There are no upcoming events at this time.


There are no upcoming events at this time.


It's hayfever season!!

Please remember if your child suffers from hay fever (itchy, sore eyes, sneezing, rash etc) please administer their antihistamine medication prior to coming to school in the morning.  Unfortunately many children are suffering from the effects of hay fever which is concerning for our staff and students. 

1000 Books before School

The 1000 Books Before School program is designed to help parents and carers make reading a regular part of their routine, supporting them to reach the milestone of reading 1000 books with their child before school. The program is a great way to track a child’s reading progress and work towards building important literacy skills. Parents and carers can register at participating local libraries, or the State Library of Victoria.

For more information, see:

Curriculum Day Reminder - Friday 13th December

The focus for our curriculum day is to work on the implementation of the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support framework (PBS). PBS is a whole-school framework which provides school professionals with an approach to promote improved behaviour at their school. PBS has been developed from evidence and data, demonstrating the most effective ways to prevent and respond to problem behaviour at school. Research has shown that PBS is successful in reducing problem behaviour, improving school culture, and increasing academic performance. Part of the implementation process will include revising our school values and exploring ways to increase consistency when responding to problem behaviours. Our students will play a major role in this four year commitment to our PBS framework. In the next couple of weeks, you will see a link in the newsletter to complete a very short survey asking for your input.

Moving Day is coming up – Tabloid Sports Day – Monday 16th December

In a couple of weeks teachers will be moving into their 2020 rooms. The children will go with their current teachers to this new room and remain there for the last few days of school, which will allow staff to begin setting up and organising their room for next year. To assist our staff to move safely we would very much appreciate any trolleys and time to help teachers move on that day. Please label your items and let Denisse Lobos or Luke Franklin know if you are able to bring your trolley and/or help on that day.


Also, the canteen will organising to make special subrolls for lunch that day. More information to follow.

Classes for 2020

Over the past few weeks we have been working on the classes for next year. These are now very close to being finalised. Our total enrolment for 2020 will be 550 students.

The structure for 2020 is as follows:

  • Foundation x 4 (average class size 21)
  • Level 1/2 x 7 (average class size 24)
  • Level 3/4 x 6 (average class size 26)
  • Level 5/6 x 6 (average class size 24)

Please be assured that a lot of thought has been put into both the class structure and the allocation of students into these classes, taking into account academic needs, friendship groupings and special considerations in terms of student learning. Input by the teachers who know the children well has contributed to the final placement of students.


Based on student feedback, we have scheduled an additional Meet the Teacher session as part of our transition process. The following sessions will take place in the coming weeks:


Wednesday 27th November – Whole School Step Up @ 10:00am – 11:00am

Purpose: For students to build resilience and confidence by going out of their comfort zone, meeting new teachers, making new friends and familiarising themselves with unfamiliar environments.


Wednesday 11th December – Meet the Teacher # 1 @ 12:30pm – 1:40pm

Purpose: For students to meet their teacher and familiarise themselves with their peers and their 2020 learning environment.  


Wednesday 18th December – Meet the Teacher # 2 @ 12:30pm – 1:40pm

Purpose: A further opportunity for students to meet their teacher and familiarise themselves with their peers and their 2020 learning environment.  


Denisse Lobos
Acting Principal



We would like to extend a huge thank you to Adam Young. A parent of the school who is also a builder with over 25 years experience.

He offered to give up his time and expertise to help the school out and complete the deck on the 3/4 portables. The project has been on our list of works to be completed for quite a while now. It is now complete and looking amazing.


We would also like to thank Rex Paine Timber ( for their generosity in proving the timber at a fantastic price.

It is wonderful to see such amazing support and generosity towards our amazing school.


All we can say is thank you. We are spoilt having such amazing parents and support in our school community.


Luke Franklin

Assistant Principal

Rosanna Golf Links Primary School



We are planning on putting together some hampers for our Christmas raffle, to be drawn at our school carol’s night.  If it brings you joy to donate towards this, we are accepting new toys, gourmet food or other relevant items.  Please send these items to the office if you would like to contribute. 

Mango Drive - Confirmation of Delivery Date

We have had confirmation that our mangoes will be delivered on Tuesday 26th November.  As yet we do not have a time for the delivery but will keep you informed.  At this stage we will say that mangoes will be available for collection on Wednesday 27th.  Mangoes will need to be collected by an adult, we will not send them home with the students.  

If you have ordered mangoes but have not paid to date, you will be required to pay prior to collection.  

We have ordered several extra trays of mangoes, so if you missed out and would now like one, please approach us on the day.


Please click on the link below to access the chicken survey:





Assessment and Reporting

It is certainly a busy time of year. While making preparations for 2020 are underway, teachers are also busy finalising Semester Two 2019 reports and assessments. Please note that Semester Two reports will be released to parents via Compass on December 18 2019.

Progress Reports on the RGLPS Essential Learnings continue to be pushed out by classroom and specialist teachers. Please remember to regularly check Progress Reports and evidence of student learning uploaded to Seesaw for an indication on how your child is progressing in their learning.


Progress Reports 2020

The school has been collecting feedback on our move to Progress Reports in 2019 and is planning significant improvements to the delivery and process around Progress Reports for the 2020 school year. Our Essential Learning ‘I can’ statements have been reviewed and in many cases will be adjusted for 2020 to improve the process for both parents and teachers. It is anticipated that these changes will make accessing and understanding Progress Reports more user friendly for parents to access and understand and be less time consuming for teachers to complete. Information about these upcoming improvements will be shared in upcoming newsletters and via Compass updates.


Supporting your child with home reading

RGLPS students achieve high outcomes in reading. In addition to our excellent teaching, parent behaviours in the home support students in achieving these impressive results. Ways to promote and support your child’s reading include:

  • Modelling being a committed and enthusiastic reader. Research indicates that children who grow up with parents who are avid readers gain a love of reading and become avid readers themselves. Let your child see you reading books, newspapers, journals, magazines and reading online. Talk about how excited you are to read a new novel or article. Generate excitement and a ‘buzz’ around reading for leisure.
  • Keep a variety of books and reading material in the home. As a family, consider visiting a local library on a regular basis to refresh and replenish reading material in the home.
  • Draw attention to interesting things that you read. Share interesting facts or quotes from the newspaper or magazines; share a fascinating word you come across; draw connections between your experiences, the world and your reading and pose questions or comment on your reading. The aim is to help children learn the value in reading for entertainment and also to inform or persuade.
  • Model the universal importance of reading. Help your child understand how being a capable and critical reader is essential to many professions and to our modern lives. We need to be able to read street signs, forms, food labels, instruction manuals, emails, newspapers, images, text messages, social media messages to get by every day. Many professions require workers who can read complex information, read critically, infer and synthesize information or interpret graphics for their daily work. Reading is a critical life skill – help your child understand this.   
  • Discuss your child’s reading goals with them and help them practice at home.
  • When reading with your child, have a conversation with them about the text. Ask questions, draw inferences, summarise, make connections, ask and answer questions. Here are some types of questions you might use to talk about your child’s reading with them:
    • What do you think is going to happen next?
    • How would you describe the character? Do you like them? Why/why not?
    • What would you tell this character if you could speak to them? Why?
    • What is the problem in this story? How do you think they will resolve the problem?
    • What do you think the author is trying to make you think about?
    • What is the most important information or fact in this chapter?
    • What does this information remind you of?
    • Do you agree with what the author is trying to say?


Remember the aim is to build enthusiasm for reading so keep discussions conversational not interrogative. These parent behaviours and practices make a significant different to your child’s attitude to reading long term. Remember as always, if you need additional information about how to support your child’s reading, speak to their classroom teacher.


Happy Reading everyone!

Kerron Worsdell

Teaching and Learning Coach

RGLPS Play Group


Save the Date - End of Year OSHC Family Pizza Picnic

Wednesday 5th December.

Come along and catch up with other OSHC families and educators.  Please bring along a picnic rug, drinks and snacks


Please RSVP by Friday 29th November.


Dear OSHC parents



Please note that there will be compass notifications  asking for your consent for Theircare to transfer your families details over to their system.  In December you will well receive a notification from Theircare asking for you to check and update your families profile and add your 2020 OSHC bookings.



Please note that there will be a Pupil Free day on Friday the 13th December. You can book online,  message or email me if you are wanting to book. Please remember there are 3 sessions to book in:

Before care

Day session

Aftercare – depending on your needs. Please book by Monday 2nd December.


Account can be paid by cash, cheque, EFT facility and direct deposit is available.

Payments can be made in OSHC during OSHC hours or at the School Office, during school hours (if you make a payment at the office please have your invoice with you).


The Direct Deposit details are:

BSB: 063 233

Account number: 1005 3825

Please note that you must include that this is an OSHC payment and your family name when processing a payment this way. This is to ensure the payment is forwarded to the program from the office.

If you have any question please feel free to contact OSHC via email, mobile or in person


From the OSHC team



Prep – Grade 2 Smoothie Day – orders close on Flexischools at 9.30am Friday.  NO LATE ORDERS WILL BE TAKEN.



Thank you to Kate for offering to help on Monday 12-2pm, but we still need a couple more volunteers if possible and if you have a blender you can bring along that would be great.

If you can help out please give me a call on 0438585323.

Thank you in advance.



Thank you to all our canteen volunteers.

If you require a change to the roster please contact Margaret in the canteen. 

Thank you.

  Margaret Groves



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