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There are no upcoming events.


It was a big week at Golf Links with our first ever Bush dance on Tuesday and the regional athletics carnival on Wednesday. With plans underway for an end of term celebration, 2 more camps, a big day out, multiple sporting events, 2 music concerts and graduation still to come, term 4 will definitely be one for the memory banks.

A Night to Remember - Our Inaugural Bush Dance

Last Tuesday, RGLPS hosted our inaugural bush dance, and it was a night that will be etched in the memory of all who attended. With hundreds of community members gathered, the event was an unforgettable celebration of community spirit and togetherness.


As the sun dipped below the horizon, the Centre Ivanhoe transformed into a vibrant hub of laughter, music, and dance. From the youngest Prep students to the most experienced parents, everyone was eager to take part in the festivities. The evening’s magic lay in the fact that it was an intergenerational celebration, where students were the teachers, and parents were the eager learners.


The sight of the students teaching their parents how to dance was nothing short of heartwarming. From the traditional bush dance moves to more contemporary Australian twists, the children’s enthusiasm was infectious. It was a beautiful reversal of roles, with the children proudly guiding their parents through the steps, and in return, the parents embracing the opportunity to share in the joys of their child’s school life.


The most remarkable part of the evening was the sheer number of smiles that radiated across the dance floor. The atmosphere was electric, with laughter and the shuffling of feet to the rhythm of the live music creating a joyful cacophony. The whole community came together as one, bridging generational gaps and creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Amidst the twirls and twirls on the dance floor, one parent even commented, “This is the greatest event we’ve ever had.” Such a sentiment resonated with many, encapsulating the collective feeling of euphoria that swept through the crowd. It was more than just a school event; it was a celebration of unity and the sense of belonging that the Rosanna Golf Links community holds dear.


With some tragic current worldwide events, the bush dance served as a poignant reminder of the importance of coming together, having fun, and creating lasting memories as a community. It was a night of laughter, learning, and love that will be cherished for years to come, a testament to the power of community spirit.

Transitioning to 2024

Thanks to those who have already communicated about 2024 classroom placements. Don’t forget, if you would like to share some information regarding classroom placement for your child in 2024, the following procedure will assist us to support this process.

The Process:

  •    – Upon our return to school children will be asked by their teachers to nominate children they would like to be with in 2024. Conversations will be had regarding what makes a good learning friend and the students will be able to nominate those friends who support their learning and reduce distractions. During the process the teachers will ensure that every child is with at least one of these friends.
  •    – Parent considerations are also collected and considered during this process. Often parents have specific insights into student need and this additional knowledge plays a significant part in how we structure our classes. These insights often include but are not limited to health, emotional or learning matters, peer or sibling relationships or changes in the home situation. Selecting a particular teacher does not fit within the realm of special circumstances. If parents want to provide extra personal information to be considered in the process please email the school office. Letters should be addressed to “The Principal” and reach the office no later than October 30th.
  •   – Classroom teachers will predict where students would be best suited based on learning, behavioural and social needs and any relevant information they have gathered throughout the year. All of this information will then be used to develop the 2024 classes with the use of Class Creator, a program that assists with the formulations of balanced grades.
  •    – Specialists will check the lists for any anomalies and then the leadership team will confirm grade placements.
  •    – Towards the end of term, children and their new teacher will have an opportunity to spend the whole day in their 2024 classroom and step up into the next grade level. The children and new teacher will complete an activity during this day notifying parents of their new grade.

Middle East Conflict

Many Australians and some in our school community are affected by the devastating events in the Middle East.


All of us are upset and disturbed by the awful events depicted in media footage and images.


This time is particularly distressing for staff, students, families and carers who have family and friends in Israel and Gaza. 


We are also aware that students of diverse backgrounds, including Jewish and Muslim students, may be significantly affected by public events, mainstream media coverage and social media at this time.


Please be assured that all staff are aware of the extreme emotional toll on many in our community at this time. But please also feel free to get in contact with any of the staff at our school if you would like to ensure we are aware of what your child is going through at this time.


Our support staff will continue doing all they can to support all our students, and support is also available for our staff.


I also want to assure you that the department is monitoring the situation from a school security perspective, and have advised there is no further action we need to take at this stage.


It is possible that extremely distressing scenes from the conflict may be posted online in coming days. Please ensure your children are aware of where they can find support in the event they come across such images. At our school, this includes our wellbeing team headed by Denisse Lobos.


You may find some aspects of this resource helpful:


Support is also available through external services including:


My door is always open and I am sure we will all look to support one another in this very difficult time.

Take care,

Kirrily Lamers



🎃 Join Us for a Spook-tacular Halloween Dress Up Day! 🎃

Calling all witches, wizards, ghouls, and ghosts, it’s time to get into the Halloween spirit! We’re excited to announce our whole school Halloween Dress Up Day, and this year, we’re adding a charitable twist that will make the day even more special.

📅 Date: Tuesday 31st October

Get ready for a day filled with fun, frights, and fantastic costumes! Students, staff, and teachers are invited to come to school dressed in their most creative and spooky Halloween outfits. Whether you’re a zombie, a superhero, a ghost, or a pumpkin, let your imagination run wild, and let’s see who can come up with the most spooktacular costumes!

But there’s more to this Halloween event than just costumes and candy! We’re asking for a gold coin donation to support a special cause. Our Junior School Council Representatives are working on deciding which cause we can support.

🌟 Highlights of the day:

🎃 Costume Contest: Show off your costume in our school-wide competition. Prizes will be awarded for the most creative, the scariest, and the funniest costumes!

To participate, simply bring a gold coin donation on the day of the event. Your generosity will not only support a worthy cause but also help spread the Halloween spirit of giving.

So, start planning your costume, gather your gold coins, and get ready for a day of Halloween fun and community giving. Let’s make this Halloween Dress Up Day a spooktacular success!

Stay tuned for more information as we reveal the cause we will be supporting. Together, we can make a difference while having a fang-tastic time!

We can’t wait to see you in your Halloween best!

👻🎃👻 Happy Halloween! 👻🎃👻

Australia will celebrate the teaching profession on World Teachers’ Day on Friday 27 October 2023.


Let’s celebrate Australia’s teachers for their skilled work in educating, inspiring and supporting our students.


This is your chance to join Australia in celebrating teachers.


On Friday 27 October students are invited to wear their favourite hat, beret, beanie, bucket or bowler to celebrate this day. It would also be a very nice gesture if the students gave the teachers a note or message.


Children may like to complete a fun activity below:

Connect the Dots

Adventure Maze

Word Search


Hats off to teachers this World Teachers’ Day

Luke Franklin & Denisse Lobos

Assistant  Princpial





Term 4 2023 Team Newsletters

Term 4 Team Newsletters are now available. These newsletters provide an overview of important dates, events and programs happening across the school.


Team Newsletters are attached to a recent Compass alert or can be accessed by logging into Compass and using the following pathway: Compass Community icon -> School Documentation -> Year Level Newsletters -> 2023 -> Term 4

2023 ICAS

2023 ICAS Certificates were distributed for Digital Technologies and Science earlier this week. Congratulations to the following students who were presented with higher placed certificates at Monday’s assembly:

The next batch of certificates for the ICAS Spelling Bee and ICAS English will be presented at next Monday’s assembly @9am. Results will also be published in the school newsletter following each assembly. Students who are awarded participation certificates will be presented with these by their classroom teacher.


To gain additional information about your child’s performance on this year’s ICAS, parents can login to the assessment site:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Results portal
  3. Select Student Results. You will need to use your TAP-ID and PIN to do this. (The TAP-ID and PIN are located on the bottom rear of your child’s ICAS certificate.)
  4. Explore the site to obtain more information on questions answered successfully and incorrectly by your child. 


Certificates for the remaining ICAS assessments (Writing and Mathematics) will be presented at a future assembly once they arrive at the school.


Have a great week everyone!

Kerron Worsdell

Learning Specialist




Our Specialist School Captians will be providing items for the newslettereach week.  We are excited to have student involvement in the newsletter and hope that it gives our community a peek into activities within the school.



This week, a group of our amazing students represented RGLPS at the Northern Metro Region Athletics Championships. Four of our students managed to secure themselves a spot at the State Championships on November 1st, held at Lakeside Stadium. Well done and good luck to Lauren C, James V, Kyle P and Sam P! The students’ results are as follows:

Lauren C (9/10 Girls) – 1st 80m Hurdles

James V (12/13 Boys MC) – 1st 200m, 2nd Shot Put

Kyle P (12/13 Boys MC) – 1st Shot Put

Sam P (11 Boys MC) – 1st Shot Put, 1st 100m, 1st 200m

Ava C (11 Girls) – 4th Discus

Adan A (12/13 Boys) – 6th 200m

Maddy S (9/10 Girls) – 7th High Jump

Zoe G (11 Girls) – 9th 100m

Owen M (11 Boys) – 9th Discus

Parri B (9/10 Girls) – 10th Shot Put

Sienna H (11 Girls) – 11th Shot Put

Alex K (11 Boys) – 11th Shot Put

Congratulations everyone!


Thank you,


Amber Vincent

PE Teacher/Sport Coordinator








If it feels early for mangoes, your feeling would be correct.

Due to past ordering issues and a very low expected yeild this year we need to send order forms out early.

Due to the limited supply, trays will be 4.5kg rather than the usual 7kg. 

We will be offering a 4.5kg tray for $25.

At this stage we are unable to give a firm delivery date, we can only tell you that it will be between 20th November and 15th December.



PREP BBQ – Save the Date



Pizza – Margarita & Hawaiian      $6 each


We are moving across to the Summer Menu, but we are still selling some of the winter items we have left.  Please check Flexischools.

Help Needed

If you are able to volunteer in the canteen, especially on a Friday, please contact me on 0438 585 323.

Any help is very much appreciated.  We rely on volunteers to keep the canteen running.


Margaret Groves


Disclaimer: Rosanna Golf Links Primary School (RGLPS) does not endorse any product or service advertised in this newsletter. RGLPS takes no responsibility for the content of advertisements or the quality and reliability of products or services offered in the advertisements

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