Welcome to Rosanna Golf Links Primary School.

I am very proud to be the Principal of this vibrant learning community whose reputation resides with the outstanding students, amazing teachers of calibre and parental support that fosters strong links between home and school. We are a community whose decisions place students first.

Our aim is for all of our students to achieve their full potential and to prepare them to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Rosanna Golf Links provides a caring and stimulating environment where children are valued and encouraged to ‘have a go’. We recognise that every child is unique; each having special needs, abilities and preferred learning styles. It is our aim to help children grow and develop their special abilities, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our Deaf Facility Team work to develop highly individualised programs that specifically target the unique needs for every hearing impaired student. They also work in partnership with our mainstream teachers to share the responsibility for developing appropriate classroom programs for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired students.

Our collaborative approach to planning for all our children is maximized by the experience and expertise we are able to tap into with our diversely qualified teaching staff. We are proud to be an inclusive school!

Rosanna Golf Links are committed to excellence and have an unrelenting determination for everyone to succeed. We put a strong emphasis on academic achievement and have an excellent reputation for challenging our most able pupils and for supporting pupils who require additional help.

We are committed to developing a wide range of opportunities for our students to engage in enrichment activities beyond the classroom with a wide variety of activities on offer for all interests. We have a strong instrumental program with over one hundred and seventy children involved in either concert, intermediate or training band.

Students at Rosanna Golf Links Primary School participate in a wide range of cultural, environmental and sporting events with our specialist subjects of Music, Art, Auslan, Physical Education and Science.

Rosanna Golf Links also encourage and expect all of our children to become independent learners and to develop their leadership skills. We have a strong leadership program which creates seamless links between Student Council, Student Leadership and School Council.

Our climate for learning is exceptional. We work with our students in a collaborative and orderly atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. This gives them a sense of belonging and a pride in our school and in themselves, and helps them fully realise their potential. We also have excellent partnerships with parents and our local community.

Exploring this website will give you a clear idea of the culture and ethos of our outstanding school.

Kelly Morrow