There are no upcoming events at this time.


There are no upcoming events at this time.


Melbourne Cup Public Holiday - Tuesday 5th November

This coming Tuesday is Melbourne Cup Day, this is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY. The school will be closed on this day. We will be running an alternate program on the Monday given the low numbers indicated on Compass. A third of our staff will be completing Level 2 First Aid Training.


As we only have a small number of children attending on Monday, prior to the Cup Day Holiday, the can teen will not be operating.

Parking - Please be Fair and Safe at RGLPS

It has become apparent once again that some parents are not respecting common safety practices and are putting our staff on duty in an awkward position.

  • The morning ‘drop off’ zone at the front of the school on Interlaken Parade is designated QUICK (2 MINUTE) between 8.40-9.10am daily. If you wish to get out of your car and bring your child in, please park away from the school and walk your child in. This is a KISS AND DROP zone.
  • Please also note that the opposite side of Interlaken Parade is now a 15 minute parking zone from 8am – 9.30am.
  • It is ILLEGAL to double park and call children across the road between parked cars. This is a dangerous practice that will put your child at risk. Staff on duty have been advised that children must wait within the alcove of the school waiting area.
  • Please drive safely and park legally. Making a three point turn around the Interlaken corner is dangerous and illegal.

It’s a lovely time of the year, encourage your children to walk, ride, cycle into school .

Parent Payments 2019-2020

Golf Links is a school of choice and parents enrol their children into our school because our curriculum far exceeds a standard program. Our parents choose our school because of the diversity and quality of our teaching and learning.

Our RGLPS School Council have made a considerable effort to ensure that this school policy is fair and provides a number of options to support parents to access the materials and services associated with their child’s education. The Essential Education Items should be paid as priority, over all Optional Education Items e.g. Instrumental Music, Gateways, etc.

Please ensure ALL invoices are paid in full ASAP for 2019, as we consider budgeting requirements for next year. We rely on these payments to ensure our programs are funded appropriately.

Further information will be added to compass later this term, along with the recently ratified policy for 2020.

Wear Red for Dyslexia Awareness - Thursday November 14

Our Dragon Club have organised a day to raise awareness for Dyslexia on Thursday 14th November. Half of the funds raised will go towards Code Read, a not for profit organisation run by volunteers who rely on donations and sponsorships to keep doing their important work. Fine out more on their website. The other half will go towards the purchase of a C-Pen, a pen-like scanner that uses camera technology to instantly capture and process printed text. Bring along a gold coin donation to show your support. Dragon Club will also be running a red paper planes workshop at lunchtime on the day. A huge thank you to those family members and extended family members who have made generous donations school in support for the purchase of a C-pen. Scanning Pens Australia have generously given us a buy one get a second free offer! If you would like to donate, please contact or visit the office.

World Teacher's Day

Thank you to everyone who celebrated their child’s teacher last week and showed enormous support for the important role they play. Hugh from the Resilience Project shares how this is the most important job in the world and how grateful he is for all that our teachers do.

CAROLS NIGHT - Monday 9th December

Planning and preparations for this evening have commenced. Please see future newsletters for further information. Remember to book this night on your calendar for what is always a wonderful school community event. As long as it doesn’t rain… fingers crossed.

Leadership Process for 2020 School Leaders

At Rosanna Golf Links Primary School, the Student Leadership Program provides opportunities for student voice, the development of student leadership skills and encourages active participation in the decision-making processes of the school. We aim to provide students with opportunities to experience leadership while preparing them to be future leaders in the community.

The leadership speeches will be delivered to an audience of grades 3-6 and the House Captain speeches will be delivered to the whole school. Please take note of the following dates and sessions:

Tuesday 26th November: Sessions 1 and 2 – Leadership Speeches to Grades 3-6 – in the Hall

Date TBC – Thursday 28th November: Sessions 3 and 4 – House Captain Speeches to Whole School – Rooms yet to be decided.

Thank you to our senior school staff and all their work with our grade five students, with our grade six students in the craziness of graduation preparation.

Intention to Leave - Another Reminder

Each year, we have a number of families moving into the area and enrolling students at Grade levels other than Foundation, and this seems to increase significantly around this time of the year. Similarly, and often because of circumstances relating to job transfers, moving house and changed family situations, we have families leaving us with students attending other primary schools in the following year. If you are one of these families and you know for certain, or fairly sure, than you won’t be returning in 2020, please let us know at your earliest convenience. Some fairly important decisions are made based on enrolment information, and the more reliable the information, the better the decisions! An email to or a hand written note presented to the General Office will suffice. Thank you.

Good Luck !

Good luck to our Senior Boys Hoop Time Team heading to Regionals next Thursday. We know you will represent RGLPS with pride, showing our school values and sportsmanship.

Denisse Lobos

Acting Principal




Bursary Winners Awarded Prizes at STS Presentation Day

Congratulations to Grade 4 student Bowen Yan (Major Bursary) and Grade 5 student Freya Wilson (Minor Bursary Winner) for their achievements this year in the Science Talent Search.  Students attended the presentation day at La Trobe University on Monday 28th October and received their prestigious awards.

Winner of a Major Bursary Award, Bowen Yan

with Ms. Soula Bennett, Director of Quantum Victoria

Winner of a Minor Bursary Award, Freya Wilson,

With Dr Evan Robertson, Associate Professor – Chemistry, La Trobe University

The theme for 2020 is DEEP BLUE so if you have a desire to enter the STS competition next year, keep your eyes open now for information & breakthroughs about our deep deep oceans!


Ice-cream containers needed urgently – Water recycling initiative

If you have any 2L or larger ice-cream containers, can you please clean and pass along to Science.  

We will be using the containers to capture unused bubbler water at drinking stations around the school.  This is a student-led initiative to recycle water as well as help our 500+ young plants settle in.  

Donations can be left at the front door of science room until 8th Nov.  Other similar containers (sturdy plastic, square/rectangular, not too deep) would also be suitable.  

Thank you for your assistance. 
Ms Wheeler


Parent Information Session

The Deaf Facility will be hosting a Parent Information Session for all Deaf Facility families.  The information session will have a panel of deaf and hard of hearing adults with lived experiences living with hearing loss.  We have a panel of six or seven adults with varied experiences.  This is a good opportunity to hear what adults with hearing loss have experienced, tips and tricks to further support your child, and ask questions from adults with lived experience.  Please mark Thursday, November 14th, 6:30pm at school in your diaries.  We would like this event to be adults only, as we are hoping this should be a safe place for our families to ask questions.


There will be a working bee on Sunday 10th November 9am – 12pm.  All parents, kids, family’s and friends welcome!!!


Victorian State Athletics 2019

Three RGL students competed at the Victorian State Athletics Carnival on Thursday 24th October. Contending against the best athletes in the entire state was tough competition, but the students showed the RGL school values with every step, jump and throw to achieve some amazing results! 


Sophie P: 2nd – Girls 9-10 Multi-Class Long Jump

Nida F: 2nd Girls 12-13 Long Jump, 4th – Girls 12-13 100m

Sathika E: 4th – Boys 11 Shot Put, 9th – Boys 11 Long Jump, 12th – Boys 11 100m

Thank you to all the parents who transported and supported the students at the event.

Michael Brunelli
PE Coordinator


Warmer Weather and Hydration

We have had a lot of visits to First Aid with students adjusting to the warmer weather.

Please remind your children to bring a drink bottle to school and to make sure they drink from it.  If they forget their drink bottle, there are many drink taps available in the school ground for use.

Ensure your children have a hat and sunscreen before coming to school.

Talk to your children about finding shade to play in if they are feeling hot, to think about reducing their activity level until they cool down and to remove their jumpers when they are feeling too warm.



2019 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Results

The results for 2019 Writing ICAS have now been released.

Students who achieved a High Distinction, Distinction, Credit or Merit certificate will be presented with their certificate at School Assembly on Monday 11th November. (There is no assembly on 4/11/19 – Melbourne Cup Eve) Participation certificates for the Writing ICAS will be distributed by classroom teachers.

A reminder that UNSW awards certificates based on the following criteria:

HD = High Distinction: In the top 1% of participants

D = Distinction: In the next 10% of participants                                                                                                   

C = Credit: In the next 25% of participants

M = Merit: In the next 10% of participants

P = Participation: For all remaining students.


21 students participated in the Writing ICAS in 2019. R.G.L.P.S. students were successful in achieving the following place certificates:

Certificate Awarded



Milla C (Yr3)

Erin S (Yr4)

Katherine D (Yr6)


Eamonn N (Yr3)

Emmy B, Isabel J (Yr4)

Emma W (Yr5)

Zoe M, Zinnia S (Yr6)


Emily F (Yr5)

Lucas S (Yr6)


Rosanna Golf Links Primary School achieved the following results in each year level in the ICAS Writing:

















Medal Winning Achievement in Digital Technologies

A big congratulations to Patrick Mehan from Year 5 who will be awarded an ICAS medal for his high achievement in the ICAS Digital Technologies assessment!

Patrick scored in the 99th percentile of all students who completed this ICAS in Australia. He will be invited to attend a special ceremony over the coming weeks to be awarded with his ICAS medal. Our biggest congratulations to Patrick on this fantastic achievement!


Kerron Worsdell

Teaching and Learning Coach/Learning Specialist

RGLPS Play Group



Dear OSHC parents

A friendly reminder to please cancel your OSHC

Please note that there will be a Pupil Free day on Friday the 13th December. You can book online,  message or email me if you are wanting to book. Please remember there are 3 sessions to book in:

Before care

Day session

Aftercare – depending on your needs. Please book by Monday 2nd December.


Account can be paid by cash, cheque, EFT facility and direct deposit is available.

Payments can be made in OSHC during OSHC hours or at the School Office, during school hours (if you make a payment at the office please have your invoice with you).


The Direct Deposit details are:

BSB: 063 233

Account number: 1005 3825

Please note that you must include that this is an OSHC payment and your family name when processing a payment this way. This is to ensure the payment is forwarded to the program from the office.

If you have any question please feel free to contact OSHC via email, mobile or in person


From the OSHC team


CANTEEN CLOSED – This Monday 4th November

Please note, that due to the small number of students that historically attend school on this day the canteen will be closed.


We are now using the 2019 Summer Menu.


Sweet Chilli Wrap – sweet chilli chicken tenders served in a wrap with lettuce, tomato,cucumber and grated cheese.  $5.70

Extras: pineapple, beetroot. $0.70 each.


Steamed Dim Sims

Blueberry & Apple Muffins

Fruit and Jelly Cups


Flexischools is our preferred option for ordering and payment but you can still order though the bag lunch order system on Monday and Wednesday.


I have sent out a lot of Money Owed notices this term.  If you owe the canteen for providing your child with lunch and have not paid, please do so as soon as possible. We feed your child in good faith of your payment.  Thank you to the parents who have paid promptly.



Thank you to all our canteen volunteers.

If you require a change to the roster please contact Margaret in the canteen. 

Thank you.

  Margaret Groves



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