encourage children to be more active when travelling to school. Being active on the journey to school helps to create healthy habits for our students, and it’s good for the environment too! Riding, walking, scooting or skating to school means there are fewer cars on the road, which results in a reduction in noise pollution, energy use and carbon emissions.


We would like to see as many students as possible take on the challenge to walk, ride, scooter or skate to school next Friday. If you live too far away from school to actively travel the whole way, part way is okay. Stop the car a few blocks before the school and walk, ride, scooter or skate the rest of the way. Every little bit helps you and the environment.



Division Swimming Championship



Canteen Special

Tropical Chicken Burger      $7.50

      – Crumbed chicken burger served in a bun with coleslaw and pineapple.


We require someone to fulfill a position we have available for a First Aid Officer during the hours of 10.30 am and 3.00 pm, Monday to Friday commencing 15th April, 2024 until 20th January, 2025. 

The successful applicant will be responsible for all first aid duties during those times.  If you have any questions please contact Betty Horan on 9459 0732.


Disclaimer: Rosanna Golf Links Primary School (RGLPS) does not endorse any product or service advertised in this newsletter. RGLPS takes no responsibility for the content of advertisements or the quality and reliability of products or services offered in the advertisements

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