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As we wrap up the term it is worth noting that there have been many highlights and opportunities to celebrate student learning. From a successful start to the school year for our transitioning prep students to the student hosted Kiva stalls from our students at the other end of the school term 1 has brought us multiple opportunities to engage in school and reconnect as learners. Most exciting has been the capacity to hold a full term of learning. Let us all hope that this continues into the year.

Education Week

Now in its 78th year, Education Week celebrates the strengths and achievements of Victoria’s government education sector. This year’s theme is 150 Years of Public Education, to coincide with this milestone anniversary for Victoria.

Education Week 2022 is an opportunity for all primary and secondary schools, higher education providers, and early childhood education and care services to commemorate the past, celebrate the present and imagine the future of education in Victoria, it will run from 22-28 May. We aim to run a few celebratory activities during the week to showcase our learning for the community.

Keep your eye on the newsletter as we will advertise the various activities as we get closer to the date.

RATs in Term 2

The Victorian Government has announced it is extending the RAT screening program for the first 4 weeks of Term 2. Thank you to all students and families who have played their role in regularly testing – we know that hasn’t been easy.

Your work has seen COVID-19 cases being picked up at the earliest opportunity, meaning less cases in our school and more time in the classroom for our students.

The testing recommendations will remain the same next Term for students and staff with:

  •        – Mainstream schools – recommended to test at home twice a week
  •        – Specialist schools – recommended to test 5 days a week at home due to the higher risk of severe illness for medically            vulnerable children

As you know we have already distributed RATs this week. If for any reason you have missed out on the new RATs, please contact the office or alternative send your child to the office to pick up another batch.

As we approach winter and flu season, the vaccination of children aged 5 to 11 and booster shots for students 16+ remains the best way to ensure protection for students and staff. The Easter break is a good opportunity to get your child vaccinated ahead of this, with many options across GPs, pharmacies and the state run vaccination clinics.

If you have any concerns or worries about getting your child vaccinated, please get in contact with your GP or another health professional who can answer your concerns.

Thank you again for all your support over Term 1, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Professional Practice Day Term 2

The Department of Education has advised the recommendation that all Victorian Schools hold the first professional practice day of 2022 on the same day for all Teachers. This means that there will be 1 curriculum day that is pupil free and 1 additional day in term 2 that student attendance will not be required. The school council and consultative committee has deemed that we will hold the professional practice day on the 26th of May. Please make alternative arrangements for student supervision on this day. We will engage with TheirCare and attempt to arrange care for the 26th.

Take care,

Kirrily Lamers




Wow! What a Busy Term it has Been!

Students have participated in 5 weeks of dance lessons, the Year 5s & 6s have had several Life Education lessons and organised the Kiva stalls of course, raising more than $4000! Our senior school student leaders attended the GRIP Student Leadership Conference in the city and we celebrated the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence and International Women’s Day. Luckily for the Labour Day long weekend we managed to get through the reminder of the term. 

REMINDER: ANZAC Day Ceremony Term Two

Rosanna Golf Links Primary School will be holding an A.N.Z.A.C. Day memorial service to acknowledge all the servicemen and women who have represented our country in times of conflict. The service will involve all students from Grades Prep to 6. 

The Junior School Council invites all students to bring a flower to school on Tuesday 26th April. These flowers will help to make class bouquets. Student representatives from each grade will have an opportunity to present their floral contributions throughout the service.

If a member of your family has been/is involved with the Australian Armed or Peace keeping services could you please record some details on the ‘Memory Tag’. You should have received a tag on Wednesday however, if you didn’t you’re more than welcome to help your child create one over the school holidays. Here is a sample of what you may wish to write.

Unfortunately due to Department of Education School Operations Guidelines, we are still not able to have parents attend whole school assemblies.

RGLPS Production Date Reminders

Save the Date!!! 

 School production will be on Monday 23rd (A-L) and Tuesday 24th May (M-Z).

Darebin Arts Centre



Luke Franklin & Denisse Lobos

Assistant Principals


Welcome back to Term Two! This will be a big term with our school production towards the end of May, along with NAPLAN for our Year 3 and 5 students, Semester One Reports, Interschool Sport and our Year 5/6 Camp.

Attend to your attention through sustained reading!

Over the holidays, I read a fascinating book called ‘Stolen Focus – Why You Can’t Pay Attention’ by Johann Hari. Johann is a best-selling author, ‘TED Talker’ and documentary film maker. It was one of several books I read during the holidays but this one has significant implications for education and learning.


One chapter explored the demise of sustained reading and its long-term impact on our (global) attention. Hari outlined how the rapid flow of information and the way we consume information via technology is changing the way our brain functions. By increasingly skipping and skimming material from various sources and madly trying to consume huge volumes of content, our capacity for deep reading and thinking is on a downward trajectory. Multiple studies indicate that people’s capacity to remain focused on a text without becoming distracted is declining each year.


One 2017 US study showed that 57% of American adults do not read a single book in a typical year! Another 2019 study showed that Americans are spending an average of 5.4 hours per day on their phones! These horrifying statistics are likely to be similar in our Australian context. This reducing capacity for deep reading is hugely concerning. Hari makes a strong case for a collective return to sustained reading, not only to help us focus but also to build empathy for other points of view. Being able to understand the perspective of others is vital to overcoming huge global problems, such as climate change and inequality. By deeply immersing ourselves in reading, we learn to understand different characters, their motivations, goals, and perspectives. Making space for deep thinking and reflecting on our reading allows us to problem solve and potentially produce solutions to some of these major issues. Conversely, limited sustained reading weakens our collective ability to understand the experiences and emotions of others and process the information coming at us.  


Ways you can increase your and your family’s focus through sustained reading:

* Place technology in another room when trying to read. Out of mind, out of sight and earshot!

* Turn notifications off on devices so attention isn’t hijacked by news alerts, social media updates, messages and chat.

* Set a reading goal and try and extend the duration of time you remain focused on reading for.

* Model sustained reading in the home to your children.

* Join a book club or schedule a conversation about a book with a family member or friend to keep you accountable.


It is becoming critically important that we each take an active effort to protect our attention spans from the technology engineers and designers who are purposely trying to distract us.

2022 Term Two Team Newsletters

Please keep an eye out for a Compass alert about the release of Term Two Team Newsletters over the next few days. These newsletters provide an overview of useful information for parents and carers, including important dates, events and the curriculum foci for the upcoming term.  

Maths Olympiad

Maths Olympiad #2 will be held on Wednesday 4th May.

High Ability Learner Programs - Term Two 2022

The High Ability Learner Program (HALP) for English started on Thursday this week and the Mathematics HALP will start on Monday 2nd May. Sixteen students are participating in programs this term – we wish each of them good luck and hope that they enjoy their respective programs.


Have a great week everyone!

Kerron Worsdell

Learning Specialist


Maths Riddle


Welcome back to school everyone. I hope you had a lovely holiday break. Term Two is sure to be filled with lots of exciting Maths learning!


Here’s this week’s Maths Riddle. I’ll share the answer next week in the newsletter.

Add & Multiply Balance Challenge

You are given 3 positive numbers. When you add these 3 numbers together they will equal the same amount as if you multiply them by each other. What are the 3 numbers?

Hint: Use trial and error to solve.


If you’d like to share your response or have your working out featured in our newsletter, please send your solutions to


Mother's Day Stall

Well that crept up on us quickly!!  Mother’s Day is on the Sunday 8th May (2nd week back of Term 2).  So our Mother’s Day Stall will be held on Thursday 5th May.  We will need volunteers to assist with the stall on that day, so if you have an hour or two to spare, please keep an eye out for the request for volunteers in week one.

The Mother’s Day Stall is run as a minor fundraiser at RGLPS. It is primarily run to provide students with an opportunity to learn about purchasing, handling money and thinking about doing something for someone else in a safe and familiar environment.





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