Rosanna Golf Links Primary School believes in the importance of developing essential literacy skills and strategies which aim to develop a love of literature, a sense of confidence and an ability to develop multi-literacy skills so they can actively participate in our ever changing world.

Rosanna Golf Links is committed to:

  • Identifying best teaching and learning practice which is based on research and theory and is delivered to students consistently across the school.
  • Planners are developed as a team and are used and, if required, adapted by individual teachers to cater for their class’s needs.
  • Differentiated curriculum in classrooms, so all children are catered for based on their individual needs.
  • Involving students in whole school celebrations of literacy through events like Book Week and the Premier’s Reading Challenge.
  • Linking learning to ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), where possible, to ensure students are using computers to develop literacy skills.
  • Using meaningful assessment across the school to ensure teachers know their students and how to teach them.
  • Providing students with additional assessment and extension programs such as ICAS, Tournament of the Minds and Gateways.



Student Wellbeing