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MARCH 2020
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School Review Parent Information Session

As you may be aware, as part of the improvement cycle, each Victorian government school undertakes a review every four years. The school review involves students, teachers and community members. An independent analysis is completed of a school’s performance against their goals and targets in their school strategic plan. The review evaluates the school’s strengths, areas for improvement and the impact of its improvement efforts. We would like to invite you to a parent information evening on Thursday 5th March at 6pm. The purpose of the session will be to provide you with understanding of the school review process.

School Uniform

It was so lovely to look around at our special assembly last week and see so many of our wonderful students in full school uniforms.  I was especially thrilled with our grade 6 students in their new 2020 polo shirts!  A huge thank you must go to the lovely Kerilyn in the office for organising the grade 6 uniforms. A reminder that our school uniform policy is on our website.

Signing in and out at the Office

Parents please remember to come past the office when dropping your child at school late or picking them up early.  It is important that we keep accurate records of the number of students at school in the unlikely event of an evacuation.  Please continue to use Compass to note any absences for your children.

Student Leadership Positions

Congratulations to all of our new Junior School Council (JSC) Representative and Class Environment Leaders. We held our first JSC meeting yesterday and reps were already tasked with getting student voice around the design of our new values banners. We can’t wait to reveal our new values at the Family Fun Fiesta on Wednesday 11th Feb. This year we have three teachers who have joined Mr Jacskon and myself on the JSC team. Welcome to Ms Waring, Miss Lin and Mrs Elso who will support our students to drive chance in and beyond our school.


To the students who applied for leadership positions but were unsuccessful – learning that you didn’t get the role can raise many emotions, especially those of disappointment, anger, sadness, failure and a sense of wanting to give up. This may not be the first time that you experience unsuccessful applications for positions – and that’s okay. Going through these experiences is the journey to the position that was meant for you. Every failure is a step towards the positons you were made for. It’s important to feel the emotions, talk about them with your family and friends and learn from them. What did I do well? What did I not do well? What could I do better next time? And then, dust yourself and try again. Regardless of the outcome, it’s important to always present yourself as a leader to your peers and the community, with or without the badge.

School Hats

All children need to wear a School Sun Smart Hat during Terms 1 and 4. Please remember to clearly label all items of uniform so they can be easily located if they get lost.

A Great Read - "Parents who raise good kids"

Growth Mindset @RGLPS

In 2020, we continue our work in ensuring that we are building a Growth Mindset in all our students.

Fixed Mindset

Students with a Fixed Mindset:

believe they need to look smart at all times – particularly high achieving students believe intelligence is fixed; “You’ve either got it or you haven’t”

don’t take as many risks in their learning

may hide/conceal deficiencies

Growth Mindset

Students with a Growth Mindset:

  • believe that they can learn at all costs
  • are engaged in a problem solving approach
  • believe it’s “Not about who I am, it’s about how I do it”
  • they believe in effort and push beyond their comfort zone

As a result they work harder, increase effort and view failure as an opportunity to increase learning.

We must place importance on praising our students for their efforts, not their intelligence. For example, “I’m really proud of how hard you’ve been working on your tables,” instead of “I’m really proud of you for getting all of your tables correct.” We must also recognise the power of the word ‘yet’. When our students want to give up easily we can use the word ‘yet’.  Look at the following two sentences: “I can’t do it,” verses, “I can’t do it ‘yet’.” The word ‘yet’ instils hope and helps to build a Growth Mindset. If you’d like to read more, you can download the resource or view the following Ted Talk that focusses on positive praise.


The School Council ballot process concluded yesterday and I’m pleased to announce and welcome the 2020 team: Luke Franklin, Annie Unger, Darren Peters, Claire Waring (term one), Paula Sardina, Sam Ricardo, Richard Thornton, Shaun Nico Keogh, Mathew Oates, Luke Bell, Rebecca Waingold and Bronwyn Sealey.


New School Values

We will be holding a special launch for our new school values at our Family Fun Fiesta on Wednesday 11th March. We are very excited about this and hope you are too! Our bands will perform, our student leaders will present, we will cook sausages and burgers on the BBQ with the support from TheirCare and our House Captains and Vice Captains will run some games. Stay tunes for more details!

Harmony Week

Everyone Belongs!

Harmony Week celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. These celebrations create opportunities for all of us to think, talk about and recognise how our differences make Australia a great place to live.


Harmony Week begins on Monday the 16th March. Students will participate in special activities that link to our Respectful Relationship program as well as many other areas of the Victorian Curriculum such as English, Personal and Social Capabilities, The Humanities, Intercultural Capabilities, Languages Other Than English (LOTE), The Arts and Ethical Capabilities.


You will receive more information from your child’s classroom teacher about a special day in that week where students and families will be invited to share something special about themselves or their family. This may include special food that the children and their families like to enjoy together, or a special game, book, skill, talent or playground activity.


On Monday 16th March we will hold a special opening ceremony at 9am to celebrate the start of Harmony Week. We invite children to dress in their traditional cultural dress. Children who do not have a cultural dress or who do not wish to wear their cultural dress, may wear orange.


On Monday 23rd March at 2:30pm we will hold a closing ceremony for Harmony Week and The National Day of Action against Bullying. Students will share their experiences and highlights of the week’s activities. Hope to see you there!


Stay tuned…more information to come!



National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence

The National Day of Action against Bullying is on Friday 20th March.

 Bullying is a word that is used with a lot of meanings. Making sure everyone in your school shares the same definition of bullying is essential. Sometimes things that are called bullying are not really bullying at all. The national definition of bullying for Australian schools is the first place to look.

 Preventing bullying involves everyone talking together openly and respectfully. Bullying can have a lasting impact on everyone involved, including those who witness it, so it is important to work together to create safe school communities for everyone.

Once again this year, our students will be selling wristbands and we invite all children to wear blue.


REMINDER: Meet the Teacher and Parent Information Sessions 2020

All Parents and Carers are invited to the 2020 Meet the Teacher and Information sessions at the following times:

These information sessions are designed to help parents/carers understand school programs, processes and policies. The sessions will be held in the school hall and be presented by classroom and specialist teachers in each team. Important information will be shared about classroom routines, expectations, assessment, communication and school events.

Teams will present for around 45 minutes and there will be time for questions and for a casual chat with your child’s classroom teacher. Families and students will also be asked to complete a short activity to help us learn more about your child’s learning needs and interests.

Students are welcome to attend with their parent/carer and will be expected to sit quietly on the floor at the front of the hall. It would be appreciated if alternative supervision arrangements can be made for younger children if at all possible.

Please note that teachers will not be able to engage in detailed or lengthy conversations about your child at the Meet the Teacher session. If parents/carers need additional time or to discuss items of a sensitive nature, please make an appointment to see the teacher either on the night or via email.


Our information evenings are also great opportunities to find out how to get involved in your child’s learning, just ask!

Denisse Lobos

Acting Principal




Thank you for those families that have booked in SSG times over the next two weeks.  I will be sending the ILP documents home via email this Friday, February 21st.  I will also attach an agenda for the SSG meeting.  Please let me know if you have any requests for agenda items, as these will be taken into consideration.  Final ILP documents will be sent home and loaded on Compass after our SSG (in weeks 6 or 7).


Assisting Students to 'Engage with Life'

Psychology services are now available for students in school at no cost.


The services are provided by Engage 1on1 Psychology, a team of child/adolescent psychologists specialising in working with young people in schools across Melbourne. They assist young people with a wide range of issues, including anxiety, stress, motivation, social skills, depression and provide practical strategies for relationship difficulties.


The service is professional, confidential and provided on-site at the school. Counselling strategies are evidence based to help improve psychological well-being.


If you are interested in this service, or would like more information, please contact Luke Franklin to book at time for further discussion about what the service may look like for your child/family.


Hearing Australia Visits 2020 – MARCH DATE CHANGE

Hearing Australia date has changed for March.  The date has changed a week later, to Thursday March 12th.


Mowing Roster Request for 2020

For 2020, the school is looking for up to six parents interested in being shown how to use the ride-on mower, push mowers and brush-cutters and to help maintain the grounds. It would be expected that each parent would mow 2 – 4 times per year. To assist the parents we have Kate Stafford, gardener, and Phillip Groves, maintenance.

The areas of the school where mowing/brush-cutting are required:

-oval, ride-on mower

-triangle out-of-bounds, push mowing & brushcutting

-surrounds of buildings, ride-on, push mowing, brush-cutting

-boundary fence, brush-cutting

-Finlayson St boundary, ride-on, push mowing, brush-cutting

-Interlaken Pde boundary, brushcutting.


If you are interested in helping, it would be much appreciated.


Contact:  or,


Evan Butler, for Facilities


Is your Lollipop person the sweetest?

Nominate your Lollipop person for the 2019/2020 School Crossing Supervisor of the year award.


Jump online and complete a nomination at


Your support of this program will help ensure your School Crossing Supervisor is shown the appreciation they deserve for their commitment to the ongoing safety of our children.




Hello Parents,

This week we had a total of 38 students try out for a position in the RGLPS Swimming Team for the Heidelberg District Swimming Carnival. I was so proud of the effort and determination of every student and your children should be proud of their efforts. I would like to extend a special thank you our parents for their assistance on the day to ensure the trials ran smoothly and with a friendly atmosphere. Congratulations to the following students who made the team: U/12s – Kate McRae, Imogen Maloney, Hannah Borschmann, Niamh Henry, Phoeve Geange-Phipps, Karla Chehade, Emily Foale, Freya Wilson, Jack Gleeson, Jensen Martin, Noah Lipman, Sathika Gamage and Jasper Walsh. U/11s – Eliza Bennett, Ruby Falconer, Audrey Silfverberg, Maddison Bond, Emma Brabender and Riley Thompson. U/9s & U10s – Declan Keenan, Neehan Karunathilaka, Finn Gross, Jed Lethlean, Hayden Powell, Angus Gridley, Will Borschmann, Emily Brunton, Madeline O’Rourke, Jesinta Chehade, Eva Ricardo, Mabel Mansfield, Allie Gleeson, Emily Mills and Ruby Penninger. I would also like to express my congratulations to Tegan Barras and Damon McRae for trying their very best at the trials, keep on practising your strokes and your times will continue to improve – we look forward to you qualifying for our team in 2021!  Special thank you Darren Borschmann, Alyssa Brabender, Dee Wilson, Barney Henry and Kim Mansfield for assisting with trials on Wednesday morning.

Thank you to everyone who has responded to my Compass News Item regarding an expression of interest for tennis lessons at lunch time. I have had 29 families declare their interest in participating so I will begin talks with the principals and Vicky Lee to work out the best way forward, as these numbers are certainly enough to get the program started. I will share more news on this next week.

Thank you to all of the parents who have said that they would like to help out at the Athletics Carnival! I have 10 so far, but I am always happy for more! Please let me know if you can help out on the 6th of March at Willinda Park at

In other Athletics News, Freya Wilson came 3rd in Discus and 5th in Javelin at the Eastern Metro Region Little Athletics Championships – well done Freya!

Kind Regards,

Darren Peters

PE and Sports Coordinator


The canteen will resume normal hours from today, Friday 21st February.  Thank you to everyone who helped out in Margaret and Peta’s absence.


Canteen Summer Menu 2020

Copies available in the foyer at school and in this newsletter.

Canteen Helpers Needed

Thank you to the lovely canteen helpers who are staying on from last year, your help is very much appreciated as the canteen cannot run without people like you.

We do need some more helpers to fill in the gaps. To new prep parents the “too many cooks do not spoil the broth ” canteen sheets are in your packs. Just fill them out and send them back and I will put you on the roster. Also forms are available in the foyer at school or contact me on 03 94045763 or 0438585323.

Thanking you.

Margaret Groves

Canteen Manager



Their Care (after and before care)


Welcome and welcome back to everyone

We hope you are all excited for the New Year ahead.

Just a quick note to ensure that you have checked your booking and details are all up to date,  if you haven’t already completed a their Care enrolment for this year, please visit

Please note we also have a new email address and mobile.


Service Mobile: 0408 136 169


Their Care support: 1300 072 410.


A friendly reminder for families with outstanding 2019 OSHC accounts.  Your account is now overdue and needs to be paid in full ASAP please.

Payment can be made at the school office or OSHC or via direct deposit into the school account.

The Direct Deposit details are:

BSB: 063 233

Account number: 1005 3825

Please note that you must include that this is an OSHC payment and your family name when processing a payment this way. This is to ensure the payment is forwarded to the program from the office.


2020  Their Care invoices will be processed through the Their Care head office, please ensure you have added the necessary banking details to your family profile.

If you have any concerns are questions please let me know or call the Their Care support during office hours

Many thanks =)




Special Religious Instruction – Christianity sessions will begin on Thursday February 27th. For the last few years we have been running on a Friday lunchtime, so please note the change to Thursday. Our timeslot is also changing slightly, commencing at 2pm rather than 1.45pm. We would be grateful if parents could please remind their students of this change; the children should come to the Library at the middle bell.  Permission forms for this have been put on Compass or are available from the Office and are due back soon. Anne Foster and I are looking forward to sharing the time with the children again this year. The sessions explore the beliefs and values of Christianity through stories from the Bible, with games and activities to help us think and make it fun. Our aim is to cater for all ages, Prep to Grade 6, with some time allocated for age appropriate discussion and activities. If anyone has any questions about the SRI program, don’t hesitate to give me a call.

Cathie Clarke

SRI – Christianity Team Leader

Ph: 9459 2278 or 0411 883 904



Thanks very much,



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