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What a week it has been. For the first time in a very long time our students were able to have a few activities that really gave them an opportunity to shine. From Kiva market day to casual music concerts we had it all this week and our students enjoyed every minute.

As we prepare for the last week of school it is worth remembering that this term has been the longest continuous amount of time our students have been at school for 2 years. It is likely that we are all a little tired at the moment. We gratefully push through the tiredness as the prospect of a full school term is just around the corner.

Annual General Meeting

Don’t forget that on April the 7th at 6:30pm we will be holding our Annual General Meeting. This meeting is held every year and is an open meeting for our community. During this meeting we present our Annual Report to the School Community. The 2021 report is presented at that time and will then be uploaded to our Website so that our entire community can access it.

Early Finish Friday 8th of April

Our final day of term is Friday the 8th of April. We are finishing at 2:30pm with a short assembly at 2:00pm. As parents will already be in the school to pick up students there will be no need to check the vaccination status of those in attendance. It is always a special assembly when the Easter raffle is drawn so we do hope to see you there. It is likely going to be difficult to social distance and there has been an increase in COVID cases. Please wear a mask when you are unable to social distance.

Fundraising Efforts for 2022

Last year we were very fortunate and managed to secure a $200,000 grant for our sensory garden project. After multiple discussions with the architects we have found that our original designs will cost significantly more than the $200,000 grant and we do want to be able to stick as close to the original idea as possible. For this reason, we will use the bulk of our fundraising money in 2022 to contribute to our sensory garden. All monies raised during the Easter raffle add to that project.

Take care,

Kirrily Lamers




ANZAC Day Ceremony Term Two

Rosanna Golf Links Primary School will be holding an A.N.Z.A.C. Day memorial service to acknowledge all the servicemen and women who have represented our country in times of conflict. The service will involve all students from Grades Prep to 6.

The Junior School Council invites all students to bring a flower to school on Tuesday 26th April. These flowers will help to make class bouquets. Student representatives from each grade will have an opportunity to present their floral contributions throughout the service.

If a member of your family has been/is involved with the Australian Armed or Peace keeping services could you please record some details on the ‘Memory Tag’ that will be sent home next week. Here is a sample of what you may wish to write.

Unfortunately due to Department of Education School Operations Guidelines, we are still not able to have parents attend whole school assemblies.


We are preparing to take part in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). This year things look a bit different. We will be completing NAPLAN online, except for the Year Three writing assessment which will be handwritten on paper.


Our schedule is set and will be as below:

May, Tuesday the 10th 9:00 – 10:30 – Writing (Year 5 online, Year 3 written)

May, Wednesday the 11th 9:00 – 10:30 – Numeracy

May, Thursday the 12th 12:30 – 2:00 – Reading

May, Friday the 13th 9:00 – 10:30 – Language Conventions


Over the holidays it might be a good idea to do some NAPLAN practice with your child. This will help them to feel more comfortable with the platform and how to use it. It can also help you in fostering positive feelings towards the test. Many of our students said that it was quite fun whilst participating in our school practice sessions. You can view and practice NAPLAN at the Public Demonstration Site:


We will also be holding more practice sessions during the first two weeks back in Term 2.


Should you have any questions regarding NAPLAN, please don’t hesitate to contact Luke Franklin at the school…..

Luke Franklin & Denisse Lobos

Assistant Principals


We have only one more week of school until the holidays. It has been fantastic to enjoy a full term of learning onsite with children for the first time in two years!

The Importance of Vocabulary

As students move up the year levels towards upper primary school, their vocabulary starts to play an increasingly critical role in their learning. Reading and listening comprehension becomes significantly impacted if students don’t understand key words or concepts. Teachers regularly find that not knowing one or two key words in a text means that children don’t properly comprehend the whole piece or miss vital information. Vocabulary becomes even more important in secondary school as students start to work with more complex scientific and academic terminology. A limited vocabulary also limits our ability to express ourselves verbally or in written form, with precision. To be fully literate, we draw on all these ‘vocabularies’ for learning and for life.


Research has shown that our ‘receptive’ vocabularies, that is the words we can understand in spoken and written language, is often at least two grade levels above our ‘expressive’ vocabularies or the words we say and use in our writing. In other words, we might understand the word in our reading or when someone says it but we don’t incorporate it into our own talking or writing until we develop greater confidence. Studies indicate that most people need around twelve encounters with a new word in a variety of contexts to fully understand and apply it. These repeated encounters with a word are known as ‘multiple exposures.’


It is also important to remember that there are often more than one meaning for a word. For example, ‘leg’ can be a body part, a part of a trip, the support on a piece of furniture, or be used to describe walking or running – ‘I legged it.’ Children need to learn and use the multiple meanings of words in their correct context. This understanding develops over time through multiple exposures. A good metaphor for this is that of a dimmer switch gradually turning up the light on the full meaning of the word over time.


Here are some ways that parents/carers can support their child to expand their vocabulary:

-Read and expose children to texts with more challenging vocabulary or by authors with inspired word use.

-Discuss new words and concepts with children if they are unsure what they mean.

-Notice new and interesting words and celebrate them. You might see or hear them in books, magazines, on TV, posters, signs, song lyrics etc etc.

-Engage in wordplay in the home by using puns, playing word games such as Boggle or Wordle and creating tongue twisters.

-Encourage your child to talk with people with more extensive vocabularies.

-Try a family ‘word of the week’ – challenge everyone to use this new word correctly in their speaking or notice it in their reading. Keep a tally of who spies/uses the word the most!


Good luck and enjoy playing with words!

Term Two Team Newsletters

Area Teams and specialist teachers have spent their Planning Day this week organising curriculum, assessments, and events for Term Two. Our Team Newsletters will provide an overview of important information for parents and carers, and we hope to have these ready for parents by the end of the first week of Term 2, 2022.

Kerron Worsdell

Learning Specialist


This week we had the grade 5/6 Kiva Market Day. Students from grade 5/6 were selling all sorts of things, like baked goods, candy or jewellery to students from Grade Prep to Six. Some students also sold experiences, such as a disco, raffles and games to win prizes. The purpose of the Kiva Market Day was to help raise money for Kiva borrowers while learning about business and economics. 


Kiva is an organisation that allows people to loan money to others in need. Borrowers ask for small loans for things like water and sanitation, money for medical expenses, money to purchase products to boost small businesses and much more! For example, the money we lend to a Kiva borrower may help them to buy a tractor to farm and grow their small business. If you’d like to learn more about Kiva, here is a video that explains it in more detail:


This year we collectively raised $3422.50, one of the highest amounts we’ve ever reached! This is an amazing help for all the Kiva borrowers around the world! The money will be sent to the Kiva website to be loaned to people of our choice who need it, and be put to good causes. 


We thank everyone who has contributed to this incredible outcome! Our parents and guardians and the teachers have all put in a huge effort to help us make this a success. Thank you to everyone who came to our stalls and purchased goods. 


Congratulations to all the 5/6 students who set up stalls and put their time into making a difference to others who are in need. What an amazing experience it was!


Lucia (6SS) and Veronica (6SW), on behalf of the Grade 5/6 students.


Maths Riddle


Well done to those who solved last week’s Satisfy challenge. The answer to the challenge is:

Here’s this week’s challenge. I’ll share the answer in next week’s newsletter.

Fireworks Challenge

Fred was arranging a fireworks display for the local council. Each type of firework lets off a particular number of stars. The council asked Fred to create a display so that there were always 12 stars in the sky at one time. What combinations of fireworks can Fred use for each round of his display?

Hint: Try drawing some pictures of the different combinations you can use to make 12. You can use the same type of firework more than once in your combination.


Extra challenges:

  • What is the total number of combinations Fred could include in the display?
  • Can you plan a fireworks display for an alternating pattern in the number of stars? (e.g. 12 stars, then 14, then 16…)


If you’d like to share your response or have your working out featured in our newsletter, please send your solutions to


A message from your School Crossing Supervisors

We would like to say a BIG WELCOME to our preps and new families.

Thank you to all students and parents for listening to instructions and keeping safe each day on the busy crossings.

Enjoy your school holidays – stay safe, have fun and see you next Term!

Thank you from – Bronwyn (Brassey Avenue) and Liz (Finlayson Street)


Our FAMOUS Easter Raffle!!! - ONE WEEK TO GO!!

Every year at RGLPS we have a FABULOUS Easter Raffle!! This raffle is drawn at the last assembly of Term 1 and the kids look forward to it every year.

This raffle has always been strongly supported by the RGLPS Community and we can only make this happen with your generosity.  If you would like to make a small donation of an Easter egg, basket or Easter gift towards the hampers please do so at the office before  Monday 4th April.

Each student has been given 10 raffle tickets to be sold at $1 each.  Tickets are due back at the office no later that Wednesday 6th April.



Please follow the link for further information and how to register.

  •     – Elections casuals can work before, on and after election day.
  •     – Work in election offices, early voting centres and mobile voting centres.
  •     – Paid an hourly rate.


Mixed Berry Muffins

Dear Parents.

We now have Mixed Berry Mini Muffins on the menu.  (Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry & balckberry) – $1.50each.


Margaret Groves

Canteen Manager



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