Newsletter –  19 August 2022


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As I write today the sun is shining. We all hope that this is a good indication that our 2022 winter season of sickness is coming to a close. I must say, that as principal of the school I have done some reflection this week and feel incredibly proud of our staff, students, and community. We have had some challenges, but we have all pulled together and persisted in pursuing our improvement goals despite these setbacks. Significant work has been undertaken by all members of our community to ensure that gains have been made in both the learning and wellbeing spaces. The resilience displayed by all has been wonderful to see. I am sure that the work done during this tough period will help us to shine even brighter in the future.

'Book Week' Assembly - Monday 22nd August at 9am

We are so excited that our ‘Book Character Dress Up Parade’ Assembly is finally here and will take place next Monday!

All RGLPS students are invited to dress as their favourite literary character and show their costumes off at our parade on Monday at 9am. We will have prizes for the most creative costume in every year level. Parents – please take note of the earlier time for our assembly of 9am. This is deliberate to ensure that Book Week costumes are looking at their best. We would love to see lots of parents/carers joining in the fun on Monday!

During Book Week, all RGLPS classes will take part in the Library Quiz organised by Helen during their library session. Classes will also explore books nominated for the Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards throughout the week. 

Nude Food

RGLPS is a five star rated Sustainable School. As part of our Sustainability Policy, we endeavour to minimise our waste output as well as water and energy use.

We have a Nude Food policy in place which simply means sending in lunchboxes/recess food without packaging. Our school Environment Captains and Leaders will be re-introducing the daily audit/competition to see which classes can have the most rubbish-free lunchboxes.

We would love your support in this by using reusable food packaging items and cutlery wherever possible. Any rubbish that would go into landfill or soft-plastics recycling is counted as single use rubbish.

Also, to ensure hard plastics such as lunch boxes and water bottles  are not lost unnecessarily, can you please ensure ANY hard plastics for food storage is labelled with your child’s name.

Thanks for your participation as we endeavour to minimise our waste and increase our sustainability efforts.

Best regards,

Ms Wheeler and Jay Lin


Alterations to Traffic Conditions

As part of our occupational health and safety regulations we are mandated to have a traffic management plan in place to support student, staff and community safety. As we have a large carpark on site, safety requirements are embedded into our traffic management plan. Please note that the school car park is out of bounds for students at all times. Our risk assessment measures have determined that visibility during the morning and afternoon rush make it unsafe for students to be walking behind reversing vehicles. The front entrance is wide and supported by stable footpath. Please use the front or back entrances to get into the school.

On a related note, this is a reminder that the Banyule council have been working with the school to make sure the roads surrounding the school are safe for all the little people who come through our gates. This has resulted in a change to traffic conditions. Please read below to understand the Kiss & Go changes.

Cross Country Nationals

A big thank you to our school community for supporting Sam Phillips (4SJ) in his bid to run cross country for Victoria at the National Championships. Sam will travel to Adelaide, with he support of his family, to compete.  The RGLPS community raise $740.00, through our Green and Gold dress up day, to help Sam on his way.  Good luck Sam!!! 

Take care,

Kirrily Lamers




Bring Your Own Device Program Consultation

We have been collecting feedback on the introduction of our BYOD program for 2023. Currently, we are still needing more families to complete the survey (particularly those with children in Years 2-5) to help us in making a decision or adjusting our ideas about this program. We would like to encourage our families to contribute to this survey if you have not done so already.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Please be mindful that our pickup and drop-off area can get very, very busy. It is important that you use this area in the way it was designed. Please drive slowly and carefully, move forward if there is space and move off immediately after dropping off your child. Also, please don’t make U-turns in the area. It is too narrow and holds up the flow of traffic. If all community members keep this in mind, it will help the overall situation with traffic.

Bullying and Cyberbullying

The module in the link below was developed in partnership with Andrew Fuller (clinical psychologist and student wellbeing specialist). It has been developed to help parents understand, recognise and manage bullying and cyberbullying behaviours. I sat and completed this earlier in the week and found it a great refresher as a parent to remind me what to look for and how to discuss these issues with my own kids.

Luke Franklin

Assistant Principals


Every child deserves and healthy smile

Smile Squad hits the road in Banyule – Rosanna Golf Links Primary School

All children deserve a healthy smile and the Smile Squad are coming to Banyule – Rosanna Golf Links Primary School to help make sure this happens.

Smile Squad is the exciting new State Government program that will provide free, high quality dental care to all Victorian public primary and secondary school students.

Smile Squad is set to improve the oral health of more than 650,000 children, saving families both time and money, and all without having to leave the school grounds.

Smile Squad dental vans will provide free examinations and treatment including teeth cleaning, fluoride applications, fillings and any other non-cosmetic treatments to make sure our young people have healthy teeth.

Smile Squad is staffed by experienced oral health therapists, dental therapists, dental assistants and dentists. They all have extensive experience treating children and a passion for improving their oral health – for life.

Learn more about the Smile Squad by visiting or contact the team at


'2022 RGLPS Arts and Writing Festival' - Monday 5th September

It is just over two weeks now until our ‘2022 RGLPS Arts and Writing Festival’. The Festival will be launched on Monday 5th September @6pm in the Hall and every RGLPS student has created writing and artwork for the Festival.


Family and friends are welcome to attend the Opening Ceremony or to drop into the exhibition for a closer look throughout the Festival week.

'Author Talks' Incursions

A reminder that RGLPS is hosting professional author presentations and workshops for all students during the ‘Arts and Writing Festival’. The charge per student is $10. Please note that these ‘talks’ are an addition to the curriculum and are completely optional events.

Prep – Year 2
Prep – Year 2 students will enjoy two 50 min interactive presentations with authors Sue de Gennaro and Maria La Selva.

  • Maria La Selva presentations for Prep – Year 2:                                   Monday September 6th
  • Sue de Gennaro presentations for Prep – Year 2:                                Wednesday September 7th

Year 3/4
Each Year 3/4 class will enjoy a 60-minute Writing Workshop with author Andrew McDonald.

  • Andrew McDonald Writing Workshops (Year 3):                                   Tuesday September 6th
  • Andrew McDonald Writing Workshops (Year 4):                                   Monday September 5th

Year 5/6
Author Davina Bell will hold a 60-minute Writing Workshop for each Year 5/6 class.

  • Davina Bell Writing Workshops (Year 5):                                                 Monday September 5th
  • Davina Bell Writing Workshops (Year 6):                                                Thursday September 8th

Further information on each author is available on the Compass event. Consent and payment is needed by August 31st.

Tournament of Mind 2022 (TOM)

The seven students in the 2022 RGLPS Tournament of Mind team will compete at the Northern Metro Regional Final at La Trobe University, Bundoora this Sunday 21st August. The TOM team comprises of the following Year 5/6 students: Ainsley H, Eva L, Laila K, Jade D, Ella M, Allie G and Lawson P.


We wish the TOM Team the best of luck in their presentations for both their Long Term Challenge ‘Circles of Time’ and the Spontaneous Challenge. 

2002 ICAS

ICAS tests continue over the next few weeks. Next week, we have the ICAS Science and ICAS Spelling Bee.  Please be aware that there is a strict one week sitting window for each ICAS so it may not always be possible to hold a makeup test if your child is absent on the scheduled  ICAS test date.


Remaining ICAS dates for registered students:

ICAS Science – Tuesday 23rd August @9:50am

ICAS Spelling Bee – Friday 26th August @9am

ICAS Mathematics – Tuesday 30th August @9:50am


Have a great week everyone!

Kerron Worsdell

Learning Specialist


Maths Riddle


Well done to those who attempted last week’s ‘Open Box’ challenge. The answer to the challenge is: C

Here’s this week’s Maths Riddle. I’ll share the answer in the newsletter next week.

Tile Painting Challenge

I painted 9 tiles with white, black and grey as shown below. I want to add some blue tiles also. What is the smallest number of tiles I need to paint blue if I do not want any adjacent (side by side) tiles to be the same colour?

Hint: Use trial and error or draw a picture to colour.


Extra Challenge: What if I only had black, white and grey paint? How many tiles would I need to repaint so that no adjacent squares are the same colour?


If you’d like to share your response or have your working out featured in our newsletter, please send your solutions to



From our building works and COVID, we haven’t had much of an opportunity to get together as a Deaf Facility.  It’s nice to develop our community again, by introducing Deaf Facility assemblies.  Last week we held our first Deaf Facility assembly.  We are aiming to have one or two a term, to celebrate our successes and further develop our community.  It was a good opportunity to socialise with other deaf or hard of hearing people, have other deaf and hard of hearing role models, people to look up to, develop a community and get to know each other better.  We congratulated Sam for making it to Nationals for cross country and played games to get to know each other better.  Hopefully at the end of the term, we can have a family picnic after school to help our parents network with other families too.





Hi Parents,


The school was awash with Aussie Green and Gold on Tuesday to help raise funds for the Phillips family to take their son, Sam to the Australian Cross Country Championships in Adelaide. I am very pleased to say that the office counted a total of $740 to help Sam on his way! Thank you to all of the generous families that donated today to help a little boy live his dream.


Kind Regards,


Darren Peters

PE and Sports Coordinator


Dear Parents

You will notice goods going on and off the menu.  This is because our suppliers are having trouble getting stock and or staff.  Thank you for your understanding.

Please note…. if you get a “Money Owed Notice” from the canteen please pay ASAP.  Thank you to the people who have paid up so far.



Margaret Groves

Canteen Manager


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