TERM 4 2020



It is so exciting to be writing to you all today with the final step of the roadmap to recovery complete and some sort of COVID normal restored. I look forward to a time where my newsletter item is filled with information about the amazing things happening in our school and not the changes to restrictions but do feel we are on our way to this outcome. Our week has been filled with music and laughter and it was such a pleasure to actually hear some of our amazing students get an opportunity to perform their instruments. I also look forward to hearing one of our bands play in the near future.

Easing of COVID Restrictions

 As you know multiple elements of our current practice have altered over the past few days. Our school community are just so happy to welcome our parents back onsite. We do have a few requirements that I wanted to share with you today. During pick up and drop off, if you are onsite please remember to social distance by keeping a 1.5 metre space between yourself and anyone who is not a member of your household. If you are unable to socially distance, please wear a face mask to support this process. If you are visiting the school during times other than pick up or drop off, please sign in at the front office. We greatly appreciate your continued support. RGLPS has remained COVID free thus far and we know that this has happened due in no small part to the cooperation and significant support from our parent community. Once again I wish to thank you all for the successes we have been able to achieve during this challenging time.

State wide Orientation Day

As you know RGLPS will be holding our transition to 2021 on Tuesday the 8th of December. On this day students will move into their classroom for 2021 and spend the day working with their new classmates and new teacher. Our 2021 Prep students will also spend the first part of the day in their classroom. We anticipate that the majority of our Year 6 students will transition to their new Secondary School during this time but we will still provide supervision for students who do not attend a transition day. The purpose of the day is for our students to step up into their new learning spaces, familiarise themselves with new people and prevent the natural nerves and anxiety they may be feeling if they did not have the opportunity to see what is expected. A range of getting to know you and team building activities will be provided on the day.

Curriculum Days 2021

Next year we will be moving to a largely straight grade structure within the school. There is some additional planning and learning that our teachers will need to undertake to ensure that each student is given every opportunity to ‘reach their potential’. We will be having 2 curriculum days prior to the first day of school. On the 27th and 28th of January students will not be in attendance. The first day of school for our students is Friday the 29th of December. The final 2 curriculum days will be confirmed in 2021.

Parent Payments 2021

There will be some fairly significant alterations to our parent payments process for 2021. We are excited to explain these changes for you today. As a school we have been very conscious of the financial impact that COVID – 19 may have had on families and as a result we were extremely keen to reduce the financial burden that fees can have on families. Our number 1 priority has been to reduce the cost of essential items and we have successfully managed to substantially reduce this component. On Monday we will provide 2021 booklists and parent payment forms that will make it easy for you to be aware of the items your child will be purchasing. On the 27th of January 2021 all families who opt to purchase the essential items from the booklist will be asked to come into the school to pick up their book bags for 2021. Families can then label their items and return them to school on the 29th of January when school commences. In the past items have been used by the whole class. These purchased items will now belong to your child/ren and will be returned to them at the conclusion of the year.

Opportunities for payment will be available on the 27th of January, however you can opt to pay for these items prior to this date to avoid a backlog on the 27th.

If you are in a position to support the school with a voluntary contribution, these have been itemised within the parent payment form for your convenience. As a government funded school there are limits to the extracurricular programs that we can provide for our students and these additional supports really strengthen those extracurricular opportunities.  Every donation is welcomed. 

Enjoy the sunshine and most importantly take care

Kirrily Lamers




BANSIC is a not for profit organisation that is funded by the federal government and supported by local council to provide information, advice, support and aid to the residents of Banyule.  With the COVID-19 pandemic we are aware that many families and individuals will for the first time be in a position where they need to access food relief and support from welfare organisations. Please see the flyers below for advice on the support the BANSIC can provide.


Our school has a culture of thinking, practice and policies that ensure we have a zero tolerance approach to child abuse. Standard 1 of the Child Safe Standards is to embed a culture of child safety through effective leadership arrangements. We ensure all stake holders are aware of the Child Safe Standards and how they are enacted to RGLPS. We continually review our practice and procedures to ensure we meet high standards of care for our children.

At Rosanna Golf Links Primary School we have strong and clear arrangements that allow us to ensure that we:

  •  – Lead from the top and embed a culture that makes child safety paramount.
  •  – Apply strong governance and document how duty of care responsibilities are met for all children.
  •  – Make child safety a top priority.
  •  – Take a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse.
  •  – Respect, embrace and support diversity of children.
  •  – Ensure a culture of openness, inclusiveness, and awareness.
  •  – Ensure all staff know what to do if they observe abuse or inappropriate behaviour

We have developed a code of conduct along with other policy documents that are available on our school website:

Luke Franklin

Assistant Principal


Hearing Australia

Hearing Australia will be coming onsite on Wednesday, December 2nd.  As you know, Hearing Australia hasn’t been on site for most of the year, so it is pleasing we can accommodate the visit in December.  If new moulds need to be taken, broken pieces, or something specific to be checked, please let your teacher of the deaf know. 



We have added this section to the Newsletter in an attempt to keep parents informed of the traffic changes which are occurring near RGLPS.  We can only supply information that is provided to us by North East Link.

NO RIGHT TURN into Finlayson St and Newtown Rd from Greensborough Road, southbound.


Thanks to everyone who participated in the RGLPS Sustainability Tips competition. 

Over the coming weeks, we will publish the entries here and put them up around school to remind us all how to be sustainable no matter where we are.


If everyone keeps making small changes with sustainability, it’ll add up to a big difference!


Thank you!

Ms Wheeler


Science Competitors

Participants in this year’s Science Talent have now all received their certificates and prizes.

Participants in this year’s NATA National Young Scientist of the Award have now received their certificates J   

Prizes are due to arrive at the school any day for presenting to Leo M and Malinthi K.


Well done again everyone who participated in a science competition this year. It makes me so proud to see your efforts and investigation skills grow.


Ms Wheeler


Prep Print Making Robots!


Hi Parents and Students,


Our new Teeball/Softball Shirts have arrived for Inter School Sport! We were able to purchase these through the PE budget and with part of the money we won from coming first in the RH Sports Challenge in Term 2. Thanks to George for modelling J


Mr Peters

PE and Sports Coordinator


We have been advised that out Mango delivery will be on Wednesday 2nd December.  As we don’t have a specific delivery time and we are required to ensure we practice safe distancing, we ask that you adhere to the following collection times:

  • Collection will be from the school office.
  • If you are able to collect your mangoes on Thursday 3rd December anytime between 10am – 2pm, we would greatly appreciate it.
  • Otherwise collections will be:

                   Surnames:  A-D     3-4pm Wednesday 2nd December
                   Surnames:  E- J     4-5pm Wednesday 2nd December
                   Surnames:  K-O     3-4pm Thursday 3rd December
                   Surnames:  P-W    4-5pm Thursday 3rd December

If you are unable to collect your mangoes at this time please email me at to organize another time.

We have 10 additional boxes available. Please contact me via the email above or via the office on 94574178 to secure one


Dear Parents,

You can order icy-poles and chips etc through Flexischools for recess and lunch.  Ask your children to come down and collect recess orders form the canteen.  Lunch orders will go to the classroom as normal.  Unfortunately we cannot sell over the counter at the moment.

We are using the Summer Menu from Term 1 for the rest of the year.  You will see items change on the Flexischools site as stock runs down.  In addition, we have had some supply issues recently.


Thanks you.

Margaret Groves




Unfortunately, we are unable to run lunch time clubs at this time.


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