Newsletter – 22 August 2019


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Congratulations and Thank You

Congratulations and a huge thanks to our English Strategic Team which is wonderfully lead by Cathie Sutton and Annie Unger. Our Writer’s Festival was an amazing success with other schools and writing consultants remarking at our children’s knowledge and understanding of writing conventions and their use of powerful strategies. Our Book Parade and dress up day on Tuesday was outstanding and the level of detail in the costumes was outstanding. Pens Down Wednesday and the staff pantomime was such a wonderful celebration and the memories made by our children (at the expense of our staff) will be forever more. What a week!

While we are on ‘Thanks’, THANK YOU to our facilities team and the working bee on Sunday. A huge shout out to the staff and families that attended and managed to get a power of work done. Our facilities are truly second to none and it is wonderful to share with our community the love of our facilities. We have awesome spaces which are enjoyed by all. Please if you haven’t made it along to a working bee, we would love to have your support. Also to the staff that worked tirelessly on Sunday to set up for the Writer’s Festival, you know you’re amazing.

Now to our sporting prowess! Congratulations to our Girl’s Tee Ball team who won Region and are off to the State Championships. I was reminiscing with Mr Peters and we believe this must be a Golf Links first. Well done and can’t wait to see you bring it home at State. Good luck!

Well done to our Hoop Time Boys who were also winners last week and have made it through the Regional Finals. Great work also to our Rookie Girls who also went through undefeated. Mr Brunelli was definitely a proud coach. Thank you to our ever awesome parents that went and supported.

Please head over to our official Facebook private Golf Links group to watch the full video and photos of these events.

Making the Most of Screen Time

You can use the same questions you might ask your child during Book Chat to discuss TV programs (such as cartoons) or films that you watch together. Understanding visual media is a key element of your child’s literacy.


There are also a number of great games on the internet to help engage your child in reading.


These games include:

  • Phonics games that improve reading and letter sound awareness. Phonics involves sounding out individual sounds in a word, and then putting these sounds together to make the word.
  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling games.
  • Vocabulary games.


Here is a short list of good websites to help begin your online search for games and other resources:

Grade Placement for 2020

At this stage, we have not assigned teachers to grade levels for next year, and in fact still need to select a few teachers to fill those roles next year. There are no guarantees that teachers currently teaching at certain grade levels will be teaching there next year, as leadership needs to take into consideration a range of factors including the different experience of our teaching staff and teacher preferences before this allocation is completed.


The school always sets out to create classes that have:


  • A balance of academic levels

(children at, above and below the level)

  • A balanced social and behavioural mix

(children who will get on well together with as little interruption as possible)

  • As you can imagine the process of grade placement is extremely tricky and time consuming. What is in the best interests of the school and all our children and families is paramount.



  • Children will be asked by their teachers to nominate children they would like to be with in 2020. During the process the teachers will ensure that every child is with at least one of these.
  • Classroom teachers will rank children according to ability and highlight behavioural / social concerns along with any relevant information they have gathered throughout the year. All of this information will then be used to develop the 2020 classes.
  • Specialists will check the lists for any anomalies and then the leadership team will then confirm grade placements.
  • In the second last week of term, children and their new teacher will visit their 2020 classroom. The children and new teacher will complete an activity in this session notifying parents of their new grade.


Parent Considerations:

  • Obviously the classroom teacher has the most information regarding individual children. As a first port of call, please speak to your child’s classroom teacher if you wish to discuss anything about your child’s placement.
  • Occasionally we may not be aware of special circumstances that need to be considered during the class selection process. Such special circumstances might include but are not limited to health, emotional or learning matters, peer or sibling relationships or changes in the home situation. Selecting a particular teacher does not fit within the realm of special circumstances. If parents want to provide extra personal information to be considered in the process you will need to email the school office. Letters should be addressed to “The Principal” and reach the office no later than September 20. Please note this is not about requesting or selecting your child’s teacher for next year. Please note that letters received after this date will NOT be accepted.
  • This will exclude the friends the children will want to be with which has already been gathered by the teacher.


Finally, if you consider you have special circumstances, please make the request in writing EVEN if it has been made before – as much as we would like to think so, we can’t remember everything from years gone by! We do appreciate your trust in our professionalism in these regards.

Always Catching Kids - Resilience Follow Up

Families and staff often discuss how protecting our kids from reality can hinder our ability to prepare them for life. We would all agree that kids need to feel special and believe that they are successful. But this doesn’t mean we shield them from reality. Genuine, healthy self-esteem develops when caring adults identify children’s strengths but also allow them the satisfaction and maturity that come from persevering through failure, pain and disappointment. This authentic triumph builds tough emerging adults.


As educators and parents we must embrace the reality that character and resilience are often developed through failure. We need to encourage our children to take calculated risks, to experience outright failure on a project, a hobby or a sport. In doing so, we build their emotional muscle that is capable of enduring a failure and seeing that they can live through it, that there really is life afterward.


When we give children the freedom to take risks and problem solve their way through the life, we are not hurting them. We are helping them build the strength they need to fly.

Supporting Learning at Home - MAKE IT FUN

Research shows that parents are a very significant influence on a child’s learning and development. The Department of Education have provided the school with copies of Literacy and Numeracy Tips to Help Your Child Every Day: A guide for Parents of Children Ages 0-12. The resource has been developed as part of the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy, designed to support students at all ages and stages to get the skills they need to succeed at learning and in life.

It is imperative that activities at home are fun, practical and mimic real life situations. Everyday activities at home are excellent opportunities for you to model key learning values such as enthusiasm, persistence and curiosity. The teaching and learning rigor at school is taxing on our young people. At home, children need to be engaged outside in play and fun to ensure they are developing a rounded character with key ‘soft skills’. These are the personal attributes everyone needs to succeed in a workplace. How are you engaging and providing opportunities for your child to be creative, flexible, social, emotional, and healthy? How do you allow them to be thinkers, problem solvers, collaborators, researchers? Have you watched your child interact, be courteous, cooperative, resilient, and respectful and show a sense of humour? This is the learning that our children need at home. Please chat to your child’s teacher if you would like more information about how you can help with these ‘soft skills’ at home.

Parents can access an online version at the below link. If you are unable to download the online version, please drop in and see me and I will organise a copy for you. .NumeracyTipstoHelpYourChild_Final.pdf”>TipstoHelpYourChild_Final.pdf

Parenting is Hard - It's OK to ask for Help

We are incredibly well resourced in Australia and there are a number of organisations to help parents. Please note, this is not a recommendation of any one of the services, rather just a starting point if you need help. You can also see your GP as they may have access to other support networks.




HATS ON From 1st September until 30th April School hats must be worn outside during all outside activities.


Have you joined with us? You will find ongoing updates from classroom visits to articles of interest. DON'T MISS OUT!

Please head over and ‘LIKE’ us at


Please head over and join this group at

Kelly Morrow


Our School Dance is fast approaching.  We are looking forward to seeing the results of the children’s hard work during Term Three. We can’t wait to see everyone dressed up in their red carpet frock or tux, or perhaps come dressed as your favourite movie star or movie character.


Some important things to remember:

  • The event will be held over two nights, students with surnames A-L, Monday 16th September and surnames M-Z, Tuesday 17th September.
  • Doors open at 6pm. Please ensure that your children are assembled with their class teacher by 6:15pm.
  • Tickets can be purchased from TryBooking at
  • The cost is $22 per seat. Young siblings (2 or under) who remain seated on an adult’s lap throughout are free.
  • Bookings will open on Monday 26th August at 8am and will close on Friday 13th September at 3pm.
  • Bring along your own plate of nibbles and drinks and drinking glasses.
    • Due to venue restrictions only pre-packaged food is allowed. Examples of acceptable food are chips, dips, cheeses, lollies, fruit, water, soft drinks, etc. No takeaway or home meals allowed.
    • Alcoholic drinks are strictly not allowed due to the venue’s liquor licence.
  • Please ensure your children have eaten before the event as they will be staying with their class for the duration of the evening.

If any parents are keen to help with table decorations and other small tasks in preparation for the dance nights, please get in touch with Deb Howard.



Writer's Festival

Book Week Parade

Pens Down Wednesday

This past week, students enjoyed engaging in their learning using oral language, creative thinking and problem solving.

All year levels planned interesting learning that did not involve writing.

Classes were involved in a range of activities such as coding using their devices, problem solving group activities such as the Amazing Race challenge, reading play scripts in groups, speaking about and recording personal reflections about their Writers Festival pieces, perusing and reading peer writing at the Writer’s Festival display, and making puppets and writing puppet plays. Our successful Pens Down day ended with students watching the staff perform two pantomimes – Cinderella and Peter Pan. It was a wonderful day of learning and one I’m sure the students will not forget!


Write a Book in a Day

Fun Newsletter Fact: Did you know if you click on a photo in a gallery, like the ones above, they will enlarge and you can then easily scroll through them.


Green Facts are back for Semester Two, and we want your input! 

If you have a fact about the environment, or tips for how we can help preserve our planet (either at home or at school), please share it with us. You can write it on a scrap piece of paper and place it in the labelled box in the 1/2 building outside 1/2G, or enter it online at the following link  

Keep your eyes peeled on each newsletter to see if your Green Fact appears! 



2019 Tournament of Minds Northern Metro Final – Saturday 24th August

After six intense weeks of preparation, the 2019 RGLPS Tournament of Minds Team will be presenting at the Northern Metro Final at La Trobe University on Saturday 24th August. Our presentation is scheduled for 3:40pm. Parents, family and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend this presentation.


The venue for the Tournament of Mind Northern Metro Final is as follows:

La Trobe University

Western Lecture Theatre Foyer,

Health Sciences Building,

Bundoora, 3086.

Entry from Kingsbury Drive – closest parking lot is CP1.


We wish the 2019 TOM team (Ben W, Lucas S, Lachlan D, Audrey J, Kate M, Zoe L and Sophie B) the best of luck for their big day on Saturday!


Kerron Worsdell

Teaching and Learning Coach


Jump Rope for Heart

This year our school is participating in Jump Rope for Heart, a fantastic physical activity and fundraising program by the Heart Foundation. The program helps keep the RGLPS students active and healthy while learning new skills, and raising funds for vital heart research and education programs.

This year students can fundraise by making a gold coin donation at the ‘Jump-Off’ day on Wednesday 4th September. The day will involve students wearing house colours and engaging in a variety of skipping activities for an hour throughout the day.

Tee Ball

On the 20th of August, the RGLPS Girls Tee Ball Team played at the Northern Metro Region Finals at the Mill Park Softball Diamonds. Since winning the Grand Final in Term 2, the girls had kept up their skills over last two months and our hopes were high for success! Our first game against Richmond PS was the perfect start, scoring the maximum 21 runs from three innings. Our second and third games were in the balance early on against Gladstone Views PS and Preston PS, but our fielding was superb and we ran out strong winners in both games. The final game of the round robin became the de facto grand final, as we faced Mill Park PS who was also undefeated. Knowing that they had won the State Championship two years earlier, it was bound to be a tough contest, especially when we knew that the winner would go on to the State Final and that it was the end of the line for the other team. A few errors on our behalf allowed Preston to get to a narrow lead of 4-1 after two innings, however the skill of our girls began to shine and we clawed back to be leading 5-4 at the end of the 3rd inning. Some strong and accurate batting from every girl saw us score 5 runs, giving us a 10-4 lead with Mill Park still to bat and a slim chance to win. In a high pressure final inning, Julia Lauronce took a great catch  and threw two perfect passes to Kate McRae at first base to end the match at 10-7, allowing Rosanna Golf Links to clinch the championship and book a place in the State Final on September 11th. Congratulations to every girl who gave every bit of themselves for each other and their school; we are all so very proud of each and every one of you! A special mention also goes out to Tracey Elso and Michael Brunelli for their assistance in coaching on the day and to the parents who came along to support us – it was really appreciated and you helped to lift the girls when they needed it most!


Darren Peters – Tee Ball Coach

The RGLPS girls tee ball team travelled to Mill Park to play in the Northern Region Tee Ball Championships on Tuesday 20th August. They were up against some tough competition as each team had previously won their division. The girls put on an amazing performance and won every game including a come from behind victory in the grand final! All the lunchtime trainings with Mr Peters have paid off and the girls will now progress to the Victorian State Championships.

Thank you to Darren Peters and Tracey Elso for coaching on the day, and all the parents who came and supported the girls!

Michael Brunelli
PE Coordinator

District Hoop Time

On Thursday 15th August, a select group of grade 5/6 students from RGLPS competed at the District Hoop Time Basketball tournament. The performance and behavior of all teams was outstanding as students tried their best in each game.

The All-Star girls, who were made up of mostly grade 5’s, showed great determination in each game, they came away from the day with one win and many closes loses that could have gone either way.

The All-Star boys team played hard in each game and were rewarded by making it to the grand final. Through an amazing effort in the grand final the boys won and will progress to the region hoop time competition.

The Rookies had an amazing day, going undefeated in all their games. The improvement from the first game to the last game was exceptional.

Thank you to Daniel Anderson, Ben Carmichael and Lana Harris for coaching. Thank you to all the parents who came to support the RGLPS students and to those who donated their time to score during games, we couldn’t have done it without you!



Just a friendly reminder that we do not have direct debit available in our program. I apologise for the confusion as the invoices state we do.

Account can be payable by cash, cheque or EFT facility is available.

Payments can be made in OSHC during OSHC hours or at the School Office, during school hours (if you make a payment at the office (please have your invoice with you).

If you have any question please feel free to contact OSHC via email, mobile or in person

It’s that time of year again.

The OSHC Father’s Day Breakfast.

Come along for a delicious breakfast before work.

Date: Friday 30th August 2019

Time:  Between 7am 8.30am

Where:  in the Hall.

So please come along.  Bring your Dad, Grandad, uncle, big brother, friend, or someone special to you and celebrate these special people with us.

Please RSVP by the 23rd August to avoid disappointment.





  • Hash Browns                           $1.00
  • Steamed Dim Sims                 $1.00 
  • Warm Banana Bread               $2.20
  • Blueberry or Apple Muffins    $1.20
  • Hot Chocolate or Milk            $1.60  


  • Meatballs in a tomato & basil sauce, with parmesan and baby spinach served in a pita pocket         $5.70

Nice for winter!


If your child has a plastic Keep Cup they can bring it to get their Hot Chocolate. 


Thank you to all our canteen volunteers.

If you require a change to the roster please contact Margaret in the canteen. 

Thank you.

  Margaret Groves


Are You A Parent of a Child Aged 2 to 12?

The Parenting and Family Support Centre at the University of Queensland is conducting research into parents’ opinions about parenting and parenting programs. If you have a child between 2 and 12 years, we would love to hear your views on parenting and the services that are available to you as a parent. You will need to complete a short survey. To find out more or to participate please visit

Researchers from the University of Queensland are conducting research into parents’ opinions about parenting and parenting programs. If you have a child between 2 and 12 years, we would love to hear your views on parenting and the services that are available to you as a parent. You will need to complete a short survey. To find out more, please visit:




Disclaimer: Rosanna Golf Links Primary School (RGLPS) does not endorse any product or service advertised in this newsletter. RGLPS takes no responsibility for the content of advertisements or the quality and reliability of products or services offered in the advertisements

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