TERM 3 2020
There are no upcoming events at this time.
There are no upcoming events at this time.


Term 3 has been a very different term of learning for our wonderful young people and though it was not what we were expecting we still celebrated some wonderful milestones. We worked with our families and students through feedback platforms to reset our online learning and enhanced the program as a result. We consulted with our key stakeholders around class structures and slightly altered our 2021 plans to better suit the community need. We even managed to keep our students together during these times apart through the Webex platform. Now it is time to enjoy a little break and really focus on our wellbeing. We hope everyone has a wonderful rest and we look forward to returning students in Prep – Year 2 on the 12th of October and are quite hopeful that the rest of the students will follow on shortly after that.

Roadmap to a School Return

As the numbers decline we are hopeful that a return to onsite learning will be possible for all students however until we hit certain numerical targets we are unable to provide further clarity around dates. I will continue to update you all through Compass as things change but the dates below are what we have certainty around.

5 – 9 October (first week of Term 4)

Remote and flexible learning will continue for all students, except in specialist schools in rural and regional Victoria.
On-site supervision for children of permitted workers and vulnerable students will continue to be provided consistent with existing guidelines. We do require new permitted workers permits for those in this category and the usual school application form. Please send these documents if you have not already done so.

From 12 October

Students in Prep to Grade 2 return to full-time on-site schooling. The existing remote learning program will not continue for these year levels.
Students in specialist schools return to full-time on-site schooling. Schools can offer learning materials for students who continue to learn from home. This includes students enrolled in our Deaf Facility. Please contact Thom Jackson if your child is a Year 3 – 6 student enrolled and the Deaf Facility to organize onsite supervision if you would like to access this option.

Date subject to health advice

All students from Grade 3 to Year 10 in metropolitan Melbourne will continue with remote and flexible learning. A date for the return of these year levels to face-to-face learning will be subject to further health advice.

During the staged return, outside school hours care will be available to students attending for on-site supervision and progressively for the relevant year levels returning to on-site learning.

Vacation care may operate during the school holidays but only for students who are eligible for on-site supervision at school in Term 3.

Repeating a Year Level

During our COVID lockdown it is only natural that some parents might be considering asking if their child is able to repeat the year of schooling. DET policy around repeating a year does not recommend this at any time as there is damning evidence around the negative impacts for academic achievement, social wellbeing, self-esteem, engagement and school retention. A summary of recent research, ‘Evidence for Learning, The Education Endowment Foundation (2020). Repeating a year, is found below.

  • In the majority of cases, year level repetition is harmful to a student’s chances of academic success.
  • Repeating a year level has greater negative effects for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Repeating a year is likely to lead to greater negative effects when used in the early years of primary school, for culturally and linguistically diverse students, or for students who are relatively young in their year group.
  • Students who repeat a year make an average of four months’ less academic progress over the course of a year than students who progress to the next year level.
  • Students who repeat a year are unlikely to catch up with peers of a similar level who move on, even after completing an additional year’s schooling.

If you would like to read some of the journal articles regarding the impacts of grade retention please contact the school and I will organise this for you.

It is with great optimism that I say enjoy the holiday break and we will see you all very shortly.

Take care,



Kirrily Lamers




What a huge term it has been. The school community has worked tirelessly from home and school to support our students through this unique period of time. I wish to say a huge thank you to all of our parents, students, teachers and staff for your amazing work. I am very grateful to be working with this community to ensure our students receive an amazing education and experience as they move through our school. Parents, your contribution in supporting your children each day is appreciated and valued by all at the school. Well done on a great job.

Changes to Live teaching times and days for Years Three to Six.

The first week of Term 4, starting Monday the 5th of October will be remote and flexible learning for all students across our school. Prep to Year Two students will continue with the existing days and times as has happened this term.

From Monday the 5th of October our years three to six classes will move to a new timetable for live lessons and Seesaw days.

Years 3 – 6 Schedule

Live learning and Seesaw times

3/4         Live learning – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

               Seesaw Thursday and Friday

5/6         Live Learning – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

               Seesaw – Monday and Tuesday


If possible try to take a break over the holiday period. It is important to take some time to restore your health and reconnect with your family. I know it’s been a challenging term and if like me a bit of a push with your kids at times. It is important to look after your mental health and continue to build positive relationships with others around you. The following link contains loads of information and practical ideas you could try.

Luke Franklin

Assistant Principal



Assessment and Reporting

The Department of Education and Training have now provided schools with information about reporting requirements for Semester Two 2020.


All schools will be required to provide students with a written Semester Two report for English and Mathematics which includes:

  • a short description of what was taught
  • a teacher judgement against the Victorian Curriculum using a 5-point scale 
  • report progress from the last time that curriculum area was reported on.

Progress against other curriculum areas (including specialist subjects) must provide:

  • a short description of what was taught and can either:
  • include a teacher judgement against the Victorian Curriculum using a 5-point scale
  • a short comment on progress.


  • All students must also receive a comment on student progress and engagement during remote and flexible learning.

Our teaching staff are currently working through these requirements and consulting around those aspects of Semester Two reporting which are a local school decision. I will continue to provide reporting updates next term when the structure and content of our Semester 2 2020 Reports is finalised.


'R U OK Day?' - Wednesday 16th September 2020

I hope that all students and families enjoyed the respite from Live Learning and Remote Learning tasks on the whole school ‘Wellbeing Day’ on Wednesday. As a staff, we are well aware that many students and families are struggling with their mental health and the challenges of the lockdown. We were happy to provide a means for everyone to take a break and acknowledge the request of our Year 5/6 leaders to recognise ‘R U OK Day?’

ICAS 2020

Due to the extension of remote and flexible learning, UNSW have extended the second ICAS sitting window in Victoria until mid-November. Given this, I have rescheduled the 2020 ICAS tests once again. These new ICAS testing dates will hopefully enable ICAS for all participating year levels to be conducted onsite at school rather than need to be supervised from home. This will also eliminate the significant challenges around administering ICAS remotely. 


The new ICAS dates are as follows:

Friday 6th November 2020                  ICAS Digital Technologies

Friday 6th November 2020                  ICAS Science

Tuesday 10th November 2020            ICAS English

Tuesday 10th November 2020            ICAS Mathematics

Friday 13th November 2020                ICAS Spelling Bee


Please note that the Parent Payment Portal for ICAS registrations for 2020 remains closed.

Term 4 2020 Year Level and Specialist Team Newsletters

Year Level and Specialist Team Newsletters will be released during week 2 of Term 4 2020. This postponement provides teams with additional time to plan for a combination of remote learning and return to school tasks, as per the Victorian Government Coronavirus Reopening Roadmap. Thank-you for your understanding around this. 

I hope everyone enjoys a relaxing break from remote and flexible learning. Looking forward to seeing our Prep – Year 2 students back onsite in week 2.

Kerron Worsdell 

Teaching and Learning Coach


Dear Deaf Facility Families,

Thank you for your ongoing support for your children, our teachers of the deaf and our school.  Your positivity, support and engagement means that together we have been able to make the best of a not ideal situation.  We understand the complexities of remote learning for our Deaf Facility students, and tried to make modifications and adjustments, so all of our children could be successful.  As you know, our teachers of the deaf have done a great job working tirelessly to support your child’s education.  Next term, we welcome all our Deaf Facility students onsite from Week Two.  I will be in contact during the first week with more information about what that looks like for our children.

Again, thank you for your work and support.  Have a safe and relaxing holidays, ready for Term Four.

Thom Jackson

Deaf Facility Co-Ordinator


In Term 3, our Grade 1 and 2 students have been working hard during remote learning to continue developing their writing skills. We’ve been learning about making our writing more descriptive, and working through the ‘Writing Process’ of planning, writing, editing and publishing our work. Here are some examples of the wonderful work they have been producing, despite the challenges of not being in the classroom!

To view each writing piece, please click on the image and it will be expanded.


Don’t forget, you can view each image individually by clicking on the image.

MORE Amazing Nick Cave Sound Suits (Grades 3-6)

FOOD ART - by our Fabulous Preps



Dear Parents and Students,

It has been great to see the enthusiasm amongst the students who uploaded their course for the ‘RGL Ninja Warrior’. I have seen basketballs, ten pin bowling, golf, kettle bells, push ups, cartwheels, downward dogs, chalk mazes and not touching the ground the whole way around the house! I’d like to thank you for your support this term in assisting your child to participate to the best of their ability in these trying circumstances. Knowing that our families may have a little or a lot of sporting equipment and that some families have a large backyard or no backyard at all, it has been great to see how you have been able to make PE work for your children so they continue to be fit and active. It has been a pleasure to watch their skills improve through the laptop screen and get to know their little personalities.

I have had a few parents ask what simple things they can do with their child over the holidays to keep active. I think that throwing and catching with a small ball (tennis, baseball, cricket ball) or with a large ball (basketball, netball) is an excellent skill to practice as it is used across so many of our popular sports. Riding a bike through the Rosanna Parklands is great for fitness, as well as teaching your child the road rules for future reference in case they decide to ride to primary or secondary school by themselves. YouTube is also a great resource that your child can use independently if you are working – does your child want to improve their basketball/soccer/netball/AFL skills? There are thousands of tuition videos made by top coaches online, so get them clicking! Lastly, the sports we play in Grade 6 for Inter School Sport are AFL, Netball, Teeball in Term  2 and Soccer, Bat Tennis and Softball in Term 3; ask your child what they might like to do when they reach that year level and practice the skills required for that sport as knowing they are working toward this will motivate them.

In the School Sport Victoria Virtual Track and Field competition, I would like to congratulate Zoe Lethlean, Imogen Burns, Indigo Burns and Jensen Ward for completing many of the events! RGL is currently 16th of 215 competing schools in Victoria. A special shout out to Freya Wilson, Marshall Henry and Niamh Henry who were featured on the SSV Facebook Page competing in their events. However, the biggest news is that Emily Sellwood and Ava Schivo are currently in 1st Place for the major prize in the 11-13 year olds and 5-10 year olds respectively! They both have the most entries so far and will win a $50 prize pack if they are still in the lead by October 30th – good luck girls!

If your child would like to compete in this online competition, here are the links below:

School Sport Victoria Virtual Track and Field.

If you would like to see the different events, follow this link

If you would like to enter your scores, follow this link

If you would like to see where you have placed, follow this link

Looking forward to seeing the 1/2s early next term and the 3/4, 5/6s soon after!

Kind Regards,

Darren Peters

PE and Sports Coordinator



In light of the difficulties faced by many families this year, the Minister for Education has extended the eligibility date to qualify for CSEF to 5 October 2020, with applications to be submitted prior to 27 November. If you have any of the below listed Concession Cards, please contact Kaylene in the office or email so an application can be submitted on your behalf.

Applicants must hold a Centrelink Health Care Card in their name, or be an eligible beneficiary of a Veterans Affairs Gold Card or be a Temporary Foster Carer.

The eligibility date on the card must be no later than 5 October 2020. Families who are eligible for the later eligibility date will receive 50% of the standard primary school rate, so $62.50 per child.

In addition to the extension of the eligibility date, the Minister is also allowing the funds to be used for school fees or voluntary school charges for the remainder of 2020.



Recipe Share

Hi RGLPS families,

Have you had time to cook up some amazing recipes during iso?    We would love it if you would share your favourites with our community.  If you have a great recipe, please send it, with a photo of your masterpiece, to Deb at and we will get it into the newsletter for everyone to try out.





Unfortunately, we are unable to run lunch time clubs at this time.


Disclaimer: Rosanna Golf Links Primary School (RGLPS) does not endorse any product or service advertised in this newsletter. RGLPS takes no responsibility for the content of advertisements or the quality and reliability of products or services offered in the advertisements

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