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It has been an exciting week at RGLPS, our preps have started fulltime, and we are all looking forward to the athletics carnival next week on Tuesday. The preliminary forecast is looking warm but not too bad. Our students are engaging well in the learning and wellbeing programs, and we are almost ready to commence some of our tutoring and enrichment programs. It really has been a very settled start to the year.

Junior School Council and Sustainability Leaders

Congratulations to all of our elected 2024 Junior School Council and Environmental/Sustainability leaders. The badges are ready to go and we will be able to hand them out at assembly next Monday. We start at around 9:10 and it is a really lovely community event. If you do get an opportunity to drop in and watch the ceremony, I highly recommend it.

2024 Government School Education State Forum

On Wednesday I made my way to the 2024 Government School Education Forum. With a plethora of speakers and an opportunity to brainstorm with others around the State about educational policy, practices, and pedagogy it was a great opportunity to see firsthand what direction Victorian education will be taking in the coming years. Both the Minister for education, Ben Carroll and the Deputy Secretary of Education, Dr David Howes spoke highly of the current practices in Victorian schools whilst also addressing the real challenges faced by schools as we collectively work through the current workforce challenges.  

Public education in Victoria is in a very good space with data sets around learning, wellbeing and attendance that are the envy of the country. Whilst I strongly advocate for the public education system and know how vital this system is, it was really reassuring to look through such pleasing data sets. As I result, I was inspired to let our community know how well we are going.

School Council

Our new School Council will meet together for the first time on March 21st, following the Annual General Meeting. We welcome new members Tim Hyland, Leah Volpe, Magda Newman, Natalie Novatsis, Penny Newland, Catie Sutton and Denisse Lobos

DET policy does state “If a department employee is elected to the parent category (department employee parent) of the school where their child is enrolled but where they do not work, they are counted in the department employee category for school council meeting quorum requirements.” As we do have some parent reps who are DET employees, I am currently chasing one additional community member for our school council.

The community member category is an optional category for school councils. Community members are co-opted onto council, usually at the first meeting of the newly elected council. Community members:

  •            – cannot be department employees
  • typically bring special skills, interests or experience to the council including:
    • members from parent clubs
    • accountants, digital technology skills, project management.

Should you wish to contribute, and you have a certain skill that would be beneficial then do reach out.  

Expressions of interest will be sought for our subcommittees in 2024 to reflect the work that is done within the school council. These subcommittees are not exclusively for school council members and are open to all members of the community. Do keep an eye open for information regarding subcommittees as they are a great way for people to get involved with and support the school.

We look forward to a very productive year.   

Take care,

Kirrily Lamers




RGLPS School Values

Our teachers have recently introduced ‘Gotcha Cards’ to provide students with specific feedback about their actions and behaviours. Students may randomly receive a “Gotcha Card” from any teacher around the school when they are “caught” demonstrating actions and behaviours aligned with our school values. If your child receives one, take the opportunity to discuss with them the actions they were engaged in when they received this acknowledgment.

Badge Presentation for our Junior School Council & Sustainability Team Class Representatives

We will be presenting Junior School Council and Sustainability Team Class Representative badges to students at the assembly on Monday 4th March at 9am. As always, parents are welcome to attend.

For those students attending District Swimming on Monday 4th March, badges will be officially presented on Monday 18th March.

This year, International Women’s Day falls on March 8th. The theme for 2024 is ‘Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress’ which emphasises the importance of equal opportunities  for women to earn, learn and lead, and pathways to greater economic inclusion for women and girls everywhere.

International Women’s Day provides an important opportunity for teachers, parents and caregivers to educate and inspire children and students about gender equality. From celebrating women’s achievements to challenging gender stereotypes and bias, educating future generations about gender equality is one of the most grassroots differences anyone can make.

Join us in celebrating the achievements of women everywhere and advocating for a more inclusive and equitable future for all!

To see how you can be involved please go to the following link:



Halogen National Young Leaders Conference

I had the privilege of heading into the city with our amazing school leaders a few weeks ago to attend the Halogen National Young Leaders Conference. We had a huge day listening to speakers and learning about what leadership means and how to be good leaders. Our kids had an amazing time and truly showed through their behaviours and attitude why they were selected as leaders for our school.


The following is from our school captains (Tom and Daniel)


On Friday 16th of February, the RGLPS student leadership team went to the Halogen National Young leaders day conference at the Melbourne exhibition centre. First, the students arrived at Rosanna Station at 8:50am, got on the train at Roasannand and travelled to Southern cross station and then walked over to the exhibition centre.


Next, there were some dance moves being taught, and soon the first speaker, Anastasia Woolmer, a two-time memory champion. After that we had a quick break and then we heard Bryson Klein, a two-time runner up and four time grand finalist on Australian Ninja Warrior give us a speech. Next was Jane Bunn, a 7 News meteorologist/weather reporter after another short break, the final speaker presented. Melissa Barbieri, a former captain and goalkeeper of the Matildas. We also got to go to sugar station. 


In summary it was a fun, educational experience which they all really, really enjoyed.

Luke Franklin, Denisse Lobos & Cathie Sutton

Assistant  Princpial


It's Time to Join the School Band!!!

RGLPS has a long history of engaging students in music performance via our award-winning Concert band program.

This unique opportunity to play a musical instrument, learn to read music and follow a conductor in a large band, namely the Concert band is popular within schools and allows large numbers of students to participate, have fun and gain a variety of skills.

RGLPS Concert band instruments may include Flute, Clarinet Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Percussion and Electric bass

Students experience the joy of performing music with additional benefits such as appreciation of teamwork, self-discipline, collaboration, and a sense of belonging and community and make friends.

RGLPS ‘s program consists of Senior, Intermediate, Junior and Training bands, each of which rehearse one morning per week before school at 7.30am.

Come along to the Training band Info session on Monday 4th March at 6.30 – 7.30 and see up close RGLPS bands perform and show you and your child the many instruments on offer.

The Training band rehearses on Thursdays and small group instrument tutorials occur during the school day on various days.


Or alternatively make an appointment to speak with Michael Rochford at another time.

9457 4178





Michael Rochford

Band Co-ordinator


Cognitive Load Theory

Today I am going to provide an overview of Cognitive Load Theory, which emerged from the field of educational psychology in the 1980s and 1990s. At its core are two key concepts: 


  1. There is a limit to how much new information the brain can process at once; and
  2. There are no known limits to how much stored information can be processed at one time.


This theory has significant implications for all types of learning and for all ages. Essentially, to help new learning stick, we need to avoid asking learners to do too many new things at once. Too much becomes ‘cognitive overload’ – the brain simply can’t process and apply all the new learning at the same time


This theory explains why children may forget to add full stops or capital letters when working hard to develop and record their ideas in writing OR why reading comprehension suffers if children have to work super hard to decode the text. This doesn’t mean that students can’t learn and practice both skills – we just can’t expect them to do multiple new things well at the same time. Once new learning becomes embedded in our long term memory, the cognitive load is reduced and learners are able to use these skills and knowledge automatically. For example, by the time children reach mid and upper primary school, they can automatically spell and punctuate correctly while composing their writing. Young children find it difficult to do all this at once. 


Being mindful of ‘cognitive overload’, RGLPS teachers try to allow students time to practice and understand new learning so it can be stored in their long term memories. This includes asking children to read a ‘good fit’ book so they are not so cognitively overwhelmed with decoding the text that they lose meaning. When children are just learning to write and record their ideas, teachers don’t place excessive emphasis on correct spelling, punctuation or handwriting. This can become the learning focus after the ideas have been recorded.


Hopefully, this summary provides some insight into why it is important to slow down and not ask learners to do too much at once. We want learners to be able to confidently take new learning on board, rather than crumple under the pressure of doing too many new things at once.


If you are interested, you can read more about Cognitive Load Theory at the following link:

2024 RGLPS Arths and Writing Festival

During September, RGLPS will be hosting our third biennial Arts and Writing Festival. We are keen to again include workshops for students as part of this year’s celebrations. If any school community members have personal contacts with professional artists, illustrators or authors, please make contact on 9457 4178 or email the school at


Have a great week everyone!

Kerron Worsdell

Learning Specialist


After a school-wide vote, we are excited to unveil this year’s school production, “Brick to the Future”! Auditions for lead roles are available for Year 5 and 6 students and will be held on Thursday 7th March. The sign-up sheet for auditions will be available on the Performing Arts room door from next Monday 4th March. For any inquiries, please contact Bec Zappia (Performing Arts teacher) through Compass. 




Canteen Special

Tropical Chicken Burger      $7.50

      – Crumbed chicken burger served in a bun with coleslaw and pineapple.



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