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MARCH 2020
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Welcome back to all students, parents and families, in particular to our littlest people, our new preppies. I hope you had a restful and exciting break and spent time with loved ones. I certainly spent lots of time with my family, in particular my 2 and a half year old nephew and 6 month old niece. We spent many hot days on the slip and slide and bouncing on the trampoline in the backyard.

I look forward to a busy term ahead with the preparation for our Term Two school review, Grade Two Swimming, Parent Information Evenings, Family Fun Fiesta, working with our new Junior School Council, Family Life sessions, House Athletics, Celebrating Harmony Week, our Literacy Curriculum Day, the National Day against Bullying, attending the National Young Leaders Conference with our student leaders, the 5/6 KIVA stalls and getting to know our new preppies.


We have new Golf Links babies on the way! I’d like to congratulate Mrs Page who is expecting the arrival of her first baby in July and to Mr Peters who is eager to meet his baby boy also in July. What a wonderful time this is for you and your partners, we wish you all the best and can’t wait for newborn cuddles!

Special Assembly - Student Leadership Presentation

We will be having a special assembly on Monday the 10th of February at 2:30pm to present the 2020 senior school student leaders with their badges. Class representatives for Junior School Council and Environment Leaders will be presented at assembly on Monday 17th February


The School Canteen is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. No Canteen Tuesdays and Thursdays. The canteen is run by the school and relies on Parent Volunteers to assist with preparation and sale of items for the children. We would really appreciate regular volunteers who could help out at the Canteen (Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly). Please contact the school on 94574178 if you could help out.

Please remember that the school uses Flexischools for canteen ordering. Please note the closing time for orders on Flexischools is 9:30am.This is easy to set up and place orders. Kerilyn is more than happy to assist you on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday if you require assistance.

Principal Selection

School Council will work with DET to initiate another recruitment process in this term, with an anticipated term two start date for the successful candidate.

Denisse Lobos

Acting Principal


Important Information - please read

Please see below DET’s information regarding CSEF applications.

If you hold a Health Care Card or a Veterans Affairs Gold Card or are a temporary foster parent and have not previously applied for CSEF funding, please call past the office to collect an application form. The Heath Care Card must be in the name of the parent, not in the name of the student and the eligibility date on the card must be 2020.

If you have a child who has started Prep this year, a new application form must be completed even if you have previously received CSEF funding.

If eligible, you will be entitled to $125 per student to pay for camps, sports and excursions. The grant cannot be used for school fees, however School Council offer a 50% reduction in school fees if you are eligible for the CSEF funding.

Please contact Susan or Kaylene in the office if you have any queries.


Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a restful and safe holiday.  Welcome to our four new Deaf Facility preps this year, José, Nelly, Aaron and Oliver, our two new Grade Two students, James and Sam, and our new Grade Six student, Kyson.  Please make them and their families feel welcome.


Please find attached out schedule for Hearing Australia visits for the year.  Remember to inform you child’s teacher of the deaf of any maintenance or issues with their listening equipment, or new moulds needed, prior to the visit.


Your child’s new classroom teacher and teacher of the deaf are getting to know your child during the start up program.  They are currently working on your child’s Individual Learning Plan, which will be distributed home in draft form to families via email on Friday February 21st.  They will then be discussed during our Student Support Group (SSG) meetings between Feb 24th and March 6th.  Compass bookings will open shortly, which families will be notified of.


Please contact me or come and see me if you need to discuss anything.  I hope everyone has a great start to 2020.




Thom Jackson

Deaf Facility Coordinator

Hearing Australia Visits 2020

Please add these dates to your home calendar for Hearing Australia visits to Rosanna Golf Links Primary School.  Please tell your child’s teacher of the deaf if there are specific needs for the Hearing Australia visits, such as gluing moulds, new moulds, connection issues, etc.


Welcome back everyone! 

Firstly, a huge thank you to all parents and carers who volunteered to help water our Veggie Patch and some new plants around the school during the school holidays. Thanks to your time and efforts our Veggie Parch not only survived the hot days but has thrived! We truly appreciate you giving up your time and are very grateful for your support.

A quick reminder and information for our new parents and families who may not be aware, as a 5 Star Sustainable School we are always aiming to reduce our negative environmental impact. At the end of last year, we introduced a Rubbish Reduction Policy which can be read at this link:

In line with this policy we encourage students to bring ‘Nude Food’ lunches to school every day. This means that students should not have any rubbish in their lunch boxes. We do however have some great new bins at school so that when we do have unavoidable waste, we can sort this appropriately and make sure we’re sending as little rubbish to landfill as possible. We now have the following bins in all classrooms and many communal spaces: 


As indicated late last year in the newsletter, RGLPS will be using a new Compass tool for our Progress Reports for the 2020 school year.

Our Essential Learning ‘I Can…’ statements have been reviewed by teachers and adjusted for 2020 to improve the process for both parents and teachers. We anticipate these changes will make both accessing and understanding Progress Reports more user friendly for all. The new 2020 Essential Learning statements directly align to the Victorian Essential Learning Standards and are broader in nature enabling repeated teaching and updating by teachers.

The adjusted 2020 Essential Learnings have been published via Compass under the Community Icon. See School Documentation -> Essential Learnings and Progress Reports -> 2020 Essential Learnings and Progress Reports.

To access your child’s 2020 Progress Reports in Compass, please refer to the following guide:

                                                         Accessing and Interpreting Progress Reports from 2020

The Year Level Team Leader will notify parents through Compass Newsfeed when there has been an update to your child’s Progress Reports.

General Information

In Continuum, parents will be easily able to see the strands and levels your child is currently progressing through at a glance by locating the yellow or green bars. Yellow bars indicate the child is currently progressing through this level. Once the bar turns green, the child has completed this level. A bar that remains grey has yet to be assessed or achieved by the student.

This record of the child’s progress reports will track achievement of the RGLPS Essential Learnings during the child’s time at the school.

New 2020 Essential Learnings

2019 was a year of transition at RGLPS with the move to Progressive Reporting. As teachers worked with Progress Reports during 2019, we discovered that many of our ‘I Can’ statements were highly specific making it difficult to update student progress towards understanding and attainment. Some highly specific statements may have only been taught once during a school year. There were also far too many ‘I Can’ statements in some subject areas making it difficult for teachers to reasonably manage their workload. With this in mind, new Essential Learnings (I Can Statements) have been created for 2020. The 2020 statements are broader in nature, enabling teachers to update parents on student achievement throughout the year as concepts are revisited. The new Essential Learnings are also more closely aligned to the Victorian Curriculum Standards, making it easier for teachers and parents to measure and correlate student progress against the Standards.

All 2020 Essential Learnings (I Can Statements) have been further unpacked and elaborated on by teachers. These can be found on Compass under the Community Icon.  (see next page)

Specialist Progress Reports in AUSLAN, Art, PE and Music

Victorian Curriculum Standards for AUSLAN, Art, PE and Music cover a two year level span after Foundation. RGLPS Essential Learnings and ‘I Can’ statements also span a two year period.

A reminder that Music is only taught as a specialist class for students in Foundation – Year 2.

Science Specialist Reports

Victorian Curriculum Standards for Science also span a two year level span following Foundation level. Science Standards are very content heavy so Essential Learnings around science concepts have been divided into an Odd and Even year cycle. This enables them to be taught in greater depth.

(see below example of Science Odd and Even Year ‘I Can’ Statements for Year 5/6)

New Assessment Scale on Continuum

The Continuum feature on Compass allows teachers to rate student achievement of ‘I Can’ Statements against a simplified assessment scale.

There are three possible ratings teachers can assign to a student as follows:

  • Not yet assessed or apparent
  • Partial
  • Complete

With the 2020 shift to Continuum, the former Beginning, Consolidated, Established and Mastered scale will no longer be in use.

It is important to note that with the broader ‘I Can’ Statements and the simplified assessment scale, students are likely to remain at partial for a longer period of time before being promoted to the next level.

How often will my child’s Progress Reports be updated?

Our intention with the revised 2020 Essential Learnings is for teachers to update progress reports multiple times per year as concepts are taught and assessed. These Progress Reports provide real time information to parents about their child’s achievement and progress in English, Mathematics and specialist areas. Evidence of learning will also be uploaded to Seesaw to support teacher judgment of progress towards achievement of the RGLPS Essential Learnings.

Teachers will send Compass notifications of Continuum updates to parents as progress reports are completed. Parents will also receive notifications of learning evidence and samples uploaded to Seesaw.

Help and Support

For support in understanding your child’s Progress Reports in 2020, please see your child’s classroom teacher as a first point of call.  Further enquires can be made to Kerron Worsdell (Learning Specialist) in the front office or by calling the school on 9457 4178.


Congratulations to Freya Wilson who competed in the Athletics Victoria’s State titles in Geelong over the holidays.  Freya competed in the U14 hammer throw and achieved third place!




Welcome to RGLPS Canteen for 2020.

I would like to thank the parents who assisted in the last few weeks of term 4 with the Smoothie and Sub-roll Days.

They were a great success, and could not have have gone ahead without your support.  The saying is true….”many hands make light work”.

We are open for lunch orders and over the canteen sales from the Friday 31st January.

Please note we have price increases in the icy-poles, chips etc. Please ensure your children have enough money for these items if they are interested in purchasing them.

Frozen Pineapple & Quelch tube ..80c

Icy Twist & Calippo ..1.40

Paddle Pop..$2.00

Shaky Shake..$2.30

Fruit & Jelly Cups ..$1.50

Steamed Dim Sims..$1.10.

Canteen Helpers Needed

Thank you to the lovely canteen helpers who are staying on from last year, your help is very much appreciated as the canteen cannot run without people like you.

We do need some more helpers to fill in the gaps. To new prep parents the “too many cooks do not spoil the broth ” canteen sheets are in your packs. Just fill them out and send them back and I will put you on the roster. Also forms are available in the foyer at school or contact me on 03 94045763 or 0438585323.

Thanking you.

Margaret Groves

Canteen Manager



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